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Rosie O’Donnell: “I’d Like To Take My Period Blood And Smear It All Over Christians’ Faces”

Jack Flash
Rosie O’Donnell: “I’d Like To Take My Period Blood And Smear It All Over Christians’ Faces”

Trump was being specific, not misogynist. She’s a pig.

Excerpted from Life News: Today, comedian Rosie O’Donnell said “women’s rights“ are under attack in America and that politicians are undoing all the advances abortion activists have made. The Hill reports that O’Donnell told Jenny Hutt on SiriusXM’s radio program that she believes there is a war on women. She said, “Bigger than any specific people, there is a war on women that is happening in this country. Women fought for equality in this country, and right now, politically, it’s being taken away from us.”

Then, unbelievably, O’Donnell said she would like to do this to pro-lifers: “I’d like to take my period blood I no longer have and write, ‘you’re all assh—s.’ I’d like to smear it all over some people’s faces.”

Additionally, during the interview with Hutt, she said that London Marathoner Kiran Ganhi’s decision to run without a tampon while menstruating is a critical demonstration for women’s rights.

Although O’Donnell didn’t mention the Planned Parenthood scandal specifically, it is likely she is referring to pro-life Senate Republicans who tried to defund the abortion company in light of videos showing their top executives haggling over the price of aborted babies’ body parts. Unfortunately, Senate Democrats defeated the legislation even though the videos expose Planned Parenthood’s complete disregard for human life and countless potential violations of federal law. Keep reading

  • RubyTwoThree

    She can foad.

  • Feet2Fire

    What a FOUL CREATURE. Pity the innocent kids who were forced by a “politically correct,” insane culture to grow up under her!

    • Rick Fenner

      “forced?” Really?

      • Feet2Fire

        Yes. FORCED. Infants and children have no say about who ends up ‘owning’ them. O’Donnell is SICK and the kids given over to her did NOT have a “ROSY” life, judging from stories in the news about them.

        • Rick Fenner

          Infants and children have no say about who gives birth to them, either. Did you have a point?

          And just where did you go to medical school, Bigfoot2fire?

          • Feet2Fire

            What a waste.

            — KILLFILED!

          • Rick Fenner

            No point, eh?

          • EmailUser123

            You’re not too bright, are you.

          • Saint Eva

            I wish someone would have aborted you rick

          • EmailUser123

            Why do you ask “What’s the point?”, when YOU were the one who brought up the question of “forced?” in the first place. The point is that, yes, all kids are “forced” to live with their guardian(s) or custodial parent(s), so…..what’s YOUR point of asking “Did you have a point?”?????? Feet2Fire answered your question Rick.

          • Rick Fenner

            That made no sense.

      • Saint Eva

        Her child ran away and told everyone what that fucking claim clacking bitch was like. No woman will stay with her because she is a nut.

        • Rick Fenner

          Aw….. did Rosie turn you down? Maybe she doesn’t like rednecks that can’t spell clam.

    • Kim Smith



    I always knew it was a Disgusting Pig!
    No offence to Pigs!

    • Rick Fenner

      …said the racist hog.

      • Saint Eva

        Hey liberal go swim with the sharks

        • Rick Fenner



        I am Racist because I find it incredible that this Subhuman Crap says these disgusting things?
        Apparently you have a Very low IQ and are easily manipulated by the media (Propaganda). I know its a Big word,but if you look it up you will understand the meaning!
        Morality does not mean anything anymore, And you just Proved it!

        • Rick Fenner

          Jesus tap-dancing Christ, you moron. I called you a racist because of your profile picture and name. Damn. You are hardly in a position to claim the moral high ground, bigot.
          FYI….. propaganda does NOT mean “easily manipulated by the media.”


            I see, so a caricature of Obama as Alfred E. Neuman is Racist?
            My icon is to represent what a Clown this so called President is!
            “Propaganda” Definition is::
            Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.
            And You are the Moron because you are so easily Manipulated.
            Funny how Libtards always refer to their opponents as Racist.
            Let me guess?
            You are a Dope smoking, Unemployed Welfare addict! Right?
            Thats what I thought! By the way, Will you be one of the Idiots
            Leaving after Trump wins?
            TRUMP 2016

          • Rick Fenner

            Yeah, right, Jomamahussein….. you aren’t a racist… hahahahaha Tell us another one.

            I’m well aware of what propaganda means. Republicans are masters of spin and bullshit. The perfect example is your post…. assuming that because I’m a liberal, I’m a doper, unemployed and on welfare. You can’t support that with any data. It’s just your lame attempt at a smear.

            You need a new crystal ball. Trump isn’t going to win. It’s numerically impossible for him to win the electoral college. Hillary is ahead by double digit in the polls, and it looks to be a landslide. Of course, someone like you wouldn’t be interested in the facts. It’s easier to cry “voter fraud” when you lose than to admit you were wrong. So, if I were you, I’d be preparing for re-education camp. I imagine in your case, it will be a life sentence. Ignorance can be cured with information. Stupid lasts a lifetime.


            Struck a Nerve see! Heh Heh!
            Re-education camp? Wow, You support that?
            You Communists are in for a Big surprise Nov.8
            Have a normal Gay Day!

          • Rick Fenner

            Rascist, ignorant AND homophobic. The Republican trifecta. How exciting.


