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Meryl Streep Vows To Call Clint Eastwood And “Correct” His Support Of Trump

Jack Flash
Meryl Streep Vows To Call Clint Eastwood And “Correct” His Support Of Trump

Excerpted from The Hill: Meryl Streep says she was caught off guard by fellow movie star Clint Eastwood’s recent defense of Donald Trump.

“I didn’t know that,” she said in an interview published by Variety on Monday when she learned that Eastwood said he’d support the GOP nominee over Hillary Clinton.

“I’ll have to speak to him. I’ll have to correct that.”

“I’m shocked, I really am,” added Streep, who starred alongside Eastwood in the 1995 film “The Bridges of Madison County.” “Because he’s more — I would have thought he would be more sensitive than that.”

Eastwood said last week he would back Trump over Clinton if those were his only two options for the presidency.

“I’d have to go for Trump … you know, [because] she’s declared that she’s gonna follow in [President] Obama’s footsteps,” he said in an interview with Esquire published on Aug. 3.

Streep said in Monday’s interview she is concerned by the presidential campaign’s tone, particularly at Trump’s rallies.

“When you get a lot of people in a group, it can go good or it can go bad in a way that [overrides] each individual person,” she said. “The aggregate of everybody’s emotion, it’s a powerful thing.”

“You can see it in the Trump rallies, where people I just know, in their living rooms, would be better people, are driven to the worst possibilities by the bloodlust in a crowd,” Streep added of the GOP presidential nominee.

“It just gets ginned up and they’re outside of themselves. They’re behaving as a larger unit, not just themselves.”

Streep, who backs Clinton, added she expects pragmatism will ultimately drive voters to the Democratic presidential nominee over Trump.

“I think there is a reckoning,” she said of the general election. “People will go — or their wives will go — ‘you know what? This is crazy. It’s too tricky. We’re not going to gamble with our children’s future.'” Read the whole thing

  • Issei Takeru

    The more I see these Asses and RINOs blast Trump, the more I believe we’ve found our guy…

    • Hand Full Of Blood

      There’s no doubt.

  • So the sock puppet who backs the corrupt liar says she’s going to straighten out a fellow sock puppet. Oh. Wow.

  • Laura Pauls

    Streep would follow Hitler if he backed ‘planned parenhood’! Just because hillarys a ‘woman’ doesn’t make her fit for office! Are these people BLIND? Or just plain stupid? Hillary is a CRIMINAL who would steal from HER MOTHER without batting an eye! She backs terrorists, employs muslim brotherhood operatives, I could go on but whats the point, some people have there heads so far up their own ass they can’t hear you anyway!

  • ridewithstyle

    Streep, stay out of it. Stick to your acting.

  • ATTILA727

    Fuck with dirty harry at your own risk.

  • Icorps1970

    Gotta defend the agenda. Trump is a threat to the establishment (the establishment is the same regardless of party) this is why establishment republicans will not vote for Trump. Or say they won’t.

  • Amy

    She’s a turd.

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