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Protesters Harass Chicago’s Trump Tower For Second Week

Darby Crash
Protesters Harass Chicago’s Trump Tower For Second Week

Excerpted From Breitbart: For a second week, liberal protesters have gathered in front of Chicago’s Trump Tower to protest President-elect Donald Trump and the American tradition of the peaceful transfer of power.

On Saturday, November 19, at least 200 more protesters gathered on Chicago’s Federal Plaza to begin a march down the city’s famed Magnificent Mile shopping district, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Most of the protesters focused their wrath on President-elect Trump, but some also aimed at Democrats whom they say have ignored them.

“The Black Lives Matter protests rose up largely against Democratic mayors, and then you have an open racist running on the other side against a woman who played a key role in the mass incarceration boom — what sort of choice is that,” activist Andy Thayer said during an address to the small crowd.

“My point is we don’t just have to take this crap,” Thayer warned as he urged people to continue protests and activism.

Protests outside Chicago’s Trump Tower began immediately upon the conclusion of the 2016 election and have continued with protesters blocking traffic, harassing bystanders, and engaging in property destruction. Keep reading

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