            OK, Lets look at these one at a time.
            Killery’s Mentor Robert Byrd was a High ranking member of the KKK-FACT!
            She Admires Margaret Sanger. A Eugenist who was part of the KKK and started Planned Parenthood. to Abort the Lives of Blacks in the US. FACT.
            Killery has accepted Multiple Millions from Sharia compliant Countries. Sharia law calls for Gays to be KILLED. FACT!
            Well my friend, I believe that one falls on You!
            If You believe that Killery Clintstone is the best choice for this Country. I think that like so many of your peers, You have NO Idea
            of what is Really going on, and like a perfect little Brainwashed
            Drone, you are buying it! Good luck in Canada or wherever it is
            you LibTards go when Killery Loses!.

          • Rick Fenner

            Hillary’s not going to lose, or don’t you pay attention to the polls? Hillary is ahead by double digits.
            Haven’t you read the pundits who question whether Trump is purposefully trying to throw the election, because Trump is fucking it up so badly?


            The Polls? The polling of 1,000 people for a population of a Country of 320 Million People, with the Corrupt Government
            that We have? Please tell me you are not that Naive!
            Like I stated earlier, You are a Tool of the Government!
            A Traitor and an Idiot!

          • Rick Fenner

            Don’t you know anything about statistics and research methods?

            The government isn’t taking the polls, you idiot.


            Wrong! The Corrupt Government owns the Media,You would have to be really Naive to think they Dont control Polling data!

          • cattin2

            The Polls do not reflect the people. Besides set up to show Hillary in the lead. They are rigged to show what the left wants.


            OK. lets look at these accusations one at a time.
            Killery Clintstone says Her Mentor is Robert Byrne!
            A High ranking member of the KKK.FACT!
            Killery said that she really Admires Margaret Sanger, A Eugenist
            that started Planned Parenthood to Eliminate thousands of Black Babies! FACT!
            Killery has accepted Multiple Millions of dollars from Sharia compliant Countries! They KILL Gays! They opress Women! FACT!
            Well, my friend! I believe that one falls on You!
            You made it Clear that you would Vote for Killery, That makes you
            the Brainwashed Product of Decades of “Propaganda” by the
            Communist Left!. I know, That Big word again!
            If you look up these Facts, and can vote for her and still look at yourself in the Mirror, Well, No Hope for You!

          • Melvin Gillham

            Victim of democratic indoctrination are you? I got news those polls were altered and unfactual.

  • oockla

    She can smear her blood, after I pull the shotgun out of her bleeding area!

  • Eugenio Gonzalez

    what a ding dong world

  • James Dixon

    She is one disgusting piece of cow plop!

  • This nation warped the definition of marriage and allowed homosexual adoption so sexual deviants like this pig can pretend to be normal. This country is sick, sick, sick.

    • Rick Fenner

      We know you are. It’s not exactly a secret.

      • it’sme

        Rick shut up are you a woman? If not then just shut the hell up it’s none of your business about woman’s rights. You know had the woman that had her kids had abortions then she wouldn’t be a mom so why is it ok that her kids lived but millions of others have been murdered?

        • Rick Fenner

          What the hell are you going on about? Goddamn!

          • Beth

            Don’t even listen to them, they are obviously mentally unstable. The first one is an ignorant homophobic bitch and the other is a man hating feminist who probably hasn’t shaved her pits since Bush sr was in office

          • Saint Eva

            I am neither. But you are a stupid baby murdering twat.

          • Susan Thompson

            Please do not feed the trolls.

          • What? You’re not hungry?

        • Bryan Seyer

          You think just because Rick doesn’t have a vagina he’s not allowed to stand up for what he believes in, you Sexist, feminist, pig bitch?

          • Lady

            If he doesn’t have a vagina he has no say in women’s rights.

          • Rick Fenner

            Wanna bet?

          • Melvin Gillham

            I know one that does, and we’ll all be judged by Him. So don’t get too cocky, I stand up for what I believe whether you agree or not. And you have no right to deny anyone their 1A rights just because you have a vagina.

          • Lady


          • Lady

            You talking about Bruce Jenner?

          • Melvin Gillham

            Lmbo! No I mean Christ, and The word of God, lol that was funny!

          • Lady

            You Christ as in God..might be female? I have alway seen God as energy not female or male.

          • Melvin Gillham

            Actually, God Himself refers to His own gender by His statement in Genesis when Creating Adam, ” Let “us” make ” man” in “our own image” Christ has always been refered to in the male vernacular, as well as Angels. Please don’t take this as a chauvinistic or sexist remark because it’s not meant that way. But either way He will be our Judge and His gender is not in question truly.

          • Lady

            By the way you were talking, about the female body parts I thought you were saying he was a she. No problem here.

        • Scott Murphy

          I am guessing neither are you. You may be a “female” but you are no “woman”. Go get some therapy for your lack of anger management.

      • Saint Eva

        Awww rick are you on your period stupid homo

        • Rick Fenner

          A redneck homophobe….. now there’s a surprise.

          • There’s nothing quite as vulgar nor vile than “liberal tolerance.”

            Not sure if they still even teach “open mind” in Liberal Arts these days, but if you’re not completely committed to not learning anything, here’s a quick presentation in just over 7 minutes to help you introspect.


          • Rick Fenner

            Maybe you could benefit from a look at a dictionary.

          • John Lydon

            How about, “Simple”?

          • Put it together with “minded” and you describe all the “useful idiot” Democrat doctrinaires and SJW types…

          • John Lydon


          • Rick Fenner

            That would make a good start.
            But how will you reconcile the difference in the dictionary definition and your definition?
            FYI….. tolerance does not mean I have to accept lies, willfull ignorance and outright calumny.

