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Study: Flying To Mars Causes Severe Brain Damage

Infidel Ali
Study: Flying To Mars Causes Severe Brain Damage

Who’s not for flying to Mars once they’ve perfected it? Who doesn’t want to get high and laid on Mars every once in awhile? We’re here a long time, things get boring, things happen, you buy tickets to Mars every now and then. Until then, have a nice time pioneers, thanks for the heavy lifting. Get it right, prove you can keep it right routinely, and I’m there.

Excerpted From Circa: Humans traveling to Mars seems to be increasingly both inevitable and, perhaps, even imminent.

But a new study published in Scientific Reports on Monday says the trip alone could severely damage the brains of astronauts making the long journey to the fourth planet.

While traveling between planets. would-be Mars travelers won’t have protection from cosmic rays. University of California-Irvine researchers bombarded rodents with particles and found some disturbing mental results.

Researchers found the irradiation reduced “fear extinction,” or the ability to reduce fear of something over time by exposing yourself to it. That could make you extremely anxious on the way to Mars. The radiation also affected parts of the brain tied to fear and memory.

Cosmic rays are high-energy particles traveling through space at nearly the speed of light. The Earth’s magnetic field deflects most cosmic rays, but traveling outside that field exposes astronauts to a virtual firehose of particles that over time can damage tissue. Keep reading