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Paul Manafort: Paul Nehlen “Is Not Going To Win” Against Paul Ryan

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GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Reince Priebus the chair of the RNC has been a strong ally of Donald Trump. He is livid about his refusal to endorse Paul Ryan. Are we going to see an endorsement? Has he spoken with Mr. Priebus?

PAUL MANAFORT: Look, Reince Priebus is a strong supporter of Donald Trump. And a good friend and supporter of Paul Ryan. He’s been a bridge between the party and the campaign since Mr. Trump became the presumptive nominee in April. They’ve spoken several times in the past two days. They are very good friends. We are doing a lot of great things together.

There’s a conflict within the Trump campaign. We’ve sort of had a rule of not getting involved in primaries because it’s usually not a good situation for the presidential candidate. Of course he’s going to work with Paul Ryan. Of course he’s tried to bridge the party together with Paul Ryan. But Ryan is also running against someone who is not going to win but nonetheless is a strong supporter of Mr. Trump’s. And so it’s not just in Paul Ryan’s district, that gets all the notoriety because he’s the Speaker.

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