      • Oh Fenner… aren’t you “clever”

        • Rick Fenner

          Get your info from graphic novels, do ya?

          • I draw from a broad range of sources… Not sure if they still teach “open mind” in Liberal Arts anymore, but if you’re not completely committed to NOT learning, I’ll be pleased to answer any questions.

            Nothing wrong whatsoever with some fun filled time at the bottom of triangle, but periodic visits above the CONTRADICTION line will be nice if you’d care to be taken seriously.

          • Rick Fenner

            Pfffttt…. not my problem if you don’t take me seriously.

          • Plenty of folks get along just fine without ever being taken seriously… You’ll be OK.

          • Rick Fenner

            Off topic

          • Perhaps, well unless the topic is liberal hypocrisy and vulgarity. No reason not to have some fun anyway. Perhaps you can save it for another day then?

          • Lady

            Still responding so I guess it is getting to you still.

          • DIANNA

            Not off topic.. at all.

          • Well Done

            LOL you are just too fun

          • Lady

            Wow! Paid for and approved by the Clinton Foundation.

          • Rick Fenner

            You are one twisted rube.

          • DIANNA

            Gaijinman IS CORRECT.. Liberals are wacked.. some have identity problems.. but the liberals say it’s great..

          • Melvin Gillham

            Now that was funny! I needed that thx.

          • Well Done

            LOL you’re being paid to post this warped BS.
            Why else would you want to look a joke?

      • Lady

        If you were so sure the commenter was wrong why the insult? Insults make you look weak.

        • She’d have a long way to go to achiever your level of “look weak.”

    • TodaysTomSawyer

      Yes, sure did.

    • Shekinaholivia GraceamsEl Hopk

      That’s exactly what they did to me as a baby and now I grown and have found out and am fighting against it, man the problems, BUT GOD IS DELIVERING MY FAMILY AND I. THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH. THEY CALLED ME CRAZY AND A LIAR. I don’t believe in abortions, or IN giving my children away

  • Rick Fenner

    Lies, lies, and more lies. Republicans have no shame and no problem with lying through their teeth and then hiding behind Jesus.

    • it’sme

      Why do you say it is lies are you saying she above saying something like this? if you are you have never heard the pig speak then!!

      • ChiTownGal

        TROLL ALERT!!! ricky is sitting in mommie’s basement trying to entertain himself….hope he doesn’t end up with carpal tunnel syndrome.

        • Rick Fenner

          Miss Cleo? We thought you were dead….. better apply fresh tin-foil, because your “visions” are fucked.

          • Saint Eva

            Awwwww rick the child molester

      • Rick Fenner

        Aw……. envy makes you look peaked.

    • Saint Eva

      Sorry rick that is the liberals. You are a baby murderer and child molester

      • Rick Fenner

        Pretending to be MIss Cleo again? FAIL

  • joni howard

    Lost her mind-needs to be with Hillary-on the campaign trail. She is a disgusting human.

  • Tess

    She always has been and will be an obnoxious and vile person.

    • Rick Fenner

      I thought I smelled envy….

      • Feet2Fire

        Your defense of that sicko woman is pretty smelly itself.

        • Rick Fenner

          ….and a little whiff of medical imposter, too. How exciting.

          • Feet2Fire

            You should quit while you’re behind. You’ve clogged up this thread sufficiently; time to mosey on to some other site and hassle people there.

          • Rick Fenner

            pffffftt……. can’t take the heat, eh? rotfl

          • Saint Eva

            Can you take the heat? Twat boy?

      • Saint Eva

        I bet you are rosie pretending to be a man. Claim clacking skank

        • Rick Fenner

          Claim? Is that redneck for clam?

  • msjoeshmoe

    That hag is too phucing old to have a period!

    • Feet2Fire


  • Andy Kessel

    It has a vagina?

  • johngs54

    Liberal ideology is warped. It’s being injected into the education system, Media of all types. In 20 years today’s kids will be voting Socialist. It’s the plan. It’s the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. It’s working.

    • Rick Fenner

      The dumbing down of America is taking place in RED states. Revisionist history and attempts to infuse “creationism” into the curriculum are rampant throughout the South. I’m sorry if facts tend to have a liberal bias. Isn’t that why Republicans never check the facts?

      • Saint Eva

        We do check the facts baby murderer.. I bet you rape little kids too rick

        • Rick Fenner

          Projecting again, you little secret perv?

  • Pamela Mayer

    Women’s rights are under attack in this country! But so is Christianity. I am not sure where she puts the two apart or together….but I am a Christian and a feminist and you can be both with common sense. I don’t understand why she said that.

    • Rick Fenner

      Christianity is NOT under attack. Why do evangelical christians have this sick need to embrace a persecution complex? If any religion is under attack it is Islam, as evidenced by Trump’s proposed ban. Is anyone trying to ban christianity? No.

      • Saint Eva

        Rick is a child molester

        • Rick Fenner

          non sequitur? non funny.

      • Raymond Brown

        Hmmm let me see here………..our President stating how we are stubbornly holding on to our Bibles and our guns……………..Christians being forced at the penalty of economic ruin to abandon their beliefs. The Gay community rewriting the Bible to suit their needs. Obummer planning to abolish tax exemption for the Church if does not get on-board with the Gay agenda. People like your-self aggressively ridicule Christian beliefs and those who practice them (try that with a Muslim). Trump did not say a permanent ban on Muslims entering the country but a moratorium until a secure border is achieved and a proper vetting system is in place that will reduce the risk of possible terrorist actions. And………………the liberal/left would definitely ban Christianity if they thought they could get away with it…………………………just wait a few more years and I am sure this will be on the political table as well.

