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Muslim London Mayor Sets Up Task Force To Jail Those Who “Annoy” Muslims Online

Infidel Ali
Muslim London Mayor Sets Up Task Force To Jail Those Who “Annoy” Muslims Online

Muslims are obsessed with shutting down any criticism of Islam. It’s a good first step to imposing Sharia on new lands. And they’ll pretend this is to be applied broadly, but it will be used 90% of the time to protect Muslims, & the other 10% to protect other enemies of white, Christian conservatives, just like “hate speech” and other such laws in the US and elsewhere are only used against whites.

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Excerpted from Breitbart: The office of London’s first Muslim mayor has secured millions of pounds to fund a police “online hate crime hub” to work in “partnership with social media providers” to criminalise “trolls” who “target… individuals and communities.”

The London mayor’s office for policing and crime (Mopac) will spend £1,730,726 of taxpayer’s money policing speech online after applying for a huge grant from the Home Office Police Innovation Fund (PIF), it was announced in a statement.

“The purpose of this programme is to strengthen the police and community response to this growing crime type” is was announced, and will “involv[e] a dedicated police team” backed by “volunteers”.

The measures will be “delivered in partnership with social media providers” who along with “specialist officers” will be “filtering and identification of online hate crimes” and “identifying the location of the crime and allocating to the appropriate force…”

London’s Metropolitan police force said they welcomed the extra workload and wished to encourage offended people to report perceived hate crimes in ever increasing numbers.

“The Met encourages all victims of hate crime to report any incident to the police and will make every effort to hold offenders to account and bring them to justice.”

Convictions for crimes under Section 127 of the Communications Act of 2003, a law increasingly used to prosecute “internet trolls”, have increased ten-fold in a decade, official figures revealed in May last year. They showed 1,209 people were found guilty of offences under the law, compared with 143 in 2004, according to the Ministry of Justice.

The law criminalises “using [a] public electronic communications network in order to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety,” and can result in a six-month prison term or fine of up to £5,000.

“Pure rants, very childish [people online] are increasingly criminalised, and as a result of that the police is becoming more and more involved in controlling our morality”, explained Frank Furedi, emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent, on BBC Radio 4 this morning.

Section 127 was the law used to prosecute James McConnell, the Northern Irish Pastor charged with making “grossly offensive” remarks about Islam during a sermon broadcast online in 2014. Read the whole thing

  • gdnctr

    They are NOT ‘refugees’.
    They are NOT ‘migrants’.
    They are NOT ‘immigrants’.
    They are NOT ‘asylum seekers’.
    They are NOT ‘citizens’; nor will they ever be citizens of any country, except of the subhuman, murderous, political filth & ideological sewage called islam.
    And islam is NOT a ‘religion’. It is a total political-social system, intended and designed for the conquest, destruction and death of anything which opposes it.
    The enemy is the murderous, subhuman filth, called islam. It is incompatible with Western Civilization.
    They are carrying diseases we eradicated decades ago, and re-spreading them throughout the Western World’s Civilizations.
    The islamists will not assimilate, and are coming to take over your country, your way of life, and kill us all.
    The flood of islamic rapists, mutilators, molesters and murderers is just beginning.
    It will get many times worse this year, even after Merkel & 0sambo are gone from office, and are back in hell where they belong.
    The murderous islamic caliphate, and its subhuman, lowlife tribal moslem filth, are on the move, worldwide.
    The murderous filth of islam – moslems – are your problem, not ‘gun control’ or ‘climate change’.
    Wake-up Europe and America!

    • Hitler was right

      Ingen land kjører sitt eget løp under denne invasjonen, for det hele er en politisk agenda som ledes av FN, og som pushes frem av jødene og deres nikkedukker (politikerne). Derfor er vi maktesløse og kan ikke gjøre noe fordi folk flest vil ganske enkelt ikkevite eller forstå at dette er en politisk agenda? Okse-dritt.

      Noen klarer imidlertid å forstå at politikerne bevisst jobber for å importere muslimer og skifte ut folket, men der stopper det, de er som en computer som ikke kan gå videre fordi programmet ikke tillater det.

      De Vatikanet og Westminster stole på opium smugling, menneskehandel, og hvitvasking… De FNs sjef for Migration er styreleder i Goldman-Sachs bank…

      Jødiske bankfolk er oversvømmelse Europa med muslimer og Amerika med tredje verden søppel.

      De IMF Jødene er i seng med tyrkere, saudiarabere, og NATO, de er bekymret for et Trump revisjon av Federal Reserve… og om Trump og Putin alliere seg å ødelegge dem en gang for alle…

      Trump er en stemme for fred og fred gjør ikke har penger til våpenindustrien. De pseudo sekulære media og deres sionistiske mestere profitt fra destabilisering.

      • gdnctr

        Wish I could read what you wrote…

        • Linda

          No country is running his own race during this invasion, for the whole thing is a political agenda that is led by the United Nations, and pushed forward by the Jews and their Dummies (the politicians). Therefore we are powerless and can not do anything because most people will simply ikkevite or understand that this is a political agenda? Bull-shit.

          Some manage, however, to understand that politicians deliberately working to import the Muslims and replace people, but where it stops, they are like a computer that can’t go any further because the program does not allow it.

          The Vatican City and the Westminster rely on opium smuggling, human trafficking, and money laundering … The Un Chief of the Migration is Chairman of Goldman-Sachs bank …

          Jewish bankers are flooding Europe with Muslims and America with third world trash.

          The IMF the Jews are in bed with the Turks, Saudis, and NATO, they are worried about a Trump revision of the Federal Reserve … and about Trump and Putin ally to destroy them once and for all …

          Trump is a vote for peace and peace do not have the money for the weapons industry. The pseudo secular media and their Zionist masters profit from destabilization.

          • ricter

            This is the type of shit that makes other people think that Donald Trump is connected to Hitler and anti-Semite groups.

            Disregard this because the person who posted this is a fucking maniac, who is likely a Liberal Troll.

          • Nusrat Rizvi

            Every enterprise DT has ever embarked on went down the tube with investors as being the only losers.
            Small wonder he absolutely refuses to make his Tax record public and confirm what is generally known and understood.

    • trevormarr

      and Canada! There are Good and Bad in all, but we need to base Policies on REALITY, not Agenda and our Leaders are elected to keep us SAFE!!!

    • Hitler was right

      Merkel is a fúcking Jew… like Hollande and Cameron… Jew bankers are flooding Europe with Muslims and America with 3rd world trash…

      • midnighteye

        Merkel is a Lutheran and leader of the Christian Democratic Union. She may be an idiot but so are you and a thoroughly nasty one at that.

    • RogerOgden

      Politics implies there is some give and take between different factions. This is not what Islam is about, but theocracy. Please use the right wording.

      • gdnctr

        Use ‘theocracy’ in place of what? Religion?
        They claim it’s a religion; I’ve succinctly pointed out what it truly is.

    • Feldrauschen David

      right! well said!

    • Gaylene Morrow

      and Australia

    • WA1

      It seems they’re having their problems in the Phillipines too… Now an Islamic leader has tried to set up a little mini-islamic republic in the heart of one of their cities, and now the Army is going in to recover control… Of course, they’re trying to avoid civilian casualties – where’ve you heard that before? Because these cowardly bastards are using a mosque (which is like me using the Town Hall, but having a church in there too) as their headquarters, so the great and the good, are fighting with one hand tied behind their back, while the muslim fighters hide behind the burkas of their women and children… And the Western media is totally blind to it… It was only because I was watching the news on, that I saw it… Over here, they’re too concerned with the residents of a tower block, who were cooking their dinner at gone midnight, and managed to burn the said tower block down… (OK I know it was a fridge, but I’m guessing there was a surge in power demand, which may turn out to be the cause of the fire) And yesterday, we had a minute’s silence for one of their dead, and ten others injured… WHERE was the minute’s silence for those who died in Ireland, Cyrpus, Berlin, Paris, Marseilles, when the boot (and truck) was on the other foot?

      • David Ireland not the most reliable source for news is it? But it does support your extreme right wing agenda.

  • Order of the Dragon

    Report this… Come over here to the USA and end up like this ásshole…

  • SameJerkDifferentName

    How about going after naveed mahamed (formerly fahmid choudhury), the 27yo pedophile that has been stalking, sexually harassing and threatening a (now) 15yo girl for over four years? He’s created hundreds of accounts spanning every social media platform and he is still doing it. As recently as yesterday. How is that ok? Oh, that’s right, he has the magical Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card. Screw that mayor and screw his task force.

    • Der Orden des Drachen

      I’m threatening his life… the Jews are the same, the Jew bankers are letting them in…

      • Mandy Pogue

        If the Council of Nicea hadn’t banned banking for Catholics by making usery a sin, thus only letting Jews own banks, it would be Catholics running the world. Oh wait…

  • L’Ordre du Dragon

    Le juive occupé gouvernement français emprisonné Jean-Marie Le Pen pour avoir critiqué l’islam! Le contrôle islamique de naissance est une bombe attachée à un enfant de dix ans années vieux... Satanisme est un juive cile… Mammon et le bolchevisme sont juifs demi-sœurs. Police religieuse française comme l’Arabie Saoudite… Sans blague… La religieuse police vous arrêter pour avoir critiqué les juifs et les musulmans. Juif Banquiers inondent l’Europe avec les musulmans et l’Amérique avec Tiers Monde Trash.

    • WA1

      Ils sont les animaux, du ferme – Porc… Je pense, qu’ils sont sub-humaine!

  • Alan Thompson

    He is a goat fucker. Islam is all a lie. their so called prophet was a child molester nut job. Allah is no god. Muslims are nothing but filthy pigs. And this smug ass can eat my shit.

    • Faqi

      Totally agree with your comment above .

    • Baba Booey

      Right on 100% correct

  • John Clague

    Again they spend tax payers money to make sure these poor Muslims are not offended by us Christians, while they are allowed to do anything they want to us and the police do nothing! It is about time the people of England stood up against our tax payers money being spent to support the bringing of Islam and Sharia law to parts of our country. If they want to stay they need to stop crying racist every time someone does something that offends them, we never invited them and their radical religion to our country, if they don;t like it get the hell out and go back to one of your Muslim countries.

    • Satanism is a Jewish cult

      Talk to the Jews that are letting the Muslims in first…

      • John Clague

        You can not blame the Jews for what is going on in the UK, some people blame the Jews for everything, sometimes it is just our own fault. The UK politicians are a bunch of weasles and need to start showing some backbone.

        • Terry

          The entire U.S. administration is nothing but a bunch of piece of shit weasles…

          • John Clague

            I agree with you 100%, there is not one politician that I trust to be honest with the people. They are all self serving and have little respect for the people who put them in power, time for a change for all of us!

          • Hermen

            … and now you know why Trump is there! SUPPORT HIM!!!!

          • John Clague

            Terry and that is why they voted for Trump he is not a full time politician and had more good ideas than Clinton, we would have had another 4 to 8 years of the sam crap we had with Obama and would have been inundated with Syrian migrants, oth the UK and the USA has a long battle on our hands if we do not want to lose our country. With th fucked up elections in the UK there is not much hope for it unless the people themselves take action, I hate to say it but I think there is not enough backbone left in the Brits to do anything about it,

        • Joe

          FUCK YOU

          • John Clague

            Joe. ahahah what an intelligent response, go back to school and learn a few more words before posting back on here,lmao

        • J-lee

          He means the kazarian jews. Theres a major diffence between normal jew nd kazarian jew. The one is not who they claim to be.

          • Hermen

            oh cut it out… there are always the few self-serving anarchist with the loudest mouths!

        • David Daisy May Boldock

          Jews are Saints at the side of miscreant Muslims..

          • John Clague

            Why does everyone keep mentioning the jews, I have not mentioned the jews in a bad way in any of my posts. I have not seen the jews attacking people in either the USA or the UK so why the comparisons, we all know where the attacks are coming from and it is from Muslim radicals. Not all Muslims are good and if they follow the Quran that makes them evil from where I am sitting.

          • David Daisy May Boldock

            I was just sounding off with my comment.

