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January 21, 2009

Show’s Over, Don’t Go To A Fuckin’ Story, Fuckin’ Stop Right Now And Listen. Don’t Miss Our Surprise Guest’s Boob Job Documentary Announcement - “The Jihadi Killer Hour” (7)
Obamas Snub Traditional “Salute To Heroes Inaugural Ball” (1)
Obama’s First Call In Office Was To A Terrorist Leader (3)
Obama Closing CIA Terrorist “Black Sites” On Thursday (2)
You Caption - The ‘Do-Over’ (2)
Caroline Kennedy Withdraws From Senate Bid After Learning She’s A Reject (8)
Murtha Would Take Gitmo Prisoners Into His District Because They’re Not Cold Blooded Killers Like U.S. Marines (17)
Breaking: Obama Has Retaken “The Oath Of Office” In The Oval Office (7)
Just One Of Those Nasty Bathroom Accidents You Hear About (3)
Obama Not Amused At Biden’s “Justice Roberts/Oath” Joke - With Video (4)
New White House Website Drops Iran Threat From “Unacceptable” To Just “Troubling” (3)
Sean Penn: “I’m Not A Commie Boob” (12)
Obama’s World Abortion Bailout - With Video (4)
Breaking - Madam Secretary: Clinton Gets Past Cornyn In The Vote (1)
“Little Hitler’s” Mommy Speaks Out: ‘Giving Your Kid A Shit-Stain Name Ain’t Child Abuse’ - Video Added (3)
National Disgrace: “This Emperor Has No Clothes, It Will All End In Tears” (16)
Juan Williams: “Stop Viewing Criticism Of Obama As Racist” (6)
Inauguration Day Gift From Left: Hope And Changers Deface Bush Senior’s Monument (4)
Only Fox News Carries Pres. Bush Homecoming Speech - With Videos (4)
Developing - Geert Wilders To Be Tried For Being “Anti-Islam” (13)
Joe Biden Is President - With Video (9)
Obama Vows To Erase Bush Presidency From Day One - With Video (1)
Iranians Used WMD On Romans (0)
Taliban Is Making Pakistan Its Total Bitch: No Music On Buses! (2)
Gaza Weapons Smuggling Tunnels Immediately Start Operating Again (1)
Breaking: GOP Sends Letter To Obama On Stimulus (0)
Texas President Lyndon Johnson Still Holds Record For Largest Inaugural Crowd (8)
Judge Cancels Gitmo Terrorist’s Trial, Another Likely To Cancel Murder Trial Of Five 9-11 Terrorists - All At Obama’s Request (5)
“First In A String Of Lawsuits By Pro-Palestinian Elements Around The World”: Europeans Try To Arrest Israeli Foreign Minister In Belgium Today (5)
Obama’s New Whitehouse Website Slams Bush (27)
Kenyans Hail The Arrival Of Savior Obama (2)

January 20, 2009

Tell Him You ‘Forgive’ Him: Bush’s Real Sin Was Winning In Iraq (4)
Show’s Over, Listen To Archived Copy Here - “The Jihadi Killer Hour” - ‘Inauguration Disasteration’ (4)
Yo Quiero, New York Times: Buying The Newspaper Americans Won’t (1)
Sniper Rifle Software Launched For iPod Touch (7)
Baghdad Jim McDermott Calls For ‘Nationalizing’ The Nation’s Newspapers (5)
Betrayed By His Own People: Feds Feared Somali Attack On Obama During Inauguration (5)
Carter Awesomely Snubs The Clintons At The Inauguration - With Priceless Video (6)
Boy Spends Quality Time With Mother’s Corpse (7)
Obama Vows “A New Start With Muslims” (16)
Hamas Declares Victory Over Israel (12)
Troops Bid Bush Farewell At Andrews Air Force Base (9)
No Confidence: Dow’s Showing Is Worst Ever For An Inauguration Day (14)
Nancy Pelosi Inaugurates Herself President Of The Far Left (5)
Bad Moon On The Left: Flubbed Oath, Fizzled Speech, Low Turnout, Democrat KKK Grand Wizard Senator Keels Over At Obama’s Inaugural Lunch - Update: Ted Kennedy Too (21)
Bitch, Interrupted: Roadblock Thrown In Way Of Hillary’s Confirmation - Update: Hillary And Cornyn Have Fight At Inauguration (7)
Obama Inauguration Challenged: Flubbed Oath May End Up In Courts - With Video (18)
“More” Than A Million: Only 20-30% Of High Inaugural Crowd Estimate Showed Up (5)
Obama, Oaths And The End Of Constitutional Government (21)
HD: Watch The Inauguration Live And Comment (26)
Pick And Pan: Obama’s Inaugural Address Transcript (4)
Time To Say Goodbye, And Thank You, Mr. President … Thank You (22)
Al Gore On Ice (6)

January 19, 2009

U.S. Intel: Might Not Have Been The Plague, Per Se’, But Al Qaeda Was Fuckin’ With Some Bad Shit In That Cave (17)
Show’s Over, Listen To Archived Copy Here - “The Jihadi Killer Hour” - ‘Constitutional Constipation From The Bowels Of The Obamanation’ (13)
Presidential Signed Photographs Go For $6,000 (3