        • Rick Fenner

          Do you remember “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor?”

          Apply it.

          1. ” Christians being forced at the penalty of economic ruin to abandon their beliefs.” LIE

          2. ” The Gay community rewriting the Bible to suit their needs.” LIE

          3. “Obama planning to abolish tax exemption for the Church if does not get on-board with the Gay agenda.” LIE

          4. ” the liberal/left would definitely ban Christianity if they thought they could get away with it.” LIE

          You have no business calling your self a christian. There is nothing Christ-like about you.

      • Melvin Gillham

        Typical ideology of a liberal, but then the Word says that man( unbelievers) have no clue as to what is happening, nor will they Romans chptr 1states that ” professing themselves to be wise they became fools.”

  • dan52d

    What a sad little thing

  • Tess

    You are not a woman so you should stay out of the conversation.

    • Only women are supposed to gab? How “sexist!”

  • Cecile Charles

    What a hag.

  • Saint Eva

    May rosie have all the plagues of the earth on her.

  • Kim Smith



    • Rick Fenner

      You have had too much Kool-Aid. Put down the pitcher and step away from the refrigerator.

  • psychewhisperer

    Why does anyone give a fuck what puss-blood O’Donnell says anyway? I blame the Sea Shepherd for making it illegal too kill her stupid ass. Why is she relevant? Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?

  • Ted Calentine

    Typical liberal

  • Adam Butt

    Christians? What about the muslims?

  • Medusa 2015

    She is a dirty filthy disgusting whore.. I won’t be watching anything else from that fat cunt

  • rymlianin

    Poster child for Abortion Rights.

  • Ibulena

    A vile animal!

  • bowie1

    I wouldn’t recommend she would do what she wants to do – it could get her in trouble with the law!

  • How generous… Nothing quite as vile nor vulgar as liberal “tolerance…”

    • Rick Fenner

      Nothing quite as humorous as conservatives and their fake outrage.

      • Be well assured my outrage of liberal hypocrisy, vulgarity, and bullying is genuine.

        • Rick Fenner

          That’s really stupid because fascism is conservative ideology.

          • Utter nonsense. That may be the sort of crap they teach in school… “so far to the left it’s come around to the right” and all that drivel… But in reality there’s only ONE meaningful scale. Maximum Freedom, Minimum Government is on the RIGHT… Maximum Government, Minimum Freedom is on the LEFT.

            There may be a new 2.0 version of Marxism (Critical Theory… or “Cultural Marxism” as it’s sometimes known) but in all cases, the Central Planning to “save us” from ourselves is an expression of power in the hands of few.

            For a superior understanding on individual sovereignty vs. Marxist collectivism, and assuming you like to read. Down with Power by Neil Smith lays it out in plain terms.

            Or there’s a very quick video presentation to give you a general idea…


          • Rick Fenner

            Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe, influenced by national syndicalism. Fascism originated in Italy during World War I and spread to other European countries. Fascism opposes liberalism, Marxism and anarchism and is usually placed on the far-right within the traditional left–right spectrum.

            Most middle school children are well aware of this fact.

          • All the Statists are such connoisseurs of all the various flavors and fragrances of the baby vomit of Statism and Socialism. Even when SOCIALISM is worked right into the name brand of a Statist Liberal Hellhole, they push their usual lies to transfer ownership to “conservatism.”

            Perhaps you should watch the quick and clear presentation I most recently submitted.


          • Raymond Brown

            Nah, he won’t do that. He is too engrossed with trying to prove his superiority over others opinions. Typical of the left who feel only their opinions matter, yours is invalid and they know what is best for all of us.

          • Guess they don’t teach “open mind” in Liberal Arts anymore…

          • Rick Fenner

            …as if you know anything about having an open mind.
            You can’t even back up your positions with facts. All you have are unsupportable opinions. Do you even understand the difference between fact and opinion?

          • Oh? is the ckear presentation of facts from a third party “my opinion?” Perhaps you might watch it and THEN attempt argument if you disagree with the content.

            Or if you are unwilling to drop the bad habit of confusing conservatism with big State… we can swap out some words.

            If the concept of “Fascism” is too confusing due to your muddled perspective, we can substitute “tyranny.”

            Are you more comfortable being described as a liberal tyrant? Or is liberal bully or thug more to your liking?

          • Rick Fenner

            MY muddled perspective? That’s hilarious.
            Fascism is right wing. You can try to ignore that fact, but it only makes you appear gullible and easily distracted by shiny objects.

            You can label me Liberal. No modifiers necessary. I wear that badge with pride.

          • Great news…

            Liberal Pride… Guess that must be sort of like “Gay Pride.”

            Here’s a “shiny object” for you in the form of a dictionary definition of “Fascism” so you can be a touch less moronic on your next deployment of the liberal drivel.

          • Rick Fenner

            Black people can be prejudiced, but in this country, they do not fit the definition of racism. Racism is about power and control.

            No wonder you’re a Republican.

          • Boy you’re a true imbecile with newspeak “definitions” for everything.

          • Rick Fenner

            Take a class at your local community college.

          • Obviously that hasen’t helped you… nor any of the victims that suffer your liberal influence.