          • John Clague

            OK but since it was a reply to my comment I had no idea what your point was and I totally agree with you, I have never seen the Jews do anything but defend themselves and their country. They are just trying to exist, unlike the radical Muslims who are plain evil!

          • David Daisy May Boldock

            Evil is one of the better words for them. ?

          • John Clague

            I like to use my better words on here when possible, lol

          • David Daisy May Boldock

            I know that can be hard sometimes lol

          • Margaret Robinson

            Until we convice ukip or a different movement to call out and destroy PC diversity and multiculturisam we will continue to be wraped in the arms of the liberal left. Their propaganda has already ensnared 40% of white british population and until we explain and fight it as a single issue we can say goodbye to free speech and any ability to stop islamification

          • David Ireland

            You have exposed yourself as the racist you are. What does “white” as in race, have to do with anything in this thread? You are aware that there are parts of Europe that are historically Muslim and those people are WHITE.
            Please explain to me the difference between spreading the word of Islam and spreading the word of Christianity. Surely it was the USSR that proscribed the practice and spreading or religion. Do not worry though, this does not make you a Socialist, but it does make you a Totalitarian control freak, kinda like Stalin.

        • calliope

          More than a few of the people listed have been dead for 30 years. At least 40% aren’t Jewish. Londoner voted this weasel in. The Jewish population of England is diminishing daily yet this worm finds a way to blame it on the Joooos.

      • Alasdair

        Peter Sutherland is not Jewish.

      • Paul Kisling

        You would be suprised how many of those Jews are adopted or name changes.

      • ricter

        You don’t seem to get it. George Soros is a *self hating* Jew who hates other Jews. He, and the others in this pictures, are not Jews. They are traitors.

        But since your post here was obviously just purely anti-Jew, I am sure you still won’t get it.

      • Dennis Hibbard

        Sexular Humanism turning on the Wrath of HYHY and the Rejection of the Gospel using Freedom as a License for Ever Evil Way

      • Graham Wilkins

        since this is folly you probably should take it down.

      • Karel Bellic

        blame the jews ? Wake up you fool. It is O’banana, Killary & the rest of the democrats that are bringing islam to the west. It needs eradicating. Shalom.

      • midnighteye

        You are sick.

      • Hermen

        If you examine the COMPLETE LIST instead of simply picking out the stupid Jewish element, as usual, these are the MINORITY…. just more slander of a people who no more think this way than the few who do!

    • FenixNoT

      They’re literally allowed to walk around shouting “British Soldiers burn in hell” with ISIS flags draped around their shoulders. How the hell is wearing a symbol of an organisation we are AT WAR with not hate speech, or some other violation? Imagine people in 40’s london walking around with Nazi flags round their shoulders.

      Our culture is letting itself be stifled by these sick, evil people. Time to wake up. Islam is incompatible with western values. It’s that simple.

      • mary_foster_90


      • mary_foster_90

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    • Luciano Borg


  • cactusue

    What were the British thinking electing him.

    • Fae Olinsky

      It was London not ‘the Bitish’! London is no longer British…just go there and see…..

    • MrRexRedux

      London’s ‘population’, if that’s what one can still call it, is composed of 51% foreign-born immos and they voted Sadiq Khan in as mayor. No opposition. Muslims were celebrating all night after that.

  • Mark James

    Muslims annoy me….can I file a complaint?

    • Lee Lee

      Nope,,,cause THAT would be …raycisssssss

      • anon

        if i said christian annoys me, thats racist? muslim is an religion not a race.

  • Logodude

    Voicing one’s opinion is now officially a crime. This has to stop now. Western democracies are slipping away more and more each day. What do you expect when you let the fox in the hen house? They said things would change when they are the majority.

  • P. Kearney

    So the secular brown mayor does the following in order:
    1) Makes his wife (sorry, human turd) wear a hijab so she can be distinguished from forthcoming other wives
    2) Does the by now de rigeur speaches at segregated brown rallies
    3) Signs on to the “Is your body burkha ready” campaign
    4) Now the hurt feeling police

    As a believer in Muhammed the ladies man I say goood good but my boy he touch himself I say no be like Muhammed but he still touch himself. We need wankey police……fast he hurt his zib maybe and then like muhammed I would have to marry his wife.

  • Bill

    England. doesn’t have enough room to put Millions in Prison who use the Enter net besides Englang just Broke up with the EU. So how can this Muslim afford supporting people who up sets Muslim Ass. Wipe

  • usafsam

    Any UK resident that wants their voice heard on the subject of the moslem scum please contact me and let me know which website to access and your message! I will give you the anonymity keeping you out of jail!

    Frack islam, piss be upon muhamhead and all of those sick twisted followers of his ideology!

  • Davywidetie

    Free speech of truth serums are now to be considered lies against the state. But, it is not a state it is a city, with a difference. It likely will soon be a Muslim Sharia Caliph. So, Londoners, watch your tongues.

  • Joy Grocock-Sawbridge

    Well…for starters it makes a change from the government holding out our own pockets telling the immigrants to “dip their hands,take what you like, the British won”t mind,after all it is their money paid in through years of hard work,they won”t mind waiting an extra 5 years before they can retire while you get everything that the true Brit doesnt”..Our own old folk cannot afford to keep warm in winter and some die as a result,and why? because they receive a pittance not matching the heavy cost of fuel bills..for God sake, British Government get your priorities right..give to the people whos money it belongs to..And as for the Muslims..the problem is they never want to get down to the nitty gritty..its a case of OOO no, we can”t speak badly of any man,it says so in the Quoran….But l will say this..unless the true Muslim population do stand up against the Blasphemers…your lot not ours…you will all find yourselves in a very bad situation..

  • uglyamerican

    Islam is a religion of hate created by an evil djinni and propagated by a warlord. The only solution to the problem of Islamic terrorism is to eliminate all Muslims and the entire religion from the face of the Earth.
    Come get me you rag-heads! I have my answer waiting to send you to meet your ‘Allah’.

  • Oil and beef

    All other immigrants faced issues in the past and got through it without needing laws to protect them from offense. What has changed? The Muslim lobby groups keep f***ing whinging and calling Islamophobia yet never challenging or denouncing the extremists in their midst. And insanely, those in authority line up to protect them. And when you vote in a Muslim that is what you expect. Way to go London.

  • Zeyneb Mustafa

    Zeyneb Mustafa

  • John Marshall

    PMSL this Mayor is a turd and why bend when the law states when you accept citizenship YOU MOST OBEY the countries laws and forget your own. BAN fanatic Muslims from voting take all social assistance away until they comply and vote that twat out. Getting tired of the twats trying to install their own laws they have 0 rights to do so since they became British Citizens not to mention the fanatic Muslims have cause multi millions in damage hospitalized hundreds of women that have just been walking down the street.

  • Guest


  • Guest

  • Guest


  • Guest

    I see the Fallen Away church members support this insanity ,,,,

  • PILawyer

    And where in the story does it mention that the mayor said it was to target those who criticize Islam? Nowhere. Another
    story that doesn’t match the headline. The Mayor pointed out during
    his inaugural address that he was grateful to live in the west because he and his family
    didn’t have to live under Sharia law. Apparently, the authors of this
    hit-piece forgot about that speech.

    • Daniel S. Thompson

      You’re being disingenuous, as is the Mayor, when he pretends that Islamic rule is not his aim. He has numerous, close, family ties to radical Islam.
      People all over the UK are being harassed by police, who come to their doors when they say something as “offensive” as “Muslims should assimilate, not follow their own law,” or “We need to put Britain first, before Muslims who care nothing for the culture of their host nations.” This is real, police-state speech control. They are harassing, sometimes arresting and trying, people for simply speaking their mind. That is a gross human rights violation, far out of proportion with any subjective “offense” or “annoyance” that might have been arbitrarily taken at the words they wrote.

      And meanwhile, the “DEATH TO THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM” placards are waving on streetcorners all over the nation. The meaning of the anti-speech laws and the Islamic death threats is the same. It is only a question of intensity, in terms of the punishment on offer.

      “Offensive” speech – even the harshest – harms no one. It neither picks their pocket, nor breaks their leg. Being “annoyed” and “offended” is part and parcel of the free exchange of differing ideas. The capacity to endure verbal “offense” is a simple requirement of adulthood. Religion, if it is important at all, must be as open to criticism, debate and even ridicule, as is political ideology, or music, or economics. Open debate is how truth is arrived at, on any topic.

      Surely, the chilling effect on free speech, resulting from these witch-hunts against “offensive” comments, is more harmful than the comments themselves, which might otherwise be dealt with using a modicum of maturity and critical reasoning?

      • PILawyer

        Gee, I wonder why the citizens of London elected this Muslim in a landslide vote despite all of the spew about him being a radical and threatening tyrannical Sharia rule? It just scares you to death that a Muslim has ascended to a political position of power in the West. You are the one who is being disingenuous. In truth, this program will benefit women the most who are being threatened and stalked on-line.

        • Daniel S. Thompson

          They elected him BECAUSE his radical family connections brought him political cout in the Muslim community, which is 50% of London. The rest are the most massive concentration of anti-British, pro-EU fascists in the country. Anti-British, pro-EU fascists are trans-national in their loyalties and identity. Devout Muslims are also trans-national in their loyalties and identity.

          Yes, it “scares me” that a Muslim has ascended to a position of political power in the West – especially a devout Muslim with ties to radical, political Islam. And it should scare you too – if you value classical liberal values like free speech and freedom of religion, which evidently you do not.

          Islam, as I said, is a trans-national POLITICAL and LEGAL SYSTEM. Its (extravagant) metaphysical claims and its demanding ritual practices make it a TERRIFYING SYSTEM OF TOTAL SOCIAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTROL. This system holds sway ***AS THE LAW OF THE LAND***, not a precious, personal “faith,” in 55 nations of the world. In 11 of those nations, homosexuals, adulterers and apostates (those who freely choose their own religion) are PUT TO DEATH. Do not fucking tell me that a SYSTEM OF LAW, that MURDERS PEOPLE FOR WORSHIPPING FREELY, is a precious, personal faith-flower, that requires the UK state’s USE OF DEADLY FORCE AND THE THREAT THEREOF to “protect” it from the “offense” and “annoyance” of CRITICAL SCRUTINY, or even the frank ridicule its absurd and WILDLY BRUTAL fictions deserve!!

          All the following can be substantiated by reference to BOTH the “Holy” Quran, and by 1400 years of Islamic practice:

          Islam ENCOURAGES PAEDOPHILIA. Its “prophet” raped a nine year old girl (having “married” her at age six). Islam allows adult males – even senior citizens – to RUB THEMSELVES OFF ON INFANT GIRLS. THERE IS NO LOWER AGE LIMIT FOR VAGINAL SEX UNDER ISLAMIC LAW – ONLY A PROCESS FOR COMPENSATING FOR VAGINAL DAMAGE.





          Islam, as the supposed “final revelation” (in reference to the other Abrahamic faiths) IS THE MOST INTOLERANT AND SUPREMACIST “FAITH” ON EARTH, BAR NONE.




          I could go on at length. This is a very short summary of the horrors that await Europe, the UK, and the USA, should the current population of Muslims be allowed to continue their 8 to 1 birthrate. At this birthrate, they will be fighting us in the streets for control of the government, as they have in Lebanon, Nigeria, Thailand and elsewhere (everywhere they are allowed to take hold). And the land will be a terror-scape of random stabbings, shootings, burnings, bombings and assassinations.

          And I’m not being disingenuous – I’m not sure you know what the word means – you’re just throwing it back in my face.

          • PILawyer

            London has only about a 13% Muslim population. In SOME PARTS of London, it is 50%. I see you play fast and loose with facts. Keep peddling your nonsense to the ignorant.

          • Daniel S. Thompson

            I see – my offering of STATEMENTS OF FACT ABOUT ISLAM ITSELF is “heaping contempt on those who practice Islam.” This isn’t about Muslims and what they choose to believe in the privacy of their homes, boy-o. It is about WHAT ISLAM SAYS IT IS, WHAT IT HAS BEEN FOR 1400 YEARS, AND WHAT MUSLIMS ARE DOING, TODAY.


