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John Kasich Makes Clear That He Doesn’t Care That He’s Helping To Make America Die Under Hillary Clinton

Infidel Ali

BASH: You obviously are not endorsing Donald Trump you’ve made that clear. But it’s not just that. The Kasich machine the people who have worked for you successfully to get out the vote for your races in Ohio. They’re not helping Donald trump. Is there concern that at the end of the day if Donald trump loses Ohio and loses the presidency republicans nationwide are going to turn to John Kasich and say thanks a lot. And you’re going to get blamed?

KASICH: Well look first of all this vaunted Kasich machine okay. That’s not how you win elections. I mean we’re going to go help people to get the vote out obviously.

BASH: for Donald Trump?

KASICH: To get republicans out to vote. Period. But I don’t first of all control any machine I mean wel (cross talk

BASH: No one said you control a machine you just understand very well

KASICH: We want to get people out to vote. We want to reelect SSenator Portman and we want to reelect people down ticket. And frankly

BASH: But you’re going to help get republicans elected …

KASICH: Yeah oh yeah.

BASH: And if that means voting for Donald Trump so be it.

KASICH Well whatever they do I wouldn’t try to tell somebody. I don’t want to get into an argument with somebody about how they ought to vote.

BASH: You’ve said you’re not going to vote for Hillary Clinton …

KASICH: Nooo I’m not voting for Hillary.

BASH: Have you decided yet what you’re going to do when you go into that voting booth?

KASICH : No I’ll let everybody know when but I think my actions have spoken very loudly. Louder than even my words.

BASH: Gary Johnson?

KASICH: I I I haven’t even gone there yet. It’s a long way till election day.

BASH : So is it still possible that you could vote for Donald Trump?

KASICH: very unlikely. Too much water under the bridge.

BASH: what if Donald Trump wins. What if he becomes president?

KASICH: well we’ll see what happens if that happens.

BASH: What will John Kasich do.

KASICH: Well I’ll still be governor for a couple more years and I’ll still have my agenda. We have a very robust agenda in Ohio so it depends what their interested in.

BASH: could you see yourself sitting in the oval office with a President Trump just like you’re going to be with Obama?

KASICH: Whoever is the president. If there is something i can do and something I agree on absolutely.

  • RubyTwoThree

    Turd. The epitome of why I despise the GOP.

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