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Hillary Surrogate Chuck Todd Not Happy Mex Prex Invited Trump: “What Was The Point?”

Infidel Ali

Via Real Clear Politics: MSNBC’s Chuck Todd interviews AP reporter covering Mexico Mark Stevenson about Donald Trump’s trip to meet with the Mexican president.

  • david

    Shhh don’t tell anyone, chuck Todd is a republican. If trump and sanders both had been treated like real candidates neither would have gotten so far in the election. Both were ratings boons for their shows so no one did any real fact checking. Now trumps actually being fact checked by a guilty media that he’s the nominee he’s pissy. We should’ve known last yr his charity didn’t have papaworkmto solicit donations, that he’d tried to do business in Cuba with Castro, that his university was a multi state fraud charge honestly why it’s not a federal investigation as it crossed state lines is beyond me, that he’s not paid taxes in yrs not because he’s smart but because his business does so badly it’s had enough deductions to 0 out what he owes.

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