            I am indeed addressing “the ignorant.” We are all ignorant of this religion, that, with the aid of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and the UAE and Tunisia, is INVADING EUROPE, THE UK AND THE USA. IT IS DOING SO WITH THE EXPRESS INTENTION OF CONQUERING IT FOR THEIR “RELIGION.” People ARE BEING LIED TO BY ISLAMISTS LIKE YOU. But guess what son? The native populations of these places are getting a clue! They’re not nearly so ignorant as you would have had them stay. And changes are coming.

            I’d like to note here that you didn’t refute my statements about the nature of Islam – you spun it around on me and made it look like I was somehow attacking Muslims, which I’m not. Every Muslim is a captive to their religion. By Islamic law, those who turn away from the religion, or choose another, are PUT TO DEATH. When this can’t be accomplished – in a kuffar country like the UK for example – the stigma of leaving the “faith” is nonetheless immense. I do not have contempt for the captive “believers” of Islam. They are victims: obvious victims of violent coercion and mind-control.

            But of course, for the supremacist, who believe his scripture that tells him he is “the best of people” and that all others are shit, ANY scrutiny or analysis of the religion he demands “acceptance” for is seen as hostility, or “contempt.”

            As usual, an “Islamophobe” is “Someone who knows more about Islam than Muslims would prefer.”


          • PILawyer

            Your statements are not fact as they apply to the religion itself. Your statements may be fact to the men who wield the religion as a sword and shield instead of using it, as most Muslims use it, as a means to personal salvation. The Qur’an calls for voluntary submission to Allah, not coerced submission. The Qur’an also recognizes Jesus as a revered prophet. Muslims believe that Jesus will return to Earth and defeat the anti-Christ. The Qur’an also teaches that if your enemies desire peace, so shall you desire peace. One only needs to look at ISIS going into the mosques during worship and slaughtering their fellow Muslims as they pray (the worst crime one could ever commit against Islam), to know that there is a difference. It is also interesting to note that the Muslim countries that tolerate homosexuality and are considered the most egalitarian are the nations that were never occupied by the old British Empire. The remnants of those old codes under which the less tolerant countries live have more to do with what you condemn than Islam. Several of the more enlightened Muslim nations have even had a woman elected as head of state. Condemn the political structures and the radical groups who thirst for power, but don’t broadbrush the entire religion as the cause for the atrocious behavior. That is simple-mindedness at its best.

          • Daniel S. Thompson

            YES, my statements ARE FACT, “as they apply to the religion itself.” “The religion itself” is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. See my quotes from the Quran, below.

            You use the “there is no compulsion in Islam” argument – but that is derived from the 12 year peaceful period prior to Muhammad’s hiraj to Medina. Many verses of tolerance and peace come from this period in which the prophet did not use force to convert people, execute hundreds of prisoners, take slaves (including sex slaves) from among the captives – etc.- as he did later, and for rest of his life. Muslim scholars, in fact, mark the beginng of Islam, as a religion, from the time that Muhammad began putting peaceful communities to the sword for their disbelief – i.e., AFTER the attempt to convert by persuasion (which failed), and AFTER Muhammad raised an army in Medina and began slaughtering the people in Mecca who had ridiculed and rejected him. Therefore, these early verses are – by the express command of Muhammad – ABROGATED (nullified and replaced) by subsequent verses with which they conflict.

            “Peaceful” Muslims don’t confront their more “radical” Muslim brothers, not because they are cowards, but because they know that doing so WOULD MEAN CONFRONTING THE QURAN AND THE HADITH. This denial of WHAT THE QURAN ACTUALLY TEACHES (and what Islam was for 1300 years, prior to the civilising influence of British colonisation that you cite) creates the very dangerous situation we have now: a growing movement of the devout, who follow Muhammad’s teaching and example of violence and coercion, and a clueless, or heedless, mass of “merely religious” Muslims who spread the teaching of violence in its dormant mode. “Moderate” Muslims are those who study and practice their religion only moderately, who heed and apply the demands of that religion only moderately. This is why children from these families become “radicalised.” “Becoming radicalised” consists of some devout Muslim coming along and saying “ACTUALLY READ THE QURAN AND PRACTICE IT.”


            Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”

            Quran (4:74) – “Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.”

            Quran (4:89) – “They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks.”

            Quran (5:33) – “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement”

            Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

            Quran (8:15) – “O ye who believe! When ye meet those who disbelieve in battle, turn not your backs to them. (16)Whoso on that day turneth his back to them, unless maneuvering for battle or intent to join a company, he truly hath incurred wrath from Allah, and his habitation will be hell, a hapless journey’s end.”

            Quran (9:123) – “O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.”

            Quran (17:16) – “And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandment to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We destroy it with utter destruction.”

            Quran (33:60-62) – “If the hypocrites, and those in whose hearts is a disease, and the alarmists in the city do not cease, We verily shall urge thee on against them, then they will be your neighbors in it but a little while. Accursed, they will be seized wherever found and slain with a (fierce) slaughter.”

            Quran (61:4) – “Surely Allah loves those who fight in His cause”

          • Daniel S. Thompson


          • PILawyer

            Every one of the citations you have provided are in the context of defensive wars against oppressors, mainly polytheists, who have entered Muslim lands or deal with the concepts of heaven and hell in respect to the day of judgment.. You take out a snippet without reading the whole chapter which sets the context. That is the thing about the Qur’an…It is written in prose and must be taken by chapter in the entirety to understand its meaning. Polytheists (worshipers of many gods) were the primary enemy at the time the Qur’an was written. The Muslims had peace treaties with most of the monotheistic tribes. Yes, there is an air of superiority expressed in the text but, let’s face it, all ancient religions have similar language, and “my religion is the only true religion” boast.

          • Daniel S. Thompson

            I don’t have time for taqiyya (pious deception).

            This article will answer your deceits.


          • Daniel S. Thompson






  • Frank Edwards

    The Australian Capital Territory has just passed new Laws that make it an offense to vilify someone based on their religion and the offense is punishable by a fine of $7500. They state it is to protect all religions but was obviously introduced especially to protect Muslims from the growing number of people speaking out against the hate filled ideals of the Islamic cult. You dare not point out any truths about their pedophile cult or you will pay. #FuckIslam

  • Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

    Islam is Sharia Law, which is cruel, unusual, uncivil and barbaric to the Western mind. And so we confront your Law, QUOTE IT, and describe the outcomes and results you are getting. This is reporting, and if you take offense, too bad. These citations discuss the false claim that Islam is a religion, that God is a cruel hulking monster.
    ….Read the Quran and see for yourself
    - … Heresy was added to the Quran.
    - … Conquest is the agenda.
    - … Conquest by numbers
    - … 1400 years of fear
    …. because they hate everybody.
    - …. Rape gangs women & children.
    - … Acid attacks on women
    … Wife-beating in public is ok under sharia law.
    - … Lying as a Muslim is okay.
    - …teaching kids to kill for differences.
    … The truth be told.
    - … Hypocrisy
    … CANNOT KILL an idea.
    - …Gov adoption of Jihad is Treason.
    - …Govt promotion of Jihad at AT work.
    - . . . Sedition against the US by DHS
    - … Since the dawning of Official Federal Nazism began at Iron Mountain Conferences 1962-67-
    - … Historical precedents

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Piece by piece, their peace will rip the UK laws to shreds piece by piece..The slippery slope s getting slippier. Time to take a stance and give these vile miscreants a merry dance. Less merry of course!

  • Paul Mitchell

    Maybe if Muslims werent being taught stuff like whats in this video there wouldnt be any problem!!…..

  • BruceMajors4DC

    I tried to post this on Facebook and Facebook made me do some verification check before I could post it, claiming it was a suspicious link. Then I clicked on the Facebook link and instead of it bringing me here it sent me to an iPhone ad. I had to find this article by search engine outside of Facebook.

  • Imperator Cydonius

    hey khan did you know you adore an idol created by the drug-addled mind of a murderer, rapist, paedophile and general scumbag called mohammed? Annoyed you enough you muzzrat?

  • dawn

    so it continues. He stopped advertising of women dressed in a certain
    way on the buses and underground and now I DON’T BELIEVE IT he is now
    saying Freedom of Speech is condemned. Well in that case let us hope
    that all those Muslims who preach hatred and shout abuse about western
    women, men and our Police will also be sent to jail. Bring it on Khan
    just bring it on!

  • A.Jones

    well i would like them to spend some of that money on prosecuting me for saying fuck the sharia, we are a christian country Cof E on my baptism certificate .

  • Carl Mayo

    mohammed raped a 9 year old girl. that’s all you need to know about islam.

  • Patrick Flory

    He can kiss my ass. I wear what I want, I say what I want, and I don’t give a shit about his what a be god.

  • Jgorish

    Since everyone seems offended by just about anything these days, this sets the bar alarmingly low.

  • Mr. Tooyu

    A Muslim can burn his Christian neighbor’s car and it will be nothing for the police to worry about. Just call your insurance company.


    Islam is a cancerous growth on the ass of humanity.

  • Vivian Clayborn

    Never mind the money spent, but they are paving the road for Sharia and genocide of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Ateists, Ahmedia Muslims, Bhai, Yazidis and so on and on and on.

  • Paul Kisling

    Sucks to be in the UKistan

  • Rex Robards

    The Koran is hate speech. 9.1 percent of the Koran is pure Jew-hatred. Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, in contrast, contains only 7 percent Jew-hatred. The Koran must be confiscated in Britain and every distributor of the book must be prosecuted for disseminating hate speech.

  • caligirl1960

    If people in the UK can recall a government official I would get busy and get that muslim “Napoleon” out of office asap!

  • Verbal jihad

    Ohhhh poor lost souls cant handle a verbal jihad ya bastards hahaha what a fucken joke jihadis

  • Tommy Oreilly

    Poor Muslims what about the family’s of murdered innocent people who these so called poor Muslims kill send the fuckers back and sadiq khan with them

  • Lee Lee

    It appears that London is toast.

  • Beauboy

    Will the same apply to those Muslims that preach hate and display banners baying for the blood of those who do not follow Islam.

  • nolickspittles

    What they won’t do is call Muslim haters no matter what they write, say or do.
    It will be designed to suppress and attack non-muslims while further empowering Muslims to say and do what they want to in the name of their holy of holy prophet Muhammed the one true prophet to allah. Get ready for Sharia law … it’s coming next

  • Jose Santiago

    Fuck him and Muslims community

  • Dennis Hibbard


  • Terry

    Fuck all muslims. That muslim mayor better have a lot of security cuz im sure the civilians there will take matters into their own hands. Lock and load my friends…

  • John Martin

    How in the hell did a Muslim get elected mayor of London? If this is how far down you people have gone there is no saving you. All that history of battling the Moors and now this. Unbelievable.

  • Mark Hepfner

    Pig Roast at the mayors house!

  • Jason Johnson

    Muzzies have special rights now, it seems.

  • Daniel S. Thompson

    Islam is an alien, barbaric, system of values. It demands violence of the believer. It demands misogyny of the believer. It expressly encourages paedophilia and condones bestiality. It is murderously hostile to homosexuals, sexual expression of any kind, apostates, and any criticism or dissent whatsoever. It enforces its “non-compulsive” rule by public whipping, stoning, dismemberment, beheading and the threat thereof.

    It spreads by migration, deception, bullying, terrorism, harassment, bribery of officials, and proceeds to open warfare just as soon as the “peaceful” and “moderate” Muslim demographic – created by an 8:1 birthrate – is large enough to support it.

    It is an INVASIVE, trans-national system of GOVERNMENT and LAW. Its bizarre and fanciful metaphysical claims and ostentatious ritual practices (public prostration and ear-splitting “calls to prayer”) make it A SYSTEM OF TOTAL SOCIAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTROL.

    • MrRexRedux

      I agree with you but we need ACTION now. All the words describing hideous islam have been written but still these bearded goonies are taking over our countries with the wombs of their co-wives.

