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November 18, 2008

Jolie: Breastfeeding Twins Wasn’t Easy (12)

November 17, 2008

SEC Charges Mark Cuban With Insider Trading - With Video (14)

November 12, 2008

“Jesus Is A Homo!”: Gay Antichrists Storm Church Service - With Video (31)
Now American Express Is Seeking Bailout Money - Next… (5)

November 11, 2008

Following Influenza: Google Reports Flu Searches To Feds (7)
Breaking: Pelosi Calls For Auto Industry Bail Out Next Week (17)
Obama Lied, Now He’ll Slide, On Campaign Finance Audit - With Creepy-Ass Video (9)
Iran Test Fires New Missile Near Iraqi Border (2)
One Thing All Veterans Have In Common…The Oath (28)
You The Jury: Obama Biased Teacher Makes Case - With Video (39)
Bush Pissed: Obama Aides Flapping Their Lips About Meeting (29)

November 10, 2008

NFL Monday Night Bashage! With Classic Montana To Rice Reel (3)
“X-Band” To Detect Iranian Missiles - With Video (2)
Biden Booed At Eagles vs Giants Game? (1)
Afghan Quicksand Awaits Obama - Michael Yon’s Latest (2)
Obama Lied About Firing Anti-Israel Adviser Who Is Soros Bot (2)

November 8, 2008

When You Find Your Servant Is Your Master (25)

November 7, 2008

Louie Award! Mocking Teacher’s Boss: “We Are Proud To Serve 15,000 Military Children…Bitch!” - With Video (20)
Sound Off: Palin-Bashing Who Should Step Up? (32)
Reader Post: Save The Whales! Auto Bail-Out (20)
Video Reality-Check: Obama’s Very Different Tone On Iran And Intel Shows Up At First Press Conference (19)
Obama’s Illegal Alien Fugitive Aunt Fighting Deportation (7)
CNN’s Campbell Brown: “Right-Wing Rage” Over Obama Victory (15)
U.S. Automakers Seeking $50 Billion In Federal Loans (9)
“Doggone It, I Want A Recount” - Franken’s Gap Narrows To 237 Votes - With Video (12)

November 6, 2008

Dollard Reader Security Briefing Question: What Would You Ask? (21)
Police Called In To Quell Furious Unpaid Obama Campaign Workers - Video Added (20)
A First Since 1979: Iranian Jihadi Piglet Congratulates President-Elect (7)
Slime Barely Passing For Human Accepts Obama White House Chief Of Staff Position (3)
Kentucky Soldier In Iraq Wins Mustang In Ford Essay Contest (4)
WTF Is McCain Staff Backstabbing Palin For? - With Video (25)

November 5, 2008

Woman Runs A Mile With Rabid Fox Locked On Her Arm - With Rabid Pig Video (5)
Louie Has A Question About Obama’s First Move (9)
Why McCain Lost (18)
Obama Taps Rahm Emmanuel As Chief Of Staff (11)
Postcard From Kenya: You Write The Caption (24)
Listen To Sharpton Lie As You Watch Jesse Cry - With Video (11)
Kenya Declares National Holiday Over Obama Election (2)
Dumb Cunt Of The Day Award Goes To… With Video (5)
Author Michael Crichton Dies (7)
“The Russians Are Calling Obama Out” - With Video (40)
WTF Is This Crap Outside The White House? (25)

November 4, 2008

Obama Acceptance Speech *cough* Bash Tweaked It a Little (69)
Obama Is Queen! (62)
Another Shocker: 2.5 Million Votes Cast, Franken & Coleman Separated By Less Than 200 Votes (6)
McCain Concession Speech (32)
McCain Camp: “We See No Path” - With Video (1)
Updated With MSNBC Results: Very First Exit Polls Reveal… (6)
Bashage Award: Off-Duty Cop Takes Out Would Be Robbers - Warning Graphic Photos (14)
Update: Multiple Confrontation Videos - Black Panthers Block Polling Place With Nightsticks: “A Black Man Gon’ Win Dis Election No Matter Wut” (45)
Schumer Equates Fairness Doctrine With Regulating Porn: We Need To Be Consistent - With Video (14)

November 3, 2008

NFL Monday Night Bashage - With Classic NFL Vid (1)
Idiot Douchebag Politician Of The Day: Get A Load Of This - With Video (14)
Iran Whacks Off Over 29 Years Of Jihadi Leadership - With Video (12)

October 31, 2008

Just FYI, Cable News & Pundit Show Stats (9)
Iraq War Vet’s YouTube McCain Ad Most-Watched Of Campaign - With Video (12)
10 Reasons McCain Might Win (20)
Ignorant Masses Video Quote: Obama… (13)
Clinton: Obama Asked Me To Tell Him What To Do About Economy - With Video (4)

October 30, 2008

Take A Wild Freakin’ Guess Who Got The Coveted Al Qaeda Endorsement (1)
WTF? The Hypocrisy Of Strange Fruit - Obama Hanging Effigy Yanked By Cops Immediately (13)

October 29, 2008

Dennis Miller Bitch Slaps Obama For Palin Effigy - With Video (9)
ACORN Accuses McCain & GOP Of Voter Suppression - With Videos (4)
Is Sarah Palin The Future Of The GOP? (18)
Obama Still Leading In Polls? STFU And Do Something About it, Bitches! (9)
McCain Camp Demands LA Times To Release Obama At PLO Dinner Video - With Video (3)

October 28, 2008

Bumped: Spike Lee Can’t Speak English, But Speaks For God - With Video (8)
Obama In ‘95: Wright Represents The Best Of The Black Church - Heresy, Racism, Socialism & Reparation - With Video (13)
Vintage Pin-Up: Name That Babe (48)
“Obama Would Bring Death To Israel” Joe The Plumber Hits The RNC Campaign Trail - With Video (11)