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Roger Stone Warns Of “Rebellion” If Reince Priebus Hired As Chief Of Staff

Infidel Ali

Donald Trump ally Roger Stone said Saturday that choosing Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to be the president-elect’s chief of staff would “cause a rebellion in Trump’s base.”

Stone offered the comment on Twitter, including a hashtag apparently referencing Speaker Paul Ryan, who is close to Priebus, a fellow Wisconsin Republican.

Excerpted From The Hill: Priebus has been floated as a potential chief of staff for Trump, in addition to his campaign’s chief executive officer, Steve Bannon, the former chairman of the pro-Trump website Breitbart.

Bannon has expressed his dissatisfaction with Ryan in the past and under his watch Breitbart published several articles critical of the Speaker.

The day after Trump’s victory, a source told the Hill that Ryan would not receive “amnesty” for his actions throughout the months of the campaign.

Others have rejected the idea of Priebus becoming chief of staff after Trump’s win, which many supporters viewed as part of an anti-establishment wave.

Jenny Beth Martin, a co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund, blasted the idea that any insider should work become Trump’s chief of staff.

“No Washington insider, regardless of who it is, should serve as President Trump’s chief of staff,” she said Friday.

“Appointing Reince Priebus (or any other D.C. establishment insider) would make it more difficult, not less, for President Trump to achieve the change the people voted for.” Read the whole thing

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    Who in their right mind would believe that Priebus would even be considered?

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