          • Keep those jokes coming Rick… You’re a TRUE Democrat doctrinaire down to every last liberal joke.


          • Rick Fenner

            You just love that Tea Party horseshit, don’t you….sucking up that white supremacist propaganda.

          • “White Supremacy” or “Black Supremacy” are both more intelligent than the drivel you pass off as what you apparently count as “facts and logic.”

          • …Tea Party and “White Supremacist” are two separate movements however. Discernment is obviously not your strong point. Or perhaps you’re just a lying liberal and in which case, “Bearing False Witness” is in the Top 10 of Despicable whether measured in Biblical or Secular terms.

          • Your liberal condescension towards “blacks” helps nobody.

          • Rick Fenner

            Yeah….. I guess that’s why blacks are overwhelmingly democrats.


            Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” and his plot to “have those n@#$rs voting Democrat for the next 200 years” might have had a little something to do with it.

            Also, FYI, those crack babies of the 80’s and 90’s are all grown up now… they didn’t just vaporize into the air or anything like that.

            What’s more, broken homes (also owed to “Great Society”) has consequences.

            Still you should abstain from your condescension… not ALL “blacks” are any particular way or another. Some actually think for themselves.

            Much like this recovered former Marxist that has become well known as an economist and voice of reason.

          • You aren’t helping anyone.

          • Rick Fenner

            Riiiiiiiight……. That must be why most blacks are Democrats.

          • Before Lyndon Johnson most weren’t. And they were a whole lot better off before so many were enrolled in the Democrat Plantation.

            If your’e not completely committed to not learning, perhaps you might want to read a book… or there’s even a good documentary on the subject…


          • Rick Fenner

            OH MY FUCKING GOD!

            Are you seriously trying to say that blacks were better off under Jim Crow?

            Shit, I thought you were just uneducated. Now I see that you are bat-shit crazy.

          • What an outburst. I’m not Thomas Sowell. But if you think he’s “uneducated and bat shit crazy” maybe you’re even more condescending towards “blacks” than I had imagined.

          • Rick Fenner

            Thomas Sowell?

            When did I say anything about him?

            I clearly said YOU are bat shit crazy?

          • Oh… well then I’m glad that you still hold Thomas Sowell in high regard. Baby Steps. I suppose it sounds better when he says it:


          • Not all “blacks” are of equal intelligence. And certainly the fatherless hoards of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” aren’t, as a group, performing that well… nor are the crack-whore babies that have since grown to become crack-adults.


            The “majority” of “blacks” must always be “right” in the mysterious workings of the liberal “mind.”

            Oh… and of course the majority of “whites” is always “wrong” by the same quality of “logic.”

          • Rick Fenner

            Dear God. Did I say they were right? NO. I said the majority are democrats. That is a fact. Save your editorial spin for someone that doesn’t see exactly what you’re up to.

          • Sorry for the confusion on my part… and I suppose a small celebration is in order if you hadn’t meant to convey that “blacks” were “right” for their participation in the Democrat plantation.

          • Here’s a song I co-wrote and produced just for you as a parting gift.


          • Rick Fenner

            A clear presentation of facts?

            You really are quite gullible.

          • Is that your snarky way of indicating that you disagree with the Political Systems 101? Well perhaps you know something learned men don’t… Not sure if anyone is preventing you from informing us of the “errors” here… well if you can manage.

            I’ll leave a box open right below for your convenience if you’d like to “educate” and “enlighten” me and the rest of the audience here.

            Certainly you should not feel pressured to abstain from Ad Hominem, but if you’d like to be taken seriously, periodic visits above the CONTRADICTION line of the magic triangle might be nice.


          • Rick Fenner

            Learned men? Who are they and what are their credentials?

            “…excerpted from the John BIrch Society…”

            SERIOUSLY????? THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY?? They are so out-there-nuts, the conservatives kicked them to the curb decades ago. Now they are making a comeback because they know there are scared, uneducated white people in this country that will lap up their racism and anti-semitism like hogs at a trough. All because it’s easier to blame a scapegoat than to accept responsibility.

          • Boy… that was quite the heaping serving of ad hominem. In the real world, facts stand or fall on merit. Obviously there’s no surprise that you’d have a bunch of general insults enhanced with the usual disingenuous liberal smear about “racism” and “anti-semitism.”

            You’re really not adding all that much value to the discussion, and so far, it seems you could be replaced with a few lines of code. Here’s the flow chart:


          • Rick Fenner

            Disingenuous liberal smear? Just what do you think the John Birch Society is all about? Racism and anti-semitism! That’s their thing…. all nicely wrapped and marketed to uneducated, angry white people.

            I’m done.

          • It almost seems you honestly believe that. You were “done” before you started.

          • Liberal Insult Generator… if you get bored while arguing with a liberal that’s even MORE predictable and less brilliant than this GIF… here’s your alternative!


          • Who’d believe it…

          • Rick Fenner

            Invalid? Well, yes, if you can’t back it up with facts. Not rumor. Not innuendo. Not speculation. Not opinion. FACTS. Verifiable evidence.

            Republicans never bother to fact check. They think whatever comes out of their mouth is true and it’s up to others to prove them wrong. It doesn’t work that way in the real world. You make a claim, you provide proof.

          • Rick Fenner

            Using a YouTube video for evidence of your claim is intellectually bankrupt. You have a right to your opinion, but NOT to your own facts.


