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Muslim Arrested At Texas Courthouse For Terrorist Threat

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Excerpted from Denton RC: The Denton Police Department issued this news release on the arrest of Peshwaz Azad Waise this morning.

The Denton Police Department is currently working a terroristic threat offense that occurred this morning. A lone male suspect has been arrested and taken to the Denton Police Department jail. The suspect’s vehicle remains at the scene at this time. Due to the nature of the threat, we are taking extra precautions prior to impounding his vehicle.

Denton police were responding to a call for service last night. While in transit to the location, responding officers were contacted by 28 year old Peshwaz Azad Waise. He was speaking irrationally and making comments about God and Allah. The officers continued on to the original call for service, as Peshwaz was not in violation of any law.

University of North Texas Police later responded to a disturbance at the IHOP restaurant on the southeast side of their campus. Upon arrival, they spoke with Peshwaz who was still speaking irrationally. He was issued a notice of trespass and instructed to leave UNT property.

Sometime later, Peshwaz showed up at the Center for Women at 207 N. Bonnie Brae. He went inside and began insisting they take the Koran from him. He told them to give the Koran to the chaplin or chapel “or die.” He left prior to law enforcement arriving.

Peshwaz later arrived at the Denton County Court House at 1415 E. McKinney. He went inside and was stopped at the security checkpoint. He told security officers he was “the King.”

Sheriff’s Office deputies were summoned and they escorted him outside the building. While being detained, Peshwaz became agitated and said, “I’m imposing the death penalty (on the officers who were dealing with him.)” He later told them, “Anybody who touches me is going to bleed.”

Denton Police officers obtained an arrest warrant for terroristic threat for Peshwaz. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Denton City Jail. He remains in custody at this time.

He has not yet been arraigned. His vehicle, a silver Nissan Versa, is being processed in the parking lot of the court house for precautionary reasons.

The investigation is ongoing.


Peshwaz Azad Waise, 28, was arrested Wednesday morning at the Denton County Courthouse on East McKinney Street on charges that he made terroristic threats. Police took him into custody after he entered the courthouse and expressed the desire to distribute Qurans to county officials.

The Quran is the holy book of the Muslim faith.

The incident began shortly after 8 a.m. when police were called to another location, 207 N. Bonnie Brae Street, where Waise allegedly threatened someone, according to Denton police spokesman Orlando Hinojosa.

Waise left the scene before police arrived and drove to the courthouse. Hinojosa said Waise passed security and attempted to give Qurans to judges in the courthouse.

Waise was arrested and taken to Denton City Jail. Denton Police is leading the investigation. Officers used a robot to check the suspect’s car for explosives, but found none. Read the whole thing

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