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Some Media Finally Admit They Have A Credibility Problem, Face Industry-Wide Trust Crisis

Infidel Ali
Some Media Finally Admit They Have A Credibility Problem, Face Industry-Wide Trust Crisis

Listen to the show above to get it all.

Excerpted From Breitbart: Several top reporters at establishment media outlets are finally admitting, more than two weeks after the election, that their industry has a credibility problem and has much work to do to regain the trust of their readers in the wake of Republican Donald J. Trump’s landslide electoral college victory over Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Jonathan Swan, a reporter for the Hill newspaper, told Breitbart News Daily that the inherent flaws in the media industry are “so deep.”

“I think it goes to what kind of people are hired in these newsrooms,” Swan said. “I think there needs to be a real effort to stop this practice of hiring bi-coastal elites who all come from the same institutions and all have the same worldview. None of them have ever met a Trump voter. There are actually reporters in D.C. who don’t know a single Trump voter. I don’t know how you can report on an election when you don’t actually understand what motivates a person to vote for the person who ultimately becomes president. So I think it goes really deep. And I think some institutions need to almost do an autopsy of themselves at this point.” Read the whole thing

  • A brief sidebar. I recently had a lunch meeting at an excellent restaurant (Harborside Thai) near a large San Diego Naval base. On the way in through the parking lot I was asked by a young lady if I could talk with her a bit. She introduced herself as a local news anchor and asked if I would answer a few questions if I was affiliated in any way with the military. I said I was a former Army officer. She said that would do. She then inquired of my opinion on the recent loosening of personal firearms on base. I told her I completely supported the change and that is was far past time our soldiers be armed on base. She frowned. She asked me to restate my position on camera in a short interview. I told her that I had no intention of speaking to her on camera as I did not trust how she would portray my comments in post production, and I walked away. In my opinion the press is a domestic enemy.
    Lunch was fantastic.

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