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RIGGED ELECTION EXPOSED: New Report Reveals Stunning Vulnerabilities In U.S. Voting System

Infidel Ali
RIGGED ELECTION EXPOSED: New Report Reveals Stunning Vulnerabilities In U.S. Voting System

We’re not going to have a fair election, mark my words. Why would they give it all up when they don’t have to?

Excerpted from The Daily Caller: Election systems in the United States, specifically e-voting machines, are extremely vulnerable to manipulation by computer hackers and outside adversaries, a report released Monday reveals.

The report comes as top national security officials discuss appropriate action to ensure the integrity of presidential elections in November. “The problem is the sheer absence of the technical aptitude required to understand the cyber, physical and technical landscape available for exploitation by adversaries,” according to the report, “Hacking The Elections Is Easy! Part II” from cybersecurity think tank, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT).

Every major electronic voting system in the United States is completely devoid of security and transparency, experts say.

Rather than produce robust, secure systems, manufacturers distribute “bare bones” proprietary systems with less native security than a cheap cell phone. Security researchers highlight the countless exploitable vulnerabilities in the proprietary black-box e-voting systems, stressing insufficient transparency, accountability or cyber-hygiene.

A University of Michigan professor showcased how easy it was to hack voting technology; he was able to infiltrate a voting system in Washington, D.C., from more than 500 miles away, according to Politico. Keep reading

  • RubyTwoThree

    Makes me sick. They will not give it up. There will be war on our land once again. I am dreading it.

    • Hand Full Of Blood

      I’m looking forward to it. Long overdue.

      • RubyTwoThree

        As long as it is done right, and the right people get slayed, yeah, it’s fine, but I am not holding my breath.

  • hal

    Wake up,folks. These election systems lack security features for the exact purpose of manipulating votes. Vulnerabilites are designed in.

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