            Collins English Dictionary
            noun (sometimes capital)
            1. any ideology or movement inspired by Italian Fascism, such as German National Socialism; any right-wing nationalist ideology or movement with an authoritarian and hierarchical structure that is fundamentally opposed to democracy and liberalism
            2. any ideology, movement, program, tendency, etc, that may be characterized as right-wing, chauvinist, authoritarian, etc

            Webster’s Dictionary
            n. 1. a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government; – opposed to democracy and liberalism.

            New World Encyclopedia
            Fascism is a term used to describe authoritarian nationalist political ideologies or mass movements that are concerned with notions of cultural decline or decadence and seek to achieve a millenarian national rebirth by exalting the nation or race, and promoting cults of unity, strength and purity

  • LaDonna Michael

    Islam is not under attack. RADICAL Islamic terrorists kill other Muslims. They behead Christians. They stone women, rape, beat and kill them. They believe Sharia Law takes precedence over any other country’s laws. They kill homosexuals. They train children to kill. They have said they will come into countries as refugees to kill the infidels. Obama turned down Chriistian refugees, but let’s thousands of Muslim refugees come, when his own people have said they can’t be vetted.

    MOST Christians happen to believe that unborn babies are human beings with the right to live. SOME liberals believe that a baby has no rights until it is born…..some believe it has no rights until it leaves the hospital. SOME believe it’s okay to abort up to just before birth.

    SOME people believe in no God. More believe in some superior being and have as long as there has been human beings. People believe different things. Who are you to say who is right and who is wrong. I prefer to believe in God and life after death. I haven’t lost anything by believing. I am free to believe what I want to without being harassed. Others are free to believe what they want without being harassed. That, and the ability to pursue a dream is what has brought so many immigrants to this country. NOT the chance to be taken care of by the government from cradle to grave.

    I am a far from rich, retired, middle class Independent who has seen my insurance skyrocket because I don’t qualify for a subsidy (not old enough for Medicare). I haven’t had a raise, yet I’m paying more for products.

    The big cities that have been under Democrat policies for many years have, by their own people’s complaints, bad schools, low employment, high crime, and more racism.

    Liberals like Rosie are so filled with hate and rage and are so INTOLERANT of anyone who has a different opinion….it literally takes the breath away. Many call conservatives intolerant, bigots, racists, haters….and the descriptions just keep growing. Yeah, there’s bad people who are conservatives, just like there’s bad people who are liberals. NEITHER party is the same as it used to be. Democrats have moved closer to socialism, and just to be completely honest, Republicans are not as conservative as they used to be…….mostly in the interest of tolerance. The MAJORITY of the common people in both parties can get along and are all good people. The trouble comes with politicians and celebrities and news media. Most politicians are out for themselves….which is why there should be term limits for all of them. Politics was never meant to be a career. Celebrities, like Rosie, think it should be their way or no way, as if their opinions are so much more responsible than anyone else’s. Most news media is unapologetically liberal biased. There are a few conservative news outlets, but liberals want them shut down….again not wanting any opinions that differ from theirs to be voiced.

    Democrats want to make illegals legal, and let convicted violent felons vote (7 of 10 vote as Democrats). They want to fast track making refugees voting citizens. All this in order to get the first woman as POTUS…..a lier, hypocrite, and opportunist…..who will put liberals in our Supreme Court, so they can rewrite laws instead of interpreting law. Who will incite more violence against all police, because, you know, they’re ALL racists. Who will drive more jobs overseas. Who will drive small businesses OUT of business. Who will make the word conservative something you don’t want to be called so as not to be harassed.

    Our schools, colleges and Universities are run by and taught by overwhelmingly liberal biased people and some old radical activists and leaders of communist revolutionary groups who bombed public buildings. We have a POTUS who was a Community Organizer…which is basically teaching people to be activists.

    I don’t like Trump, but I’ll vote for him.

    And so, The World Turns.

    • Rick Fenner

      Making false statements like “Obama turned down christian refugees” is not going to win you any support. And F.Y.I….. “unborn babies DON’T have any rights.” That’s not a belief, it’s a fact.

      • Raymond Brown

        Yeah but in the same sentence you’ll talk about free range Chicken’s rights. Go away Toll……………………………

  • John Lydon

    “You Liberals sure love your Name Calling”, but it gets BORING. Hate should be Original.

  • RachalG

    She is miserable with her life and wants to make others around her miserable.

  • Bryan Seyer

    Rosie “fat ass pig” O’Donnell is as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside!

  • Joe Mclamb

    Isn’t she classy?

  • Piper

    Gee I wonder if she wants to do that to the pro-life women who gave up their (her) children for adoption?

  • n harder

    Well when that miserable pig leaves on Election day…. All of her muslims will be waiting to hang her for working while being a woman and being gay. We won’t miss here disgusting hate!

  • Jack Capella

    The only people that believe there is a war on women are liberal fem nazi’s who want to keep their agenda alive. Women have equal rights in this country and have for years. The fact is that there do exist distinct differences between men and women but all are given equal opportunity within the scope of their individual capabilities.

    Angry feminists like Rosie are simply mad at the world, mad at Christians and will likely die mad and unsatisfied. Whatever ails them will not be solved in any political theatre because their issues are very personal.

    • Rick Fenner

      Really? Republicans aren’t passing laws trying to restrict women’s rights? Oh wait…. the laws always get overturned by the court, so why do Republicans continue?

      • Restrict what “women’s right?” To free birth control along with free, fast and easy feticide for when they get confused using their free rubbers and pills?

