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Obama Joint Chiefs Chairman Pleads With Troops Not To Join Anti-Government Revolution After Hillary Steals Election

Jack Flash
Obama Joint Chiefs Chairman Pleads With Troops Not To Join Anti-Government Revolution After Hillary Steals Election

They know the fix is in and what will come. For a revolution in America to be successful, it needs the military to back the people over the corrupt President, as was the case in Egypt. And they know this, and the prospect terrifies them. His language isn’t overly blunt, inartful or ham-fisted, but his message is clear.

Excerpted From The Daily Caller: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford wrote a Medium blog post Monday to remain committed to its military oath amid the 2016 election. Keep reading

“First, we must recognize that we have one Commander in Chief, and until authority is transferred on January 20, 2017, the Joint Force must remain clearly focused on and responsive to the existing National Command Authority. Second, the Joint Force must conduct itself in such a way that the new administration has confidence that it will be served by a professional, competent, and apolitical military….To that end, I have a duty to protect the integrity and political neutrality of our military profession. But this obligation is not mine alone. It belongs to every Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airman, and Coastguardsman. Thank you for joining me in honoring our history, our traditions, and the institutions of the U.S. Armed Forces by upholding the principle of political neutrality.” – General Dunford, Joint Chiefs Chairman

  • Another hand-polished, cock-stuffed tool of Obama. General, for God and the Republic, wipe off your chin and speak up for the Constitution! Your so-called CIC is a domestic enemy and you, Sir, are a coward.

  • Hand Full Of Blood

    The revolution is long, long overdue and everybody knows it and everybody needs to stop shirking the tough responsibility of it. Start with high-value targets.

    • Buzz

      Yep and the East needs to be hit the hardest….NY, DC, PA, leave ME alone; LePage is trying his best…specific targets and that means both Houses. No doubt they will run to Denver and crawl into their luxury apartments..then we may want to invite Putin to nuke them there… except it will hurt too many in outlying areas..too bad we just cannot aim for Denver alone..we must be aware, the UN is in Denver strong.

      • TheMagnificentDeplorable

        We have tactical nukes for minimal collateral damage. Its doable.

  • Tim O

    the oath is to uphold and defend the Constitution, not obey the CIC

    • NoCrud


      • Buzz

        What I find dreadfully unpatriotic and supportive is the fact that we have thousands, so is written, that have joined this POS and is what we know as his “Nationalized Army.” Any thoughts from you better informed?

        • TheMagnificentDeplorable

          Current military members cannot openly speak about this. Veterans can. Believe me, if the shtf we will protect the constitution and our people, not treasonous bastards like this general and his treasonous leaders. The silent majority is valiantly on standby, guaranteed. You can take that to the bank. But I wouldnt. Their crooked too. Lol

    • TheMagnificentDeplorable

      As a veteran, I can assure you this is what would happen. Those clowns in the whitehouse and their minions are shaking in their boots. The way they treated us will never be forgotten. If I were them, I would be making a bugout plan now before its too late.

  • NoCrud

    speaks volumes about how corrupt this administration is. Where is the training that the military is to receive for honoring and respecting/supporting/upholding the Constitution? One even wonders if this is being taught to them, anymore… If this is such a priority with the Joint Chiefs, it indicates that pushing Obama’s agenda is more important than for the military to do the job they have joined the military to do.

    There must also be a draining of the Obama-created, high echelon military swamp and make an effort to rehire some of those that were fired because they followed the Constitution more than the Obamaroid.

    • Buzz

      It does and it shows us just how low down they will stoop; sacrifice We the People instead of those that are the cause of this grief and horrible times we are experiencing..they need to be deposed way or the other.

  • pj

    This would explain the email from a top Obama advisor stating Obama working hard to make sure no one has to leave America…..They are SCARED to death……Global elites plan on escaping if Trump Wins……

  • Buzz

    They will head for the two or three underground luxury apartments; one is at DIA and runs to Cheyenne mountain..there is food and all there and food that most of us cannot afford.

  • YERMOM182

    guys like this are why fraggin’ and mutiny are things

  • Marcel Neau

    The true nature of revolution is not to engage the military but to engage the corrupt government.
    That being said, and applying what was said by Obama’s military whipping boy,
    , The military SHOULD remain politically neutral in that should the people revolt, the military will not choose sides and remain on the sidelines while the people clean house!

  • apageor2

    so why is it that they do not remove him for the crimes committed if they want him out so badly?

    • TheMagnificentDeplorable

      All in good time, all in good time… be patient. Dont fret or be scared. We have your back.

  • Jessica

    Call me what you will but what does this mean??

  • ivca56

    Professional and competent military to protect the people from the unprofessional and incompetent criminal element which stole the election!
    Words, General D, just empty suit words. You Sound just like Nobama and command ZERO respect, just like him. God I hope our military, an entity that has been in Nobamba cross-hairs for 7 years, receiving no raises and killed by the horrendous VA by the hundreds, will remember who has been harassing them and side with those who stand by them!

    • TheMagnificentDeplorable

      Why, yes, we do. We will.

  • Don Chambers

    Our military his the obligation to our constitution , and to protect we the American people , and their families , if we have a corrupt government !

  • Kevin Hubbard


  • I suspect the men of the military are not anymore in support of this coup attempt than the rest of thinking people are. That would transform the US instantly into a third world country and a world property answering to the commands of the UN – not the Constitution…we don’t want to be at war with the military we love and pay for anyway…and they know where their paychecks come from…there will be a few one worlders but unlike one worlder’s vain imaginations, most of the US is still committed to the Constitution and our system…sorry Obutthole…you and yours will be crushed like the shit bug you are…

    • TheMagnificentDeplorable

      Miitary service members know who is for and against within their ranks, believe me. They have contingency plans to deal with the minority treasonous bastards. Those plans are implemented haste pronto zero hour. Then the real fun starts tracking down the other minions.

  • TheMagnificentDeplorable

    Obama stacked his deck with the wrong cards. The Ace of Spades was not one of them. Nor, the Joker, Mr Trump, who is in play. The chips are on the table, folks. Everyones ante is in. The dealer is making his rounds. Obama has a weak hand. Hillary is fretting and squirming. Lorretta and Comey are bluffing. The grim reaper waits patiently by the door while the bar tender is polishing the glasses, ready to duck. The guys in white hats are standing outside, pistols drawn, with their ‘wanted, dead or alive’ posters in hand. The grave digger is pulling his cart up to the saloon and the ropes are hanging from the tree branch, nooses ready to tighten ’round the necks of those who have abandoned justice and liberty.

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