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Michigan High School Student Suspended For Flying Confederate Flag On Truck

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Michigan High School Student Suspended For Flying Confederate Flag On Truck

See video interview of student.

Excerpted from Click On Detroit: A senior at Warren Mott High School was suspended Thursday morning after flying the Confederate flag on the back of his truck and parking on school property.

Ryan Delcato, 17, was sent home for the day.

The superintendent said this is the third time Delicato brought the flag to school. On Wednesday, Delicato was warned he would be suspended if he did it again.

“They said I was harming other kid’s education and everything because it’s a distraction,” Delicato said.

Delicato said the Confederate flag is not racist, but a symbol of his family’s history.

“It’s for our southern heritage,” Delicato said. “Not for race. Nothing like that.”

Many others disagree. The superintendent said numerous students complained about the flag and staged a protest. At one point, someone even cut down Delicato’s confederate flag.

Ryan Delicato’s father Gary Delicato disagrees with his son’s suspension.

“A child who takes one thing the wrong way and now it’s blown up into this,” Gary Delicato said. “I understand that people have some issues with the flag, I understand that, but we can’t all stop doing things just because somebody doesn’t like something.”

The superintendent said while they respect the first amendment, their policy prohibits them from allowing anyone to bring materials to school that could be disruptive and that includes the Confederate flag. She said that if Ryan Delicato brings the flag to school again he will be suspended again followed by a more progressive discipline.


Excerpted from Macomb Daily:
A decision by a Warren Mott High School senior to attach a Confederate flag to his truck and park it in the school parking lot three times in the past month has landed him with a suspension.

Ryan Delicato, 17, was suspended Thursday for violating student code of conduct rules that prohibit a student from bringing something to school that if displayed disrupts school or school activities.

According to acting Warren Consolidated Superintendent Sharon Irvine, Delicato was welcome to return to school Friday if he did not display the Confederate flag. Delicato did not return to school and did not record his absence with the high school.

Thursday was the third time in the past couple of weeks Delicato attached the rebel flag to the hitch of his pick-up truck. Irvine said the first time it was brought to school, it was cut down by a fellow student. After the second time he brought the flag to school, which was Wednesday, May 4, he was warned by school administration that it was a violation of policy and he could face suspension. He brought the flag to school a third time Thursday and was asked to leave the school grounds.

Irvine said the presence of the flag, both a symbol of the Confederates States of America during the Civil War and of slavery and racism, resulted in multiple protests from the student body and multiple complaint calls made to the district.

Irvine said arguments and exchanges about the flag were escalating among the students and causing disruptions in the classroom. Irvine said Delicato parked the car next to classroom windows so many students could see it from inside the building. Irvine added the student conflict escalated concerns about possible physical conflict. Keep reading

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