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Krauthammer: “The Idea That Russia Gave The Election To Trump Is Absurd”

Jack Flash
Krauthammer: “The Idea That Russia Gave The Election To Trump Is Absurd”

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The idea that [Russia] gave the election to Donald Trump is absurd. The intelligence agencies themselves are split. There’s no way really to discern intent without having a source inside and we don’t.

But the real issue is this. There is extensive report on how this thing developed over 18 months with the Obama administration knowing about this. Knowing about all kinds of intrusions by the Russians through others and the passivity of Barack Obama in the face of this is simply staggering. It quotes officials as saying in the end people saying we have to do something. Some kind of retaliation to prevent or deter the Russians and/or others and Obama never did. In part because he didn’t want to lose influence with Russia in Syria. Well, we can see how well that influence went today when Aleppo essentially fell.

This is a president who let it go when he could have done something. We are going to have to be very clear to the Russians if they ever try anything like this again they will suffer.

  • Rick Pentland

    The Russians did not influence the election at all. Wikileaks did some damage, but the truth is that all the leaked material was TRUE. Hilary lost because of her lack of character plain and simple.


    Hillary LOST because she is a DEMONIC EVIL CREATURE from HELL