        • Rick Fenner

          Well your post does more to demonstrate the attitude of Republicans toward women than any article about Trump. And you don’t even think of yourself as misogynist, I bet. That’s how completely unaware you are. Women have every right to control their own bodies, and they don’t need to justify it to philistines like you. The abortion argument was over 43 yrs ago.

          • That’s wonderful… I was actually more “pro-choice” minded than are you through my tender years of being intelligent, but under informed. Over time my position “evolved” to offer some concern to the most vulnerable of humans that don’t yet have any means of communicating a will to live.

            Anyway, perhaps you may one day grow up. For now I’ll deliver some shocking news… a “baby” vs. a “premie” vs. a “fetus” have more to do with developmental stage and location than whether or not they are “alive.”

            Not sure if you’d want to support your naive position in argument, but if so, and to get started, you’d need to declare exactly what is your position.

            Do you believe a fully formed baby that’s born, but that a mother didn’t want to keep is fair-game for a garbage can? Or are you one of the even more “elevated” liberals that believe “an abortion” may be ethical 2 or maybe 3 years after a baby is born?

          • Democrats are Nihilists… These are the indoctrinated ones that throw out the baby of sound societal values along with the bathwater of (good) religious dogma.

            The priests of Nihilism are the so-called “Ethicists.” These are the very reptiles that preach to their flock that it may be “ethical” to “abort” a baby 2 years or perhaps even 3 after they are born.

            What’s your limit?

          • You like partial birth abortions… why not “protect women’s rights” all the way?

        • Rick Fenner

          A woman’s constitutional right to an abortion….. THAT woman’s right.

  • TodaysTomSawyer

    What a complete fool this loser is!

    • Rick Fenner

      She has 11 Emmys. That hardly equates to loser.

      • TodaysTomSawyer

        Big deal. River Phoenix won an Oscar. Trump has millions. Buffett has billions. Doesn’t make these people winners.

  • Mother Nature Said No Rosie!!!

    She still gets a period?!?!?!?!

  • jim

    “I hear that train a comin’
    It’s rollin’ round the bend.
    Gonna pick up Ms. Clinton
    And take her to the pen.
    They’ll have her coronation
    Make her cell block queen
    Hillary for prison
    two thousand sixteen
    They’ve got an orange pants suit
    A Hangin’ on the wall
    And a cell for Bubba Willie
    Just a little down the hall.
    We’ll put ‘em in the big house
    Lock them up inside.
    Unless a whole lot of witnesses
    Commit suicide.
    Remember James McDougal
    And 20 or 30 more
    About to testify, they found ‘em dead upon the floor.
    Now they’re pilin’ up the bodies
    Like they did back then
    They want back in the White House
    Here we go again.
    Glue the china to the table
    Nail the table to the floor
    Lock up all the silver
    ‘fore they haul it out the door
    White trash in the White House
    Beats all I’ve ever seen.
    Hillary for prison
    two thousand sixteen.”

  • Unified Militia

    I’ve always felt she was a piece of human swine. Now we have the proof.
    Is it any wonder she became a Lesbian? She couldn’t get a normal date, so she had to go “over the wall” to find love.

  • Lady

    But letting in Muslim men into the country that will beat and rap unescorted American women on the street is not an attack on women’s’ rights?! Flaming idiot!

  • Judy Ann Kinney

    How disgusting can you be!

  • ~Sagittarius ~

    Rosie O’Donnell, does not care about human life, it is obvious! It is not about a women and her sexual freedom Rosie. It is about a voice for the unborn! Understand one thing you Misandrist, the unborn need a voice. They deserve to live just like you and I, you ugly Bitch!

  • ALHL

    Rosey, You’re a sick puppy, there is, a war on babies not women.

    I am very Christian and pro life. I will even give you my address if you wish to try that crap on me. You have a nasty, vulgar mouth. BTW, I do not appreciate my tax money going towards killing babies. You want an abortion, you pay for it yourself.

    • Rick Fenner

      Google the Hyde Amendment,you big dummy.

  • stu8

    She’s nothing but a disgusting pig ugly cunt.

  • Raymond Brown

    She is a sow of the highest caliber………………………………

  • Karen Bracken

    Only a war against some women and you are one of them. You see us REAL women don’t want women like you thinking you can speak for the sane, decent, moral women

  • Scott Murphy

    This is one very angry and bitter “woman” with no love in her black heart. She is the poster child for “liberalism is a mental disease”

  • John Henderson

    Yea they are because obummer is a Islamic extremist and Muslims hate Christians and they don’t look on women as equals so if this takes place like Obama wants then women won’t have any rights at all!!! Women can be beaten, killed, raped, genital mutilation all under Sharia Law!!!!! So vote for Killary and lose all the forward movement to nothing at all!!!!!

  • Carvell Mercer Carter

    Jesus died for her also and I thinks Christians everywhere should start praying for Ms O’Donnell. Just think what a great spokesman she could be for The Lord if she would welcome him. Look what a great job she is doing for the devil. God send Christians into her life that can minister to her disturbed mind and spirit. In the name of our Savour ,Jesus Christ, Amen!

  • Gary

    Typical tolerant and loving response from the lovely and talented Hatist.

  • Eagle Eye

    And yet, Trump is supposedly a misogynist for referring to someone like this as a pig.

  • Joe Orsak

    I feel for Rosie. She must live in such a depressed and angry state. Her face and the lines on it bear testimony to inner demons. More than angry, more than wanting to point out the hypocrisy of her position, I just feel bad for her. What a miserable way to live life.

