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Hungarian Government: Trump’s “Philosophy On Migration” Aligns With Ours

Darby Crash
Hungarian Government: Trump’s “Philosophy On Migration” Aligns With Ours

Excerpted From Breitbart: In an exclusive interview with Breitbart London, Hungarian government spokesman Zoltán Kovács talked about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and how Hungary feels abandoned by the Obama administration.

Mr. Kovács was asked which candidate he and his government see as the most favourable for Hungary and for tackling the crisis of migration that currently affects both Europe and America.

“If it’s about migration, which seems to be the most acute challenge we face, it’s definitely true that Mr. Trump and the conservative philosophy on migration is a lot closer to us,” he said adding, “It is basically representing what we think about it. Therefore in terms of that element of foreign policy: Trump.”

Mr. Kovács was quick to note that he and his government in Hungary would not officially endorse either candidate as that it was neither their custom nor their policy to interfere in the elections of sovereign nations.

“But no endorsement, it’s too early and we’ve never done anything like that,” he said. “Before an election, it would be most impolite to do anything like that as one of them will become one of our most important allies and strategic partners around the globe.”

However, Kovács did intimate that he was not as keen on the past few years of the Obama administration’s dealing with Hungary and the Central European region. keep reading

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