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ISIS Claims Top Spokesman Killed In Syria

Infidel Ali
ISIS Claims Top Spokesman Killed In Syria

Excerpted from ABC News: ISIS’s official news agency claimed today that its senior leader and top spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani has been killed in Aleppo, Syria, but it did not detail the circumstances of his death.

A U.S. official confirmed that earlier on Tuesday coalition aircraft had conducted an airstrike targeting a senior ISIS leader in al Bab, 25 miles east of Aleppo. But the official said the results of that airstrike were still being determined.

The Amaq News Agency, affiliated with ISIS, posted news of al-Adnani’s death in a social media posting on Tuesday.

“#Breaking Military source to #AmaqAgency: Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, the spokesman of the Islamic State, was martyred while surveying the operations to repel the military campaigns against #Aleppo,” read an English translation of the post from the SITE Intelligence Group that monitors extremists on the internet.

Al-Adnani is known mainly as being the top spokesman for ISIS, but he has also been involved in the group’s planning of overseas military attacks including the deadly attacks in Paris last November. His stature in the terror organization is so important that only top ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ranks higher in importance.

The post from Amaq stated that al-Adnani had been killed in Aleppo, but provided no details on how he had died. If al-Adnani died in an airstrike it would also be unclear if he was killed in a targeted strike or of happenstance from an airstrike targeting an ISIS position.

A U.S. official said that coalition aircraft had conducted an airstrike targeting a senior ISIS leader in al Bab, a city in Aleppo Province halfway between Aleppo and Manbij. “We are still assessing the results of the operation at this time,” said the official. Keep reading

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