  • I Luv Fried Chicken

    Time to do an aerial spraying of Bacon Fat over London

  • Dave Topping

    If you don’t like what your elected politicians are doing remember it was the voters who elected them who are ultimately responsible.

  • Europablanca

    A teacher, women, said that it is licit to violate the non-Muslim women.

    In Islam, is allowed.

    ( feminists of Soros, are silent. )

    Link :


    Video double standards :

  • Steven Dawson

    What “church” was this picture taken in ?

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I live in Canada, Mayor of London.
    Come get me, cunt.

  • CC1980

    If muslims become annoyed online they should stay off-line, never has there been a people that are so “annoyed” “offended” and “outraged” all the time, when fact is they are the most annoying, offensive and outrageously disruptive cult of people on Earth.

  • keylover

    He’s just a MAYOR people he isn’t allowed to do this

  • bluenose

    Let the pedo scum muzzie pug lover try n silence me. Islam is the whore of all things violent. Degrading to women and suffering to animals. Over 1000 atracks thus year and 17 thousand injured. Fcuk pislam. Fcuk thus scummy racist pig of a mayor

  • inthedelta

    Why in God’s name did Britian vote a Muslim into office? What did y’all expect?

    • David Daisy May Boldock

      Because sadly their is a massive amount of Muslims there and all were rallied out to get this scum in.

    • Pedro Rabaçal

      Politically correction.
      (Also known as «whining weakling cowards with no balls to fight»)

      • inthedelta


        • Pedro Rabaçal


    • MrRexRedux

      They voted in a moslem because most of London is moslem now.

      • inthedelta

        And that is a tragedy.

  • Gary Barnacle

    We need to make practicing Islam a criminal offence This is a Christian Country not an Islamic state Islam must be banned

  • Teddy

    I’m not in London but if I was I would be annoying the shit out of your murdering so called religion.

  • Karel Bellic

    goodbye free speech, hello sharia law by the back door

  • cactusue

    What were the British thinking electing this guy. OBVIOUSLY he is protecting only Muslims. they just take over and push their own agenda. Europe’s rude awakening these people have no respect for other cultures and do not belong in the west as they gradually erode our freedoms

    • Captain Morgan

      The british did Not elect this guy !! The Muslims elected him, most white English have been pushed out of London by the massive influx of migrants over several years.

    • mikedtreeeman

      He was elected by the Muzzleman majority in London and the miserable sicko fucking Liberal wankers WASN’T us Londoners we ALL been moved out of London

  • hueychief

    We are at war and some of us don’t know it.

  • LK

    This joker will not last long as the mayor of London! He forgets who is the highest law of this nation and the Royal family will not take kindly to any treachery by those who would seek to destroy there nation! Even this nut job!

  • Raymond Brown

    Exploiting political freedom to push the religious agenda. The Muslims are telling us they will destroy the west, take over the world and it will be under Sharia but nobody seems to be listening. What will it take before people wake up and purge their countries of this evil? They need to stay in their countries and we will keep to ours…………………

    • David Choate

      Don’t vote for Hillary and you should be okay.

  • Jack Mehoff

    And is this a creditable news source

  • Boleslaw Bierut

    But can a mayor of London set up law of the land?

  • Kimberleely

    HEY mayor Muslim scum, I plan to be as offensive to Muslims as I can, whenever I see them, especially ones who are dressed in black, head to toe. So come get me. I hope you can swim because I’m really far across the pond. Freedom of speech,dying in free countries by the politically correct police. This is just is their plan.

  • Robert Giay

    Things took a very strange turn, it is now Western Europe that is getting into a totalitarian Orwellian or communist type dictatorship and our former communist countries in central and eastern Europe will be the free world. I hope westerners will not tolerate this much longer and drag their traitorous leaders out of their offices arrest and sentence them according to their crimes. Maybe this spiral into chaos and civil war still can be turned around if action is taken now.

  • azrael777

    London, once arguably the most powerful city in the world…..brought to it’s knees by cucks importing muslims. Shame on you brothers.

    • Umeed Christian

      all muslims are in the war against west they are even using thier kids in war in America and Europe schools are spoiling children and the muslims are taking benifite but the fee payer children falling in drug and muslims making them sex slave they are realy spoiling thier nation and still they are keep coming to make USA slave and destroy thier Economy and for Occupy thier resources why not protester s protest against Saudi thier bible is ban Christian are ban ?and why not Saudi accept thier Muslim brothers this is Saudi and Pakistani Plane to occupy USA
      Muslim children are involve in drug smuggling and spread drugs in Schools Specially Somalian and Sudanese and South African and Pakistani Muslims are involved the Muslims young men continue keep coming to Europe and America Canada Australia on students Visa on the real purpose Love Jihad to make white christian girls friends and marriage with them or destroy them to make Islamic baby from them to spread Islam all Islamic centers are working for this purpose now the time to teach your children and give them Awareness love Jihad is spreading All over the Europe and America wake up and aware to each other now

  • hannah


  • Lorin Chane Partain

    For all their victimhood excuses, the truly persecuted class are Christians and it will only get worse unless a stop is put to it.

  • Iatemine

    And the Islamic Fascism begins…..this is what you get from Islamic Leadership folks!

  • Richard N

    How can the British people be so PATHETIC to watch passively like SHEEP while Britain’s traditions of freedom of speech are destroyed, step-by-step, by successive Globalist-controlled governments which continue to flood Britain with immigrants, claim that Sharia Law is ‘compatible with UK law’ (muslim flooder Theresa May), and who are executing the Globalist plan to race-replace the peoples of all European countries with muslims?

    • Bew

      This could just as easily be Hollywood or Chicago. Very scary.

  • I did not have

    I can not imagine how Londonabad or Britistan can be saved.

  • Daniel Flores

    DAMN! Liberals WAKE UP! islam is NAZISM! You are enslaving your people!
    SO SICK 1400yrs muslim invasions Sharia enslave WOMEN CHILDREN!

  • ButchforTrump

    those damn english better wake up the Islam once again come to kill the english how can a town bombed by hitler allow this

  • ButchforTrump

    Oh well without America England would not exist Do we have to clean up their country again? where is Marget Thatchers twin

  • Random person


  • Sixstringer✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    London, and by extension England is DONE.
    They now have control to the point where they will change the laws.
    Anyone who even looks funny at a muslim will now be deemed to have committed a hate crime.
    You are all well past the point of no return.
    Your own politicians have been slowly sawing through your necks, by allowing this type of shite to go on.
    And now you will be stripped of all rights, except that which the followers of Pisslam decide for you.
    And if you think I am being outlandish, just look at what has been happening in your lands.
    We have just put the kibosh on that happening here in America, and we will reverse, and continue to fight to keep America under Americans rule.
    Pisslam will have no rule here.

    • Umeed Christian
      • Umeed Christian

        may be you were thinkig that muslim leaders are sending thier own children for sucide attacks no they are not sending thier own children they are sending students of thier madrasa ( Muslims relligious School or Islamic Center ) Muslims brain washed and emotionally blackmailed and women give them closeness and they prepare them to do this they are telling them in a second even you will not feel any pain and nothing feel any thing and you will die easily and go to heaven as you below there you will meet 72 beautiful virgins and you will sex with them .this time big problem is this on the top Saudi and many Islamic govt are dreaming to occupy on all resources of the world that why they using this satanic religion like a weapon and they are using this satanic power to rule over the world all criminals smugglers and owners of sexmarket and lot of other under world bussinessmen using Islam as a power so they are spending money to spread Islam and destroy peace full world when muslim could know they left , but still they are slave and emotionally blackmailed and scare they cant leave Islam if they leav they will killed by some one yes lot of sex worker in the different places of the world working for muslims for making thier easy visa and immigration they married with muslims and showing that they convert to Islam and married with Muslim but in real they are just charging thier agreement money and bring one terrorist from Islamic country and latter he will call his family memmbers thats it now when American president Donald trump is a Godly man so all Muslim world is busy to make plan against Trump so they burned thier own mosque which were insured this way they got all world sympathy and lot of donations from Americans and big fund from US govt and from all around the world .this was good business for Muslims terrorist but now problem is this this all money will use against peaceful world

    • Unfortunately most of UK are lazy cant be bothered as long as they don’t bother me attitude. Some of us do mind what’s going down Britain First Knights Templar International and of Course our Generals. If our Government cant control after Brexit maybe Military can.

    • Geof Barrington

      Dont look at them in the face ..just chop first.

    • IainRMuir

      Really? There are places outside London which have barely changed.

      Get a passport and learn something.

      BTW, how are the Spanish lessons coming along?

      • Sixstringer✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        I have been to almost every corner of this planet.
        Through military & civilian travel.
        Perhaps you should get educated by the truth as opposed to the lib talking points you seem so eager to spew.
        Everywhere that muslims go, they “ghettoize” the area, & then they start their own sharia, their own crime syndicate, their own everything, while their end game is to force their 3rd world murder cult on the existing populace.
        You CANNOT name one place on the planet where muslims have bettered, or benefitted the society.
        As far as my “spanish” lessons???
        I can order a taco, and that is all I need to know.
        ¿Por qué te importa mis clases de Español?
        Ahora camina hacia abajo en el sótano de las madres y ver Maddow por tu opinión, copo de nieve

  • Fuck islam and fuck that muslim mayor cunt as well! I am in The Netherlands.. it’s full of parasitic scum here as well. Satan worshipers and pedophiles that’s islam to me.

  • Lee Lee

    Toast…………..England is toast.

  • Umeed Christian

    shame on them who only feel Sorry but doing nothing they supporting killers of Christian on the name of humanity what is the humanity to support killers? what is racism to encourage the people who behaving bad to non Muslim and they insulting them and they mocking them they snatching thier things from them and they rape thier innocent under age girls front of thier eyes so this is not racism but when they come in USA Canada or Europe they are welcome because if you say any thing for them this is racism

  • Umeed Christian

    why not you protest for them why not you Asking to your Govt. to stop making laws against you ?why not you doing something legal action on it ?

  • Umeed Christian

    Europe And USA wake UP dont close your Eyes now the hand of Muslims is close to neck of west and you know all muslims are in the war against west they are even using thier kids in war in America and Europe schools are spoiling children and the muslims are taking benifite but the fee payer children falling in drug and muslims making them sex slave they are realy spoiling thier nation and still they are keep coming to make USA slave and destroy thier Economy and for Occupy thier resources why not protester s protest against Saudi thier bible is ban Christian are ban ?and why not Saudi accept thier Muslim brothers this is Saudi and Pakistani Plane to occupy USA
    Muslim children are involve in drug smuggling and spread drugs in Schools Specially Somalian and Sudanese and South African and Pakistani Muslims are involved the Muslims young men continue keep coming to Europe and America Canada Australia on students Visa on the real purpose Love Jihad to make white christian girls friends and marriage with them or destroy them to make Islamic baby from them to spread Islam all Islamic centers are working for this purpose now the time to teach your children and give them Awareness love Jihad is spreading All over the Europe and America wake up and aware to each other now

  • swinophobia

    Come and try… your religion is a superstitious ii evil death cult.. fact.

  • bill tmzsucks

    effin dirty goat fuckers

  • Karen

    Do the British police not have any real crimes to investigate?

  • Nick Relton

    The people of Britain should stand up to this, take out a petition against it, if you dont it will be the beginning of the end, and sharia law will be in place within ten short years.

  • Rainbow Chaser

    Ban the Sharia law first then we listen.

  • Leslie Cox Sr.

    Those figures also reflect the rate in which The Muslim community has progressed in being responsible, by their demands horrific behaviour and threats aimed at white British citizens, for causing the change in the attitude of white Christians against them. THEY THEMSELVES ARE AT FAULT OF THE SHIFT IN ATTITUDES.!!! This IS a blindfold and the police know it.

  • candyman_726

    let them come and they will find out what is going to happen to there make fake cops

  • helge sæther

    People start getting mighty tired racist Muslims requiring property of others and protects itself by playing the role of victim. Muslims are just as bad as stepping in dog shit and be treated as dog shit. Put in a plastic bag and dumped in the garbage

  • John Gouker

    this is what happens when ya invite trouble in , Especially Muslims !

