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Poll: 21 Out Of 21 White NFL Players Voting For Trump

Infidel Ali
Poll: 21 Out Of 21 White NFL Players Voting For Trump

Since the war on whites has been going on for decades, and Hillary’s campaign is about little more than continuing it, this is the only sane decision for them to make.

Excerpted From The Washington Examiner:
A poll of who NFL players support for president found that the league is split politically along racial lines.

According to a Bleacher Report straw poll of 43 NFL players released Wednesday, 21 of 21 white players surveyed plan to vote for Donald Trump, while only two out of the 22 African-American players asked plan to back the Republican nominee on Nov. 8.

The other 20 black players said they would vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Bleacher Report interviewed NFL insiders about how politics can affect locker rooms and found that, just like in the rest of the U.S., arguments can escalate and friendships can end over political discussions.

The article detailed an example about two teammates whose friendship ended when one revealed he was a Trump supporter. “I can’t be friends with anyone who would vote for Donald Trump. I’m sorry,” the non-Trump supporter said when his teammate confronted him about their differences.

Most white players talked to Bleacher Report anonymously, except for Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Richie Incognito, who has been a vocal Trump supporter.

“I think that he can help this nation get back to a world superpower,” Incognito said. “Where I think he could help is putting us first again and having that — it’s my mentality, too — having that tough attitude where you put America first and everyone’s thinking we’re the greatest nation in the world. Don’t mess with America. That toughness is where I identify with him.” Read the whole thing