  • nancy


  • Hermen

    JUST AS Trump says now she’s proving it…. for all to read. What else is new??! Yawn…booooooring

  • is this story true or made up,is their a link to the audio

  • Betty Jay

    This is one sick woman! This Planned Parenthood was started by a woman who hated Blacks, therefore, she came up the idea of getting rid of Black babies. For years the only had their Planned Parenthood clinics in Black neighborhoods. Hillary Clinton approves of abortion just like Rosie, in fact she stated she admired the founder. Now, they are selling baby parts which should be jail time. Hillary said that abortions was alright even up to 32 weeks, that they weren’t really babies. That is a lie. My great-granddaughter was born at 27 weeks, is healthy and started to school in the first grade this year. To look at her you would never believe she was a premmy. Killing babies is MURDER.

    • Rick Fenner

      Good grief! How did you get so much wrong info into one post?
      1. Is Margaret Sanger s running PP? No. She’s been dead for 50 years. PP is not, and never has been selling baby parts. Stop repeating that lie.
      2. Hillary NEVER said anything close to what you wrote.
      3. No one is killing babies.

      Arbortion is a woman’s constitutionally protected right. That was settled by SCOTUS over 40 years ago.

  • Jewels

    Abortion is killing murder there is no other way to say it if you destroy an egg of a sea turtle you go to jail if you alter DNA and clone you are put in prison is a child not not a one cell organism to start with . so is an amoeba and if found on any other planet or moon it is LIFE. There for Abortion is murder. Rosie O’Donald has issues I will not name what she says comes from a twisted way of thinking. if i said have the stuff she has said I would be in a locked mental hospital Getting meds for what the issues are. I do feel sorry for her she needs to know what feeling normal is. Sexuality that is another thing. I will leave to God . oh yeas I am a Christian and I do not Judge God Does so read the bible God is the Judge. Satan is the clown that hurts everyone!


    Rosie is a sick woman she needs mental help!

  • Mike Cowan

    Rosie O’Donnell……I think the old Bitch has Lost her Fucked Up Mind.!!! This Bitch is Way the Hell out of Line.!!!

  • Safierdrgn

    So where exactly did she say “Christians”? …making stuff up to get more clicks, got it.

  • Factory

    Rosie is an old, washed up ugly manhating hag. Who gives fuck one what she thinks?

  • Tess

    Only women should have a say on women’s topics.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    Why is this evil fat pig making any kind of news? She is irrevelant on so many levels. She continues to run down the Blessing of America while promoting deviant and destructive causes. May some Sharia Law A-hole she supports separate her neck vertebrae while shouting “The Devil god Allah is great.”

  • Laura Lee


  • Rob Vallero

    Interesting headline. That’s not what she said. This article itself even quotes her as saying “…in some people’s faces”. She didn’t say Christians. Of course, if the editor doesn’t even know the proper rules of possessive apostrophe use, I shouldn’t expect them to get a headline right lol.

    Not that I’m defending O’Donnell, I don’t give a crap about her, I just dislike misinformation.

  • Russell Grant Appling

    you will continue to flow without stop

  • yourmomsidol

    Nice misquote.

  • Claudia Nelson

    Bring it on Rosie. I will shove that ugly, evil tongue right down your F** King throat!

  • Gina A.

    “Christian” is code for White Males. Who does Rosie think she’s fooling?

  • Billy Broadwater

    This hell-bound pathetic slut will find out in eternity that burning in hell will not be worth the pathetic scum life she has lived.

  • Linda Mathies O’Neal

    What a nasty, vulgar person she is!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oddora Bloom

    Rosie is a lovely name,sadly wasted on a ugly attitude.Rosie,i must brake the news to you..Jesus already covered us in blood by dying on the cross for our sins.You only need to ask him for forgivness and accept him as your savior.Sorry,but your blood is no good.

  • VD65

    All the videos have been debunked in regard to Planned Parenthood. Abortions are a small, very small part of what they do and it is legal and no government money is involved. Whether one agrees with abortion at all or not don’t spread lies which is exactly what this writer has done. If you don’t agree with homosexuality fine but it doesn’t make it deviant. No one is supposed to be judging someone else. No one is forced to agree with it. It isn’t about the country. She isn’t talking about homosexuality at all in this article so that is off topic for a post and the name calling is uncalled for. She is fed up with things she is seeing and hearing. She has the right to free speech like anyone else. People who are name calling and writing vulgar posts are just as bad as what they are posting. I am not saying I agree with the way she is presenting what she has a grievance with but her private life is no one’s business whatsoever. Until people stop being busy bodies this country will not move forward. Remember not to bear false witness and love thy neighbor. Talking about her private life is inane and uncalled for when she is talking about women’s rights being in jeopardy. In that area, I agree with her. Anything else is totally on her. I don’t call people names because of their appearance or their gender orientation. It’s not something anyone should strive to do because that is not right. Decent people simply don’t get nasty.

  • Gene Moser

    That last paragraph is one lie after another. So I wonder about the rest.

  • John

    Get married and divorced and I hope someone takes half your stuff.You will really be a man then!

  • Jane Murphy

    I think she is probably too old for still having Menes!

  • donojibway

    I’m an atheist, but on issues like this I’m an American first and I side completely with the Christians, and their rights to their own conclusions.

  • William Coates

    Rosie eat shit and die would ya?

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