  • Apostle Gideon Prinsloo

    That’s the type of thank you you receive from Muslims from coming into your country and taking up public office like that of Mayor of London, start to persecute you as a Christian to stamp out Christianity with the purpose of establish the Shariah Law. Is he going to use the London Metropolitan Police also to persecute members of the British Parliament and even the Prime Minister and her cabinet? Sounds like the London Mayor is now in charge of the UK

    • Jacqueline Eastman-Abbott

      Well said. I agree with you. But I can’t understand why the mayor has so much power or is it that he thinks he has? Surely, the Prime Minister has power over him and power to stop decisions she disagrees with. World leaders seem to be licking muslim arse the world over. There needs to be an uprising and it needs to happen fast. We are being overtaken

      • Apostle Gideon Prinsloo

        we also need to boycott these mainstream media who are supporting these anti-western people. The first taste they have was after they have brought down a western civilization in South Africa by spinning false stories in order for them to push for change through agitation for divestment in South Africa. When they saw how successful they are, they now push for it in Europe and the USA and also in New Zealand and Australia since they operate by the rules for radicals design by Saul Awlinsky who was a Marxist. We need to stand together and rise up to save the western civilization and resist the Islamists and send them back where they come from and also expose the lies of the left

    • Ussula Lutrova

      im sure the parliment get a fdree pass for now…just everyone else under them will be subjected to it if you dont stop them

      • Diane Leef

        How in the world did this muslim get elected mayor in the first place?

        • austen

          Because the Tories only allowed a petulant chinless child to to stand against him.
          That and the block Muslim-vote, of course.

        • William Hudson

          Same way we “almost” got Killer Hillary over on this side of the pond. It’s called fixing an election.

  • mikedtreeeman

    For a start they can kiss my brown and wrinkly I will annoy whoever I please that upsets me, won’t be much longer before white Brits are a minority in our own country, London is already that way, they, the Muslims want to turn Britain and Europe into the same backward pooh hole they have run away from and subject us to an outdated, misogynistic, child abusing , women raping, belief system.

    • Who brought them in to begin with? The real enemy of civilization was already in UK. Islam is just the sword of Judaism

      • William Hudson

        You’ve gotten that correct, sir.

  • Brendan Todgers

    Treasonous cunt, may as well push for Sharia as well as anybody who criticizes Islam in a sharia country is prosecuted (Killed)

    • Ussula Lutrova

      oh dont worry if you dont stop him he will

    • Wanda Dabrowska

      There are already Sharia offices in Britain.
      Google it. Well, may be you need to do it in arabic.
      Are learning it already?

  • Butseriously

    Muslims are freely allowed to annoy everyone else. How many Muslims has this mayor confronted for saying DEATH TO AMERICA – DEATH TO ISRAEL – DEATH TO THE INFIDEL? The Muslims are also allowed to rob names like Palestinian from the 2,000 year Jewish Palestinians, change 3,000 year names of Hebrew towns to West Bank, account a 3-state in the same land as a 2-state, and make the least credible refugees in all recorded history a reason to point fingers at Israel. Who can make this up!

  • Ussula Lutrova

    if you are a nation that appoints a special task force of muslims to jail people for speaking out against muslims radical take over behavior of your nation then you are in essence proving those people speaking out to be correct. muslims do not have any more or special rights compared to any other religion or group of persopns on the planet. they are not better than anyone else. they are not more important than anyone else. they dont deserve more freedom and authority and domination than anyone else. other people who are not muslim have the same rights and freedoms of thought and speech and religion. a nonmuslim does not have to agree with nor practice islam in any way. they arent muslim. countries that set up these kinds of thought police need to stop now. these countries need to reverse this process. NOW . having these kinds of police task forces only shows their true colors…that they are a fascist religious ideological based dictatorship in which they believe their way is the one and only way and they will stampede over or hurt and maime anyone who stands up to them. this move right here to enlist a special thought police task force is exactly proof of this exact thing. its tyranny and a special; brand of tyranny at that because its using religion to either brainwash believers into following this behavior pattern or its using religion to forcefully shut up dissenters who dont like their rights trampled. either way its still a tyranny its still fasism. and also one more thing…i predicted this move too…a few years ago when islamazation of the main nations in the world became a debate topic with the opposers to the claim saying we are all islamaphobes and racists etc, i said back then once these nations got a large enough radical muslim population set up in place the take over forcefully would begin including police and forced silencing of dissenters and forced conversions…the same shit going on right now in the middle east will slowly rise in the nations with this issue…and well there is the next step right before your eyes…a thought police pro muslim anti dissent task force…ya know what you need to do now london? you need to protest this in mass at your police statrions and where this task force was created. protest in mass the office of the asshat who put the task force together. then go protest every single incident of radical muslim against nonmuslim hate crimes including gangrapes and no go zone violence that has ever occurred but there is no speciaol task force for that is there? protest why is there no special task force for that made up of unbiased nonmuslims?

  • Gus Robb

    He removed the Lords Prayer from London Buses and replaced it with islamic muslim mumbo jumbo, this is Gt Britain we eat pork, we love our dogs, we accept gays, we get drunk, we love our country and we will not let you take it over with your third world medieval outdated beliefs, so fit in to OUR culture or move on to another country


      One set of mumbo jumbo for another !

    • Rick

      We keep saying that but how many muslims have we actually deeee ported? We are even paying them to BREED. That is the grestest criminal insanity of the 21st Century.

      • Thank Barbara Roche and UK’s Jewish elite who decided Britain would become “multicultural” because it served Jewish interests

      • William Hudson

        How many have you actually dragged out behind the pub and stabbed to death? That’s the number that really counts in the end.

    • Wanda Dabrowska

      Sorry Britain you have already lost your country to Islam

    • Howard

      Godbless u limey basterds We The people love Englishman since WWIi Hang in there n give u mayor of London pigs feet n bacon

  • dan1701

    They elected him, they deserve him and everything he brings.

    • The Londoners who voted against him certainly don’t deserve this and are the ones who are more likely to be impacted by these Nazi-like laws.

      • net

        “Nazi like” said the asshole that just wrote this: “Muslims sound a lot like the Jews who are importing them to dewhite/dechristianize western countries”

      • dan1701

        Maybe more Londoners need to put their tea down and make their way to the ballot box next election. This kind of thing can only happen if people allow it. Vote!

    • Not my circus, not my monkeys

      Look at what they just got today! His stupid ass is probably blaming it on Christians.

    • rusticman


      • Diane Leef

        Buy a pig and throw blood, desecrate the ground they walk on! It seems to work in the U.S.

  • Muslims sound a lot like the Jews who are importing them to dewhite/dechristianize western countries

    • net

      I’m a proud Jew and you’re just a hater!

    • Neil Johnson

      stfu you antisemitic halfwit.

    • William Hudson

      I’m a hardcore Fundie and Jews & Muzzies are all hellbound halfwits.

      • Zionists are the assholes not the Jews!

  • Mark D Hall


  • Elizabeth Bowers

    and what a bout muslims who have ago at us

  • Not my circus, not my monkeys

    I wonder how this dumb SOB mudslime terrorist hugger feels about that today?!

  • Wanda Dabrowska

    Hi Canadians ,
    we are just on our way to this new change of our our rights and freedoms ,courtesy of our Prime Minister Islam lover.

  • AllanochOlle
  • duder1897

    How the hell does this fucker get voted mayor of London? What is wrong with you people?

    • Charlie Curtis

      Because the Londoners sat on their arses and didnt vote when they had the chance.And now London belongs to the muslim communities. And this will happen to other counties if no abated..Talk lwont solve this, action is needed , so do away with the apathy and get yourselves motivated before its too damn late.

      • Tom Cook

        Same thing in Canada, liberal Trudeau letting them in. Europe is practically overrun. It appears the apocalyps may be upon us.

    • Carol Chisumvii

      Like our “elections,” did you really think you were ‘voting?’

  • heilbama

    Mohamed was a PIG!

  • heilbama


  • Tom Cook

    Thankfully this mayor is in London and nowhere else. So I guess he will only be able to mess with People in London. Since he has no authority anywhere else. It is obvious that the muslims have a very strong foothold in England, and they will work hard to expand from There. This is an example of what they are planning for the US, pay attention.

    • Michael Garczynski

      The same bullshit is happening here in the USA, just look at Dearborn, Michigan and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    • Carol Chisumvii

      Like cancer, they metasticize, or grow bigger and spread like the disease

      • Tom Cook

        Yes they do and they already have a foothold in Michigan.

  • Abby Twah

    He’s a low life Mayor, what power does he have to put people in prison?

    • Carol Chisumvii

      They are running amok. They are Hell bent on world domination and are rabid animals.
      There is only one solution, total annihilation of either us or them.

  • Abby Twah

    If Christians Islamophobia doesn’t this guy seem to have Christianophobia?

    • Christina Welk


      • Carol Chisumvii

        Ha ha.

  • Parabéns aos heróis que lutam pelo Ocidente Livre.
    O Brasil que um dia pode voltar a ser uma monarquia agradece.

  • Baba

    This is total lies.

    • Carol Chisumvii

      “What” is “total lies?”

  • David F Mayer

    Whatever happened to “Freedom of Speech” in the UK.?

  • jojo

    “Twilight In The Palace Of Reason”

  • Kim Dianne

    How in the hell did this nut job become mayor of London….mayor of anything!!! The mind question how long is he in power for?? Who voted for him and are the citizens of England going to allowe this to happen…this is just madness on every angle…a western country allowing this to happen.

    • rhys goddard

      Its an absolute disgrace if people don’t come out by the thousands and band together. Then they will lose there way of life to these people. No use whining when its to late.

    • Michael Garczynski

      That same bullshit is happening right now here in the USA, look at Dearborn, Michigan as an example.

    • Carol Chisumvii

      Ask those same questions of Obama, the Fake.

    • Popeye55

      The issue is as it always has been since Mohammed. Invade, produce offspring, bring in relatives and friends, build mosques, spread fear, get into public positions and positions of power, bring in Sharia laws to protect followers of Islam. Now your country is like Malaysia and how Lebanon was before the Palestinians invaded.

  • odele

    Too bad the UK doesn’t have the equivalent of the US first amendment. If they did, they could say that Islam is a disease, not a religion!

  • John Smith

    nothing going to work. Another prophet with revised form of new religion is coming and this is only shake up. Look back at the history how Islam was born out of terror.
    Gabriel has told him to start the job to take over the world. Neither you nor anyone can stop this. Good luck and just accept the …….

  • Adam Mcculler

    I was going to say something..but then I remembered I don’t care…

  • 6stufapins

    Did someone say mohammad is a pedophile ?
    Who Said THAT ?
    Who Said IT ?!?!
    They’re gonna get ya !

  • Popeye55

    Bury your heads in the sand folks, that might protect it from being chopped off when you discover that your invited guest actually didn’t want to share. Good bye London. Good bye UK. Good bye Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, France and Italy.

    • Gerry Bourque

      dont forget canada we have a part time terorrists as a so-called leader very soon to be retired permanently im sure

    • boisvb

      Soooo sad and very true. Simple question of mathematics. If every turkish family will have 5 children that family will have produced more than than 15.000 offspring in 6 generations. 1000 families will have produced 15 million offspring !!! In other words A TIMEBOMB READY TO GO OFF.

    • Charles Sroka


  • Robert Herrmann

    They London Metro Police welcomed the extra work yeah right who are we trying to kid Geez you have to be joking

  • Breitbart InOhio

    London is lost…..Will the last Englishmen out grab the British flag on the way out.

  • Gerry Bourque

    start with me u piece of fkg garbage pork time to shoot a few of these fkg dogs trying to control us because they cant behave in a civil society

  • Nelson Garcia

    Londoners have no one to blame but themselves, they have opened the door and welcomed their own destruction. Elections have consequences, you can invite a lion to diner and then be shocked that it has YOU as the main course.

