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Glenn Beck Narrowly Controls His Rage, Grills Ted Cruz Over Trump Endorsement - WATCH

Jack Flash

What Glenn is upset about is that Cruz has pulled the stool out from under him and left with no cover or excuses to make for working to get Hillary elected, which is what he is doing whether he admits it or not.

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Excerpted From Real Clear Politics: Sen. Ted Cruz called into Monday morning’s Glenn Beck Program to discuss his surprise endorsement of Donald Trump this week. A flustered and frustrated Glenn Beck paced back and forth in the mock-Oval Office where he records the program as Cruz explained his reasoning. Keep reading

  • RubyTwoThree

    Nothing like watching mental illness happening before your very eyes.

    Personally I have enjoyed not having to listen to Teddy. Go back to Canada Ted. And when did Glenns’ staff become so fat?

    • Finchy74

      An apt description. The man is off his rocker and I’m convinced, bought off by somebody.

      Heh heh, maybe that’s why Beck’s little enterprise is in the red. They’re eating all the profits.

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