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Jewish SCOTUS Justice To Voters After Trump Wins: Fuck You

Infidel Ali
Jewish SCOTUS Justice To Voters After Trump Wins: Fuck You

She has no business issuing what is essentially a “fuck you” to us little people and our will, but it is such a statement of political bias that it calls into question her integrity as a true arbiter of “blind” justice. She had the same chance to express her dissent in the voting booth we all did.

Excerpted From The Hill: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg appeared to be wearing her infamous “dissent jabot” on the bench Wednesday morning.

The move is being widely interpreted as a repudiation of Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election a night earlier.

Ginsburg typically wears the collar when issuing dissenting opinions in the court, as she explained to Yahoo News in 2014. But no opinions were read Wednesday.

Ginsburg made headlines over the summer when she publicly criticized Trump before later apologizing.

She later quoted her late husband Martin Ginsburg, saying, “Now it’s time for us to move to New Zealand.” Read the whole thing

  • Brent

    That senile old hag needs to just shut the hell up. Why isn’t there mandatory retirement for these “justices” anyway? They hang around until they are barely animated corpses that are totally disconnected from the citizens of the country.

  • jp

    Old drunken scum hurry up and die already

  • colomtn

    I don’t agree with a word she says, but why is her religion a issue?

    • John Amos

      Many commie jews sought refuge in the the US during WWII and have reeked havoc ever sense.


    Fortunately Trump will be filling her slot with someone else! if you know what I mean!

  • Greyone

    Is she dead yet? Libs have been proping her up in her chair for two years.