  • Colin Stubbs

    Why can’t we criticise anything we think is anti social,violent and hateful
    It’s called free fucking speech.Never give into this controlling bollocks

  • John

    Why can’t we criticise the mayor or Islam they don’t want too mix with British people they want their own laws everything must be their way racism works both ways you can not expect honesty when there is no honesty

  • Ithamar

    This is what happens when a Christian people turn their backs upon the one true God who has turned them from pagan darkness into the light of liberty in Christ. Apostate Christian England has created a religious void that is being filled by the most vile, violent pagan religion upon the face of the earth, Islam. England, and its once American Christian colonies, must repent of this backsliding apostasy, or it is death and slavery to the filthiest of vermin.

  • Joe Giglio

    go pray to the pig god Muslims.

  • Sharon ODonnell
    • bowie1

      Isn’t this photo shopped pix the president of Turkey?

  • Charles H Rooney

    The election of the Muslim London Mayor was a major mistake on the part of the citizens. This muslim mayor will only bring filth, hate, and a vile cult to power and England will not be a safe country to live or visit. It is turning into another 3rd world middle-eastern muslim snake pit. England should remove all of those vile barbaric butchers before it is too late.

  • Billy S DuBose

    Should protect all from being insulted or harassed, not just Muslims……! That is giving special considerations and should be viewed as being prejudicial against other non-Muslim people! Laws are for all , or no one!

    • awake

      no, LAWS are to PROTECT CITIZENS. NOT INVADERS. and ALL new CITIZENS must ASSIMILATE.and hold ALLEGIANCE of the values of their adopted country, not their past ideologies in CONFLICT with that COUNTRY.

  • awake


  • Popeye55

    Islam hates the west. Get rid of them all.

  • didntwanna

    >mission received

    >annoyance protocols activated

    >target: muslim

  • awake

    child raping INSTITUTIONALIZED grown men in their NIGHTGOWNS are not going to tell me JACK SHIT about LIFE.

    • Brett Williams

      lol night gowns

  • awake


    • The Muslim religion was created by a Catholic Bishop. What did you expect?

      • trump blast

        Was it a bishop that sent the Jesuit to see Mohammad ???

  • Joseph Norris

    Stage 2
    Efforts to introduce blasphemy and hate laws in order to silence critics.

  • but its ok for muslims to stand in the street with a megaphone preaching hatred to the westerners. Fucks sake wake up and fuck em off

  • Stefán Auðunn Stefánsson

    Deport to desert, with his goat.

    • lynchmob561

      Forget the goat, he’d like that! Send him with only a pig!! SQUEEEEEE!! SQUEEEEE!!

  • Mal Ritter

    where’s Hitler when you want him !!

  • La Lummus

    fuck him and fuck muslims

  • Jman82

    I hope someone crafty sets up servers off the shores of the UK to keep that task force busy but unable to prosecute.

    • Lyndel Beckwith

      Great idea!

    • trump blast

      Just post the Hate from the Quran !!! There are some very hateful stanzas to be found in it !!!

  • Jan Monsen

    I want him email so I can annoy him direct !

  • Alan Jones

    One Day the Politicians will all realise that the problem emanates from a collective source , . ,Thats people congregating in a group they exchange ideas ,then nominate a killer . Yes my friends these are people meeting in MOSQUES and PRISONS They are being allowed to Infiltrate into our way of life and getting promoted to positions of Trust . But these People are Killers .

  • Mark_Trail


  • Ronald W. Mann

    If our English pc friends don’t wake up their country is gone

  • high treason

    This story is nearly a year old, but the treachery remains the same. Freedom of speech is being crushed in front of our very eyes, but complacent fools still voting for these traitors. Were the people of London asked if they wanted to have such draconian measures imposed on them? Would they have voted for them?
    “To silence criticism is to silence freedom”- Robert Hook.
    It is up to we, the People to rise up against this tyranny.

    • trump blast

      The car running over pedestrians on the London bridge was last week !!! High treason

  • trump blast

    So will they respond to the hate crimes found in the Quran ????

    • Sally Becker


      • trump blast

        That was my question !!! As the mayor of London is a Muslim

    • SteveGio

      They ain’t crimes. They are justified in the koran

      • trump blast

        The Quran is not justified in the USA !!!

  • He annoys me so I want him to be jailed …… OMG get rid of this trask now London.

  • bigal4u

    Who the hell does this jumped up little turd think he is??

  • Teac Smith

    Where can we go and what can we do to “Annoy” as many Muslims Online as we can I want to attack as many as possible.

  • Akash Sinha

    Soon Brits will apply for shelter as refugee in India.

    • Herbertificus

      If that happens, India should deny them sanctuary and tell them to find their balls and take back their country.

  • Jindrich Henry Jaros

    This is a muslim invasion!

  • Hermen

    How stupid ARE THE BRITISH to tolerate this? (ans: very very stupid to the point of being demented)

    • Herbertificus

      Liberalism is a mind virus that prevents rational thought and requires the denial of reality and fact.

      As Michael Savage says, “liberalism is a mental disorder.”

  • rudy_mental

    The only way to couter this is to have a concerted effort where we all “annoy” at the same time

    • Bill Armstrong

      Great, you’re annoying without even trying.

    • Herbertificus

      The only way to counter this is with guns. If you think differently, you’re naive.

      This is headed toward a musloid Britain, and the gov’t is overrun with suicidal idiots who have the mind virus called “liberalism.”




      to stop Britain from becoming a musloid country is for loyal Brits to overthrow the gov’t BY FORCE OF ARMS and to expel every last musloid from the country. Every last one.

      So you and your friends had better start buying guns and ammo on the black market and getting prepared. After the long, 1500-year fight for freedom and democracy in England, you are going to once again have to take to arms and fight the mentally ill, suicidal Left AND the barbaric musloids.

      Anyone who thinks differently is either wilfully blind or is deluding himself.

  • Kris

    London is getting what they voted for, put Muslims in charge you are going to have problems.

  • carlducci

    Please post this muzzie mayors email, so that we can FLOOD it with annoying posts, spam and viruses

    • Herbertificus

      The Brits need to flood his office with gunfire.

  • Terrordactyl

    I doubt muslim hate posts will be investigated. They have hate protests threatening to murder ppl and nothing is done. Report these events and YOU wind up prosecuted!

  • Vision Rider

    How is this not George Orwell’s 1984 Thought Police? Next more inconvenient items, such as the statues in New Orleans, will be thrown do Memory Holes. When this ends Western Culture will be lost. Is that truly what we want?

  • Luciano Borg

    1565 – Malta destroys the Muslim (Ottoman) Empire.
    2017 – Malta allows the EU to force it to accept the Islamic Invasion of BIBLICAL proportions #SHAME

  • AHH!!!

    I can smell goat bum.

  • Donald Turner

    It’s time to “annoy” moozlimbs…your so called prophet was no more than a pedofile, goat loving, dirty stinking savage. And to the London Police and their dirty Ass vile goat loving mayor, good luck in prosecuting…I am an American and live in a country where my free speech is protected. The lies of progressives and Islam are trying to restrict free speech in my country and there’s only one way to fight it. With more free speech….

    • Greg Rivard

      Awesome reponce, we still have free speech in Canada and I will speak my mind when muslims attack Christians and Jews remember muslims are a cult not a religion .

      • Scott Binns

        I live in Canada. Free speech is dead. Look at what (almost happened) to author Mark Stein or now, how they’re going after Jordan Peterson and Bill C-16 for his “insensitivity” towards so-called transgenders. Or how about the recent M-103 that protects Muslims (and only Muslims – the Liberals claim it protects “everyone,” yeah right) from “islamophobia.” Although they don’t define what “islamophobia” is.

    • Brenda Johnson


    • Herbertificus

      It’s time to annoy musloids with guns.

      Lots of them firing very fast.

    • Kirsty


  • Matthew Lathum

    fuck you ! motherfucker Sadik Khan mulim shit !

  • Al Hawlick


    • Herbertificus

      Glad to see someone else is encouraging this shitstain’s assassination.

      The longer the Brits wait to take back their country, the more it’s going to cost them.

    • Rich Haezaert

      Wheres the petition to get him out… no English person voted for him… it was the immigrant vote… That’s why immigrants need to be deported…. AND NOW.

      • Marianne Schreiner Greig

        I signed it last night,cannot remember the link but should not be too difficult to find!

      • Kirsty


      • Elaine Sears

        Theres more than 30 in Parliament now. Too late mate

    • Kirsty

      Totally agree
      With you Hun. Khan is committing HIGH TREASON AS STATED IN OUR CONSTITUTION OF THE MAGNA CARTA NO FOREIGNERS CAN HOLD ANY POSITION OF POWER IN THE UK FACT. THEY FACE THE DEATH PENALTY IF THEY DO FOR HIGH TREASON. THAT IS STILL IN FORCE TODAY AND CANNOT BE REPEALED. IT ALSO STATES ALL FOREIGNERS OF JEWISH OR MIDDLE EASTERN CULTURE WERE AND ARE BSNISHED FROM THE UK INDEFINITELY 1612 Declaration of Rights alongside OUR BILL OF RIGHTS. LAWFUL REBELLION WAS INVOKED ONMARCH 21st 2001. Fact COSHA it was implemented by 60 Barons and thousands of other British people against our Government, Parliaments and Eatablishment for HIGH TREASON COMMITTED BT THEM ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS. SELLING OUT COUNTRY OUT TO EU, the NIECE TREATY (illegal) unlawful and the foreign invasion of mass immigrants via silent invasion of our country initiated by our CORRUPT government and unlawful corrupt EU (Trojan Horse). High treason. Look it up on Facebook Lawful Rebellion dissent rebellion. Fact.

  • DistantEarlyWarning611

    Yet this stinking rat of a mayor refuses to say one bad word about his brothers who are murdering people.

  • reallygettingtired

    and SHAME on the “christian church” for condoning this!!!

  • Bruce Kellar

    I am sure this sounds great to New York and California.

  • Ron Hussey

    And people elect scum bags like him ? Time for those in the UK to stop electing Muslim Britherhood members that appease terrorists and under the guise of not discrimination allow the terrorist to kill innocent citizens.

    • Eric Tarleton

      That mayor in the UK is a snake.

  • Teac Smith

    well maybe we can jail the muslims because I am beyond annoyed at them blowing us up. Fuck muslims fuck isis and fuck the goat fucking child molesting pos mohammad but most of all fuck the mayor of London .

  • TheCatholicGirl .

    We should inundate the London police with complaints of the hate crimes of Muslims. INUNDATE.

  • Christian Christian

    If there were 1.6 billion Jews on the planet you people would be ranting about them too.

    • deejayaz

      There might be but moslems and the Germans kill them

    • John Clague

      Dammed straight we would if they were attacking us in our own countries the way these terrorists are. You expect people going around beheading and shooting people for no reason not to enrage people , what is wrong with you?

    • Elaine Sears

      Jews dont think of us as infidels.. deeerrr…

  • Terri moore

    I’m sick of isis, Muslims, terrorists, people hating America, people hating PRESIDENT TRUMP, all illegals, all of it !! Protect Americans first then worry about others. Get rid of the haters n Muslims, n illegals, n isis wipe them out of our country for good.

  • Jack

    Khan is a terrorist supporter and is friends with hate preachers and radical imams and has a moslim agenda and offends me I demand he is sacked immediately

  • BooBoo88888

    Just suffered being blocked from Facebook and being labelled as posting Hate due to my comments on the three muslims who slaughtered people in London!

    • Dave Smith I know what you mean.

      • harleyguy

        It’s a good time for someone to start an uncensored version of Farcebook.

    • Brown Elizabeth

      Other way around there be no problem,
      One law for one

    • harleyguy

      Didn’t you know, we’re not allowed to hate killers any more.

  • Randall Whalen
  • Dave Smith
  • Dave Smith
  • Dave Smith
    • harleyguy

      Ya gotta love it.

    • Deb Simmons

      ROFL… That is PRICELESS!!!

  • Civila191


    • harleyguy

      Sneak bacon into their food so they all go to hell.

  • cproud

    Scary that’s all I can say is scary…

  • Antoinette Eisenhower Gentile

    This is the “NEW WORLD ORDER”, that all governments have been planning.

