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NASCAR Targeted In $500 Million “Racism” Sting

Infidel Ali
NASCAR Targeted In $500 Million “Racism” Sting

The NFL wasn’t enough. Now the left is trying to take over NASCAR.

Excerpted from Drive: NASCAR is being sued for $500 million on the claims that the racing league has discriminated against teams and drivers on racial grounds, according to the plaintiffs in the suit.

On September 16th, Terrance Cox and his company Diversity Motorsports Racing filed a suit against NASCAR, its parent company International Speedway Corporation, and all 18 NASCAR teams. The lawsuit claims NASCAR refused to let Diversity Motor Sports bring a team into the series or join the “Drive for Diversity” program, which is designed to encourage women and minority involvement.

Adding fuel to the fire, the suit also points out that only one of the 18 teams includes black people amongst their owners, while none of the drivers in the top-tier Sprint Cup series and only one in the Xfinity Series are African-American.

“Motorsports remain the most racially segregated sport in the United States,” the suit states, according to Reuters. “NASCAR and ISC have been complicit in, and supportive of, the racially discriminatory environment that virtually excludes African-Americans from meaningful participation.”

The plaintiffs are seeking $75 million in compensatory damages, and $425 million in punitive damages. A lawyer for the plaintiffs said the money would go to organizations seeking to increase minority involvement in motorsports, Reuters reports. Keep reading

  • RSnyder

    Oh boy. I don’t watch basketball anymore. Too many tatted thugs who can barely play the game. Football . . . same thing and most if not all of the traditional rivalries exist in name only anymore. If PC infects NASCAR, I’m done with sports. Well maybe I’ll watch a little tennis and golf. But overpaid blacks playing sports AND whining about oppression, nope. Not tuning in for that.

  • amabokcuf

    Maybe “white” people should sue the NBA and NFL for having too many blacks. TOO racially diverse????

  • LockandLoad_v2

    NASCAR is not even on the radar of most blacks – they are much more interested in basketball and football – is that the fault of NASCAR? NASCAR has been running a diversity program for years, offering internships and opportunities to minorities – where are they? why have they not transferred over into racing? This whole thing sounds like a leftwing setup – “Diversity Motorsports Racing” – really? Why not put a sign out that says “we want to stir up shit in NASCAR” while you’re at it? No wonder NASCAR didn’t want to deal with them – just sounds like trouble waiting to happen – and now it has.

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