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Five Congressional Panels Still Planning Investigations Of Hillary’s Crimes

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Five Congressional Panels Still Planning Investigations Of Hillary’s Crimes

Excerpted From The Hill: Congressional Republicans are refusing to relent in their investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, despite the former Democratic nominee’s defeat in the race for president last week.

It’s a strategy that could be risky for the GOP, given the desire by many to move beyond the election and stop harping on an issue that was debated ad nauseum during the campaign.

The Republican Party as a whole appears split on the path forward, with senior leaders such as Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) reluctant to focus on Clinton’s email issues as aggressively as her critics have in the past.

“I’m the majority leader; I set the agenda,” McCarthy, the House majority leader, said on “Fox News Sunday.” “The agenda is going to be about job creation; it’s going to be about reforming and repealing ObamaCare. It’s going to be on infrastructure. That’s the focus that this election was about.”

As for Clinton, “I leave that portion to law enforcement,” McCarthy said. “That’s just the way I do it. Keep politics out of it.”

As many as five separate congressional committees have positioned themselves to continue investigations into Clinton’s private email setup from her time as secretary of State.

The House Judiciary Committee “will continue to press for answers to the questions about whether the investigation was thorough and whether there was special treatment given to the political elite,” one Republican committee aide said. “At this time, no hearings are planned.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight Committee are also continuing to press on angles of Clinton’s email setup, lawmakers and staffers have maintained in recent days.

The House Science Committee had previously examined security arrangements of Clinton’s server, but a spokesperson on Monday could not say whether the panel would continue as before. The Senate Homeland Security Committee has also previously looked at the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s arrangement. A spokesperson did not respond to an inquiry on Monday. Keep reading

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