    Phase 1: the invasion of radical muslim which are all young men. Who were clean, nicely dressed, well fed, strong, smoking cigerettes, wearing nice backpacks and listening to their music wearing earbuds. Hmmmm…. i thought refugees were poor, escaped with the “clothes on their backs, hungry, weak, tired and broken?

    Phase 2: Make sure Muslims are placed in our government. Congress, senate, white house, national security, mayors, govenors, police, courts, etc…

    Phase 3: If anyone gets in their way, they begin to make people believe that if you dont believe in the same way they do, then your a racist, bigot, islamphobic nazi. Shut down free speech and take away freedoms from people who dont side with them!Now its time to create chaos and havoc!

    Phase 4: waiting to see what they do next!

    • sevines

      Phase 5, at least in America: they get boots in their asses and bullets in their skulls.

      • Deb Simmons

        Here! Here!

    • harleyguy

      Right on. I couldn’t have said it better.

  • Frank Delta

    WTF thats condoning Muslim rape & grooming gangs in the UK unable to call a spade a spade

  • Pieter

    Come for me asshole and fuck all these barbaric Muslims

  • CJ IsDa Shiznit

    meanwhile no task force for those who speak of jihad online.

  • djaz

    Muslims are killing people and that annoys the crap out of me.

  • michelle

    Let them because jesus is the one true God I’m sorry to bust any muslems bubble but allah does not exist

    • AdirondackAnn

      Allah is another name for God…same as Jehovah..etc

      • michelle

        No I’m sorry we christians never referr to Christ as Allah

        • harleyguy

          Hi again Michelle. Keep on praying harder. I’m sure it will help. God, christ, allah, jehovah, buddha, yahweh, shiva, swamy, wahe. Did you know that we created approximately 4200 religions in the world? How do we know which one is the right one? I’ll give you a hint. None of them. I just hope you learned something today. It’s always nice to help. Have a nice day.

      • Javed Fitzherbert

        No sir. Allah is totally different personality. He is not the God of bible.

        • Jim Groser

          Hmm so you disagree with the Muslim scholars that says it is the same. Muhammad even called the news and Christians people if the book and accept Jesus as a prophet.

        • harleyguy

          You are so right. He is the god of their bible (koran). Flying spaghetti monsters everywhere. Have a great day.

      • Paul Thomas

        Yes but this one has horns and wings

      • Paul Thomas

        Yes in fact you are right it comes from Hebrew origins adopted by Arabs meaning God of Islam. related to Hebrew words El and Elohim. In fact Allah is a Jewish word.

      • Gary A Nelson

        Not…Allah is not the same as the Christian God or God of the Jews. Allah is a demonic or satanic entity.

        • harleyguy

          Sure he is. Allah was created. Just like your god. I’m so happy I could enlighten you. Have a nice day.

      • harleyguy

        Also another name for the fairy in the sky.

    • harleyguy

      I hate to burst all believers bubble but any god does not exist. If your fairy in the sky loves everyone as taught, why does he not stop all this killing and suffering of innocent men, women and children? You can all pray until you’re blue in the face and it won’t do any good. Don’t you think the muslims are praying to god (allah is just another name for god) for their success in killing christians and us non believers. God is an equal opportunity killer. If everyone would stop believing and fighting over some fairy in the sky, the world would be a much better place. Imagine all the people that wouldn’t be killed. Believe in yourself. By the way, whatever your reply may be, it won’t bother me. Have a beautiful day.

      • phrowt

        Because he gave all of us the ability to choose, such as the choice you seem to have made.

        • Allen Cox

          How do you know it was a he? What if it identified as a camel back then but King James also purged that along with the rest of the bible he didn’t agree with?

      • Stew Scott

        Very well said & the sooner people realise there is no such thing as God, Allah or whoever you are forced to worship, the sooner some sort of peace could possibly prevail. Every war, mass killing or genocide is done via some sort of religious belief so how the hell is religion a good thing?? … Waken the fuck up people, it’s not the people that is the problem, it’s the fuckers they worship!!!!

        • George Crabb

          There will come a day when the real God will give everyone exactly what they want. Those who want a world without Jesus and His followers will suddenly have it. But those who want to be with Jesus will suddenly be with Him. Those who reject Jesus get to live together in “harmony” with other non believers such as the Muslims. But God, in His great mercy will give those left behind one more chance to choose Jesus. But it won’t be easy.

          • Stew Scott

            You are a brainwashed fool. I am not getting into an argument with some bible basher over the internet so you get on with your life and I will get on with mine. But just because I do not believe in god, jesus, the devil, Allah or whatever do NOT put me and the Muslim name in the same sentence. I am entitled to my opinion but that does not make me a pedo, goat shagging, murderous bastard like they are.

  • esther4

    This POS so-called Mayor of Londonastan is like the Flight 93 hijacking terrorist, who, after taking over the cockpit, told passengers there’s no need for concern.

  • craigsmith248

    See what Dr Warner has to say about Islam

  • Becky Vonderau Zucker

    Seems the city of London has already lost the battle. Hello Dearborn.

  • Mike E

    The sick thing is that it’s ethnic Christians and socialists from within that make it possible.

    • Charlene Governali Shivers

      Yea they keep voting these murders In maybe they should read the”project” written in 1991 page by page of how they will take over the west


    name london will be changed soon to mohammadabad…..enjoy dull heads….

    • Davie Orr

      Already known as Londonstan!!

  • sammy

    England is no more

    • Deb Simmons

      Sadly you might be right. ?

  • scriptysandra

    Well then, lets all of us who don’t live there join British pages and start saying what we want. They can’t touch us! ?

    • Charlene Governali Shivers

      Great idea

    • Jayne Foreman

      great idea!

  • David Baker

    These inbreds are a world wide problem

    • NBC_Vic_Hern

      Did you know that the rate of birth defects is so bad
      with the inbreeding that, when parents are asked
      how many children they have, they only count the normal ones.
      The others are treated as slaves for housejold chores,
      sex slaves or trained to be
      suicide bombers or killed
      if not suitable.
      No wonder life is cheap and women and girls can be mutilated and honor killed,
      all because Allah and
      Mohammed have said so
      for over 1000 years.
      Boys are sexually titilated by
      female family members
      from infancy through childhood to make them sex machines to reproduce like rabbits. No wonder the women are covered from head to toe.
      Look it up…you can research it yourself.

  • Gerald Leddin

    What is annoying are people who lived in countries that support islam which creates its own problems that move to countries without that oppressive ideology and want to spread it there. All should be welcome who want to escape islam, keep the rest out so they can be safe to leave it…

  • KimAnd Scott Hawkins

    Well, we’ll just have to pick up the slack and go even harder in our resistance of that scum of the earth religion of death. We Americans can’t be criminalized for simply expressing how we feel. Screw that mayor.

  • Javed Fitzherbert

    Yes sir i totally disagree with Muslim scholars who says Allah and God of bible are same. Jesus is not only prophet. He is Lord.

  • Dave Merrick

    If people (governing leadership, especially) would finally pick up a book or two and discover the real dynamics of this Neanderthal, DEMONIC political structure posing as a religion, Islam would be on the way out. But most people today get all their ‘learning’ from a droning television set that lies to them 24/7. Right now we are simply reaping precisely what we have sown, in reward to our fat laziness.

    • jim

      The West really needs to ban Islam and Muslim migration. Islam is the ideological source of terrorism and social ills.

  • TankNoob1960

    Wow.. These MUZZRATS need to be exterminated..
    Where is the PIED PIPER when you need him?

    • NBC_Vic_Hern

      Leader required.

  • toongoon

    He’s more concerned with people offending muslims than he is about his citzens being murdered by his brothers.

  • Michael

    The hell with the mayor of London! If they try that crap here in the states you’ll start seeing lots of burnt out mosques and dead Muslims. Here in America we’ve already had enough out of these Muslims and are ready to explode on them.

    • Anne Smith

      A bit late in the day Michael This crap is already in the USA – take a look at Dearborn.

    • jim

      We have to learn from the Londoner’s mistakes! Never ever vote in a Muslim politician. They always act in the interests of Islam! Just look at Obama and Justin Trudeau!

  • Allen Cox

    Start with me you muzzy mong! You’re throwing the citizens of London into the trash and making that city as bad as the shit box your muzzy terrorist brothers are coming from. I hope you’re arrested and tried for treason, then given a public execution. Fuck ISIS, fuck sharia law, and fuck you.

  • Gottaballs


  • john

    -UCK YOU, You annoy Me Offline

  • NBC_Vic_Hern

    Someone needs to take care of this.

  • Charlie Brownless

    Mr Khan please and I’m being respectful take your backside out of that office and have avoid look at what is happening in our beloved Capital.
    This is your so called People of a non violent religion and if tbh if th Government don’t step in and stop you and your religion then I’m afraid that the people of this Country will step in for them

  • Francisco Galvan

    Can anyone say IRA Resurrection! The “Irish Republican Army” for the preservation of Christian, and making London great again! Send back the animal for which it came from. And in the words of George Lopez ” Fuck that Puto”, that cabron is in the bottom part of government. And London should know now to stop this Socio from ever making it higher in government!

  • John McGavin

    This is another re-branding of the sharia law, made to look very secular and revealing to the islamic community that he’s doing his bit to make Britain islamic. It’s obvious Sadiq Khans’ main agenda as mayor of London is an Isamic one. This disgusting law is creeping up on us more and more. Sadiq is a very hidden character, what is revealed is exactly what he wants us to see. I feel grieved that he’s the mayor of London, the same London he wanted to make separate from the rest of Uk in order to fulfill his hidden sharia agenda.

    • gail young

      Kahn= taqiyya.
      It’s blatant.

    • jim

      Sadiq Khan is an experienced lawyer and politician and is very subtle and cunning! He will gradually and incrementally impose sharia under the guise of hate speech or something similar.
      This is what happens when we vote in a Muslim.

    • WA1

      Also while Arabic men hold auctions for young women on the streets of London for sex…VERY Cosmopolitan. (and very supportive of British values)?

      • David Ireland

        And your proof of this is where?

  • Mary RolekCombs

    I think voting yourself a raise when the rest of the country is not able to work IS STEALING! giving your self a full retirement after just 4 years on the job….IS STEALING…. This country needs JUSTICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY. She has no CONSCIENCE, no RESPECT, and NO INTEGRITY.

  • Bill Callinder-Scott

    He’s rustled up £1,730,726 for the Hate Crime Hub but can’t find any extra money to help monitor ISIS jihadi fighters who have returned to London. Hurt feelings or prevent bombers?

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Recently there was an amateur art contest in the Netherlands, and people were invited to create a work of art depicting the current era of multiculturalism in Europe… a depiction of their experience in the modern melting pot.

    This was the winner

    This art piece sums it all up…The Euros will regret letting in millions of Muslims to leach off their generous welfare systems, and then still foment terrorism against the very same people who are their hosts. Look at the wining art carefully and let it sink in. It is quite profound!!!

    • Jak 33

      That is profound.

      • David Daisy May Boldock

        True enough but very pertinent.

    • Wilfred Paul Elwick

      VERY TRUE. For the life of me I cannot under stand WHY GERMANY DID what they did , The EU will suffer more now then they did in the Second WW2

      • David Daisy May Boldock

        True enough, and personally for me the EU needs to self implode and take all those fat twat cats with it.

  • Jimmy DA’hippy

    How can we allow this to even be suggested? They claim a right to “be offended” even if we Fart in the direction of mecca. So can we now call them “BRITAPHOBIC” and therefore RACIST? That seems to be the logic they use on us. Its getting silly man! I cant breathe free speech any more. Shrinking in a cess pool of media led bullshit. A paradoxical religion is getting too much big booted for its self! Quick!…set the satanists on to them!

    • WA1

      Jimmy, just do a bit of reading up on the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan… and the prediction of Colonel Pike of American fame… THERE’s your answer.

      • David Ireland

        Time for you to stock up on tin foil for hats.

