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Soros’ Ammo Control Passes In California

Jack Flash
Soros’ Ammo Control Passes In California

Excerpted From The Daily Caller: California voters approved a ballot measure Tuesday that bans the possession of large-capacity magazines, requires the California Department of Justice to maintain a list of all residents authorized to purchase ammunition and prohibits Californians from purchasing ammo without first obtaining the agency’s authorization.

Democratic mega-donor Alexander Soros poured $100,000 into efforts supporting the ammo ban, even though he is a New York resident. Soros was one of the top 10 donors backing the “yes” campaign on Prop. 63.

His father, George Soros is a billionaire donor who has backed a variety of left-wing causes including Black Lives Matter through his secretive non-profit, the Open Society Foundations.

Together, George and Alexander Soros gave more than $10 million to pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Priorities USA, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Once implemented, the ballot measure will ban the possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines, regardless of when they were purchased. Current California law already bans the possession of such magazine but has an exemption for magazines purchased before the year 2000.

Prop. 63 will also require all ammo purchasers to first obtain a $50 permit from the California DOJ. The state government will now be required to keep tabs on who is or isn’t authorized to purchase ammunition. Keep reading

  • Rex L Smith

    George Soros ? playing with the voting machine ? This is why I’m live in MONTANA, fuck california . and all the soros klan !!!

  • mike3481

    What Don’t They Understand About The Phrase “Shall not be infringed”?