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Hispanic Former L.A. Mayor Whines: 11 Million Illegal Aliens “Don’t Even Have A Vote”

Infidel Ali

( –The 11 million illegal aliens in the U.S. today “crossed our borders like so many before them” yet they don’t have a vote, “but they must have a voice” in the Democratic Party and “our nation,” former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told the Democratic National Convention Thursday night in Philadelphia.

“They come dreaming of a better place, a place that we all call home, but these 11 million people have no credentials to this hall. They don’t even have a vote, but they must have a voice in our party and our nation,” he said. Keep reading

  • Swifty

    What country are they legal in? They have a vote there.

  • Grimcrotch

    taco bowls can vote in tijuana.

    • K Garrett

      Hey that’s a democratic hateful slur..

      • 19Robes50

        It was still funny tho…

  • kennpear

    They DO have a voice! It’s in MEXICO. If they fail to speak in their OWN country, why would we want them speaking here?

  • Teri Ann

    Boohoo. Send Them Home Where They Belong.

  • Kirk Cromley

    What drugs are these people on, your illegal equals NO VOTE!!!!!

  • Tom

    IlLEGAL people who are LEGALLY here have a right to VOTE! I visit countries, and was in Norway during an election. My hosts went and voted. I of course did not!

    • K Garrett

      Only a citizen is legally allowed to vote and it used to be no one with a criminal record but obama is changing that. I believe they shouldn’t have the right and so does most citizens..

    • Vic Bailey

      Then you are a MORON. Without citizenship they are NOT allowed to vote! I guess you failed civics! Semper Fi.

  • Revolutionary.

    What a bullshit statement. Where are they getting these idiots for that party. Minds of mush.
    Welcome to the Revolution!!

  • m8tan

    Unbelievable. Maybe we should head south of the border and demand the same benefits there the illegals have here. Hmmmm, prison.

  • Michel Guzzetta

    Why don’t you and your illegals go back to Mexico and use your votes to change your countries government. Such a liberal asshole

    • Vic Bailey

      They are really mouthy up here, they try that in mexico and will get their ass shot off! Semper Fi.

  • Michael Whitley

    And they want the US to be Mexico, so what dream did they come looking for.

  • Cole Alanson

    I am as far left as a non-commie can go, not pink but at least violet. Only US citizens should get the vote. Undocumented Americans can work and pay taxes (but not receive benefits from said taxes) But if they want the vote, they must spend their moneys on US citizen classes and fines to become a US Citizen.

    • Harry Ballsaq

      Undocumented Americans?
      Whats that?

  • Scooter Tramp

    They’re ILLEGAL!!!! NOT CITIZENS!!!!! DEPORT THEM!!!!!

  • Hatcherbabygirl

    Illegal, get it? Even American citizens who have a felony aren’t allowed to vote but you want is to accept these criminals votes? You are scum. You took an oath.

  • Jerry wilson

    go to their home and vote!!! not in America

  • Rich

    What a dumbass

  • Pixie Fox

    they can go back the way they came and vote there all day long.



  • futurewebboss

    The real question is how this moron ever consider himself to be qualified to be a Mayor of anything. F….g unbelievable.

  • Vic Bailey

    This isn’t mexico, what part of CRIMINAL do you NOT understand? DUMBASS!
    Semper Fi.

  • Harry Ballsaq

    They can go home and vote.
    If 11 million illegals are good for us why weren’t they good for their own countries?

  • stumpthinpr

    they fight in our wars….. how the heck does an illegal alien get in the military and fight for my war…. and they did not come here like others before them…. they came across the border at night…… what a dufass….

  • chris rone

    assimilation, hello, and u have to understand the language to vote, unless y r voting with money in your pockets which is Hillary’s America…

  • Wendell Powell

    If they allow this crap, then there is nothing to keep muslims from coming over and inflicting sharia law.. stupid people..

  • Phyllis Pleasants

    I have yet to understand what part of “illegal”, they don’t get???

  • Jacki Hynum Clark

    No, MORON they do NOT need a voice or representation in a country they are NOT allowed in!!! They NEED to fight for a better life for their families by FIGHTING THEIR OWN SYSTEM, Fighting their corrupt government, and FIGHTING AGAINST the cartels to TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK!
    I’m so tired of people like this guy slapping on the, “let’s feel sorry for the poor yet hardworking illegals” all the time! Its not our job to fix their lives, we all have our own families to take care of. Nobody fights for us, nor would we expect it. Its 2016 in Mexico too you know?!
    If they’re such hard workers WHY don’t they work to fix their shitty country??? Why do they just expect us to do it?? Its not like Americans are Gods who have super powers and that’s how we became a great nation. It takes WORK and fight.
    Mexicans, take YOUR Mexico BACK!

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