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Report: Obama Assassinated Putin’s Chauffer To Send Russian Leader A Message

Infidel Ali
Report: Obama Assassinated Putin’s Chauffer To Send Russian Leader A Message



“Western Spies”? If so, that means Obama okayed at least the final order, because neither the CIA or any other Western agency is going to assassinate Putin’s driver without his approval.

Excerpted from The Sun:
VLADIMIR Putin’s personal driver was assassinated by “foreign secret service agents”, it has been sensationally claimed.

The unidentified man died when his BMW was smashed into by a Mercedes on a busy motorway in Moscow.

Now unsubstantiated claims posted on a pro-Putin website claim it was carried out by Western spies.

The presidential BMW was travelling on Kutuzovsky Avenue in the Russian capital when a Mercedes veered from the other side of the road, smashing into it head-on.

Putin was not in the car at the time, though Russian media report that the president’s official driver was killed in the crash.

Under the title “Did the neocon criminal cabal just send a message to President Vladimir Putin?”, The Millennium Report claimed it was an “audacious threat” to Putin.

It went on to claim it was the work of a group of foreign secret service agents who had “proxies” operating inside Moscow.

The online blog claimed the mysterious group pulling the strings would stop at nothing to bring down Putin and his leadership of Russia. Read the whole thing

  • blackyb

    I think Obama just wants out. It would be someone like Soros and Obama.

    • RubyTwoThree

      He wants out, but he will never go away.