  • Jackie Roberts

    I don’t agree with racism but why doesn’t it work both ways. These hate preachers can say and do what they like, with no comeback on them, but when we say anything we are racist and should be jailed. These country is bloody mental Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wilfred Paul Elwick

      That Jackie is the TRUTH and they don’t like it. They can say what they like on the Street Corners and the Police do NOWT, if you do it you will be put in JAIL.

    • jim

      Our politicians are frightened of Muslims and their islamic violence. Appeasement never ever works! Neville Chamberlain learnt this the hard way!

  • Jayne Foreman

    So why the hell wasn’t Choudry arrested or those other hate preachers. This is BS and against our right to free speech. This is why you shouldn’t vote for Corbyn, Kahn, or these other radicals. We know about Kahn’s affiliation with terrorists. I’m British living in USA so good luck shutting me up, we are very protective of free speech here.

  • Jayne Foreman

    We need to shut Kahn up and Corbyn, bloody radicals!

    • Tina Ward

      add o’donell & abbott to that list

    • David Ireland

      You wouldn’t know what a radical was if they slapped you round the head with a wet mackeral.

  • jeff page

    Why am I not allowed to defend what I believe in? Why am I not allowed to be offended by Muslim hate preachers in Mosques and on our streets? Why must I say nothing when our children are raped, abused, threatened with their lives by Muslim grooming gangs?
    When people are brutally attacked on our streets, why can’t I state that it was an attack by Muslim terrorists in the name of Allah? It appears that white people don’t have any rights to condemn the religion of Islam for these attacks but it is okay for Muslims to openly speak out when they are attacked? Sadiq Kahn can do whatever he likes but he will never shut people up. He is a big part of the problem and the people of London will regret voting him as Mayor.

    • Mark Travers

      That’s the thing. I personally don’t know anyone who voted him in. I certainly didn’t. I reject any rules or laws made up by him as I don’t formally recognise him as mayor.

      • momo

        That’s because khan voters were mostly muslim and politically correct idiots.
        We should lose all the bacon butty dodging bastards

        • Mark Travers

          Don’t forget all the Eastern Europeans that can’t actually vote. I can’t believe it’s come to this. Honest, decent British people with common sense now seem to be a minority in London.

          • SuperPsychicSpyChick

            LOL! WHEN was “common sense” EVER common??

            Do you know who was quoted making a similar lament about the lack of commonality of sense?
            Voltaire. A 16th century French poet…if “common sense” was a unicorn back then, what makes you think it could be found NOW?

          • Mark Travers

            You got me there. Common sense has never been in strong supply. Lol. Just look at every government we’ve ever had. They’re all stark raving mad.

          • jim

            Many Britains and Europeans have been brainwashed by political correctness. They are frightened of being labeled racists and Islamaphobes!

          • Mark Travers

            The politically correct brigade will never shut me up or brainwash me into thinking this multi-cultural society works. Besides, having a phobia indicates a fear of something. I don’t fear islam and never will. They have picked a bad choice of word there.

    • Trevor Unwin

      Well said Jeff all the more reason why K’hant should be removed

    • disqus_79r3exFrhB

      The people of London elected him because the people of London are now mostly muslims.

  • Léo Chung

    This is the END for freedom of speech if we let it happen in the whole world!

  • gail young

    She’s shown us yet AGAIN. She’s condemned the Finsbury Park incident and named it: terrorism – the suspect was allegedly white according to MSM; revealed immediately.
    Nothing said hours later after a man attacked a police officer in Paddington and screamed Allahu Akbar. Police stated that this incident was not terrorism, straight away.
    We’ve had nearly seven years of this woman as HS and now PM, in which time the immigrants have just keep pouring in.
    She’s not our friend. It’s obvious! Unfortunately, Corbyn is even worse.
    Basically we have no one but ourselves.

    • Tina Ward

      she tried bringing in a law to stop the jihadis from coming back & having their passports revoked ,,, she was out voted top of the list was Corbyn ,Abbott & O’donell & not far behind would have been Khan ,,,,,,,,,unless they break the law here the government cant touch them ………..PC brigade has a lot to answer for

      • David Ireland

        PC had nothing to do with it, Corbyn and club voted against it because their was no oversight. In other words, you could go on holiday, the Gov’t could decide you were a terrorist, revoke your citizenship and refuse your re-entry to Britain. You would have been able to do nothing about it. Is that what you would have wanted?

    • WA1

      Gail, once they get a European right of abode, they can move anywhere in the Shengen zone, (or to the UK) probably because if English is not your first language, it certainly is your second, and where best to use your language skills? Britain of course.

      • gail young

        I know WA1. This was one of
        the main reasons I voted for BREXIT!! It’s crystal clear to me (and Angela Merkel). Germany will fast track the invaders EU citizenship and they’ll be over here in a flash. C, A and O, together with odious little Kahn are anticipating this with glee.
        The whole scenario is hideous to contemplate.

      • David Ireland

        Says the member from UKIP, who has lived in the Shengan zone and knows all about it,….NOT.

  • Dave G

    F*** off Khan.

  • nickgreen

    Khan is a Denizen. Under English Constitutional Law, a Denizen is not allowed to hold a position in Public Office.

    • David Ireland

      Guessing you just made that one he’s a citizen.

      • nickgreen

        Incorrect! Yes, despite being a Pakistani, he was “given” British Citizenship. However he remains a Denizen & The English Constitution forbids Denizens from holding a position in Public Office. Interestingly, that position holds true for Scots, Irish also who are still regarded as Denizens under Constitutional Law.

  • Gillian C

    One way to encourage ‘Snitching’. Isnt this something that was used before & during WWII? Dob on your neighbour & more so if you don’t like them.

    • Margaret Robinson

      Yep its ussr style. The end of free speech which is the bedrock of our democracy

      • David Ireland

        You are a liar and a fraud with an ultra right wing agenda. Since when is asking for respect the end of free speech. I know you UKreeps prefer brawls in pub car parks – but the rest of us prefer to treat others with the same respect we ourselves expect.

        • WA1

          Grow up David… Respect has to be EARNED… you don’t just get it for free…

          • David Ireland

            Very grown up thank you. And how old are you 12, 14? Only cowards hide behind made up user names, and there is nothing to respect in that.

  • Jackie Puppet

    Too bad Khan wasn’t run over at the Finsbury Park mosque.

  • momo

    The reason why khan is mayor is because muslims are so organised. Too many non-muslims are apathetic. Remember how long it took to reach the threshold on the ban Trump petition? We should have listened to Enoch Powell

  • The truth speaker

    Tommy Robinson and his family are threatened every day of their lives with death threats from Muslims and despite all the evidence they have, absolutely NOTHING is done about it by the police or the authorities. However, when a Muslim or other immigrant just gets called a name, the whole might and power of the government and police are mobilised into action against the perpertrator!
    Something is seriously sick with our successive governments. They have all been poisoned by the scourge of political correctness to the point they are now trying their damndess to silence both free speech and the genuine concerns of the indigenous people of this once great country. I’m sickened to the core with it all! And it is this kind of one sided anti British behaviour that is causing the British to rebel!

    • Margaret Robinson

      There is more to it than. Perhaps cash and trade with saudia arabia

    • Lee Baulch

      Fu%# this lier and the dirty moslem horse he rode in on.

    • jim

      All this is due to “political correctness” and the election of a Muslim mayor. Muslims always side their fellow Muslims! Just look at how the whole Muslim world reacts when Israel has any problems with her arab neighbors!

  • Bill Rogers

    Order of the Red Dragon:DRACULA:
    Vlad Tepes, meaning “Vlad the Impaler”, the Muslim Turks called him
    Kaziglu Bey, or “the Impaler Prince”, was the prince of Walachia, and
    was born in Transylvania, which at that time was ruled by Hungary.

    Mircea’s had a son named Vlad (II), born around 1390. He grew up in
    the court of King Sigismund of Hungary, who became the Holy Roman
    Emperor in 1410, and founded a secret fraternal
    order of knights called the Order of the Dragon to uphold Roman
    Catholicism and defend the Empire against the Islam Ottoman Turks.
    Its emblem was a dragon, wings extended, hanging on a cross.
    Vlad (III’s) father Vlad (II), was admitted to the Order around 1431
    because of his bravery in fighting the Islam Turks. From 1431 onward,
    Vlad (II) wore the emblem of the order and later, as ruler of Wallachia,
    his coinage bore the dragon symbol.The word for dragon in Romanian is
    “drac” and “ul” is the definitive article.
    Vlad (III’s) father thus came to be known as “Vlad Dracul,” or “Vlad the dragon.” In Romania the ending “ulea” means “the son of”. Under this interpretation, Vlad (III)
    thus became Vlad Dracula, or “the son of the dragon.”
    The sobriquet thus took on a double meaning for enemies of Vlad Tepes and his father.) . . .
    Order of the Red Dragon:

  • Stephen Barraclough


    • Peter Irvin Smith

      What do you mean “start killing”? They started 1300+ years ago and have never stopped.

      • WA1

        Peter, it was actually 1400 years ago (622 AD) but they did have a few years off, after Gemmel Attaturk – the father of modern day turkey, called for the de-politization of Islam, in 1924, which lasted until the 90s, He suggested it would lead to a better society – which it did – making Turkey almost a European style state, before it began its retrograde steps in the 1990s, when they elected a Muslim President, in Erdoghan, who has taken the nation back half a century, or more.

        • David Ireland

          So Turkey constitutes all of Islam? And you’re saying they’ve always been at war? Hasn’t Christianity always been at war, until at least the 20th c.

    • David Ireland

      Using your argument you could link Christianity with terrorism, especially Catholicism.

    • Jimmy DA’hippy


  • jim

    All the blasphemy and apostasy laws come directly from Prophet Muhammad. He never allowed any Muslim to leave Islam or to ask “difficult” questions! He couldn’t prove that he was a genuine prophet. So, he simply murdered anyone who intellectually challenged him!

    • David Ireland

      Many Christian prophets called for the segregation of women during their monthly cycle, enslaving people who were not of your own country, stoning of women who were not virgins when they married, stoning for sex outside of marriage for anyone. the Roman Inquisition practised Conversion or death, where conversion did not guaruntee life, but may have ended prolonged torture, with death.

  • winniec

    Muslims claim they have a unique right not to hear any criticism.

    • Peter Irvin Smith

      No this “right” is not unique to Muslims, it is also claimed by the LTGB brigade. The essential element of a fascist group is the use of violence or cultural condemnation to prevent any public criticism of the group or its doctrines. So we have in this country two deeply fascist groups with relatively small numbers who make a great deal of noise in trying, with considerable success, to impose their demands on the great majority.

      • David Ireland

        There is a difference between respectful criticism and hate. It’s a subtlelty usually lost on the hard Right, because courtesy and respect is just not in their field of reference.
        As regards Fascism, here is a definition:
        an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
        synonyms: authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy, absolute rule, Nazism, rightism, militarism; More
        (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practices.
        “this is yet another example of health fascism in action”.
        I don’t think the definition of Fascism fits either the LGBT community or the general Muslim population. Though it does fit with ISIS, the EDF, Britain First, UKIP, and some parts of the Conservative party.

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    He needs a MOAB shoved up is lying muslim ass!

  • UK the country has been given to the dogs,,

    • Jimmy DA’hippy

      And the dogs carry the koran. Barking mad is their ideology. Barking orders is their superior right to do so. Barking abuse at anyone different or critical. Without sounding offensive…I’M FUCKING SICK OF THE SIGHT N SOUND OF “THE RELIGION OF SPECIAL NEEDS” and MY ANGER IS BUBBLING GENTLY-AS IS MUCH OF THE COUNTRY. WARNING;- DO NOT RE-HEAT.

  • Angela Davys

    police short on funds /front line services cut/where is this money being taking from no money to investigate crime but got money for this.

  • David Ireland

    Oh Jesus…This is from Breitbart…and all you idiots believe it. Breitbart is about as accurate as a blind man palying pin the tail on the donkey, when the donkey is in another country. The owner of Breitbart has openly admitted he wants fan the flames of revolution and destroy gov’t…And you people are buying into it lock stock and barrel.
    Don’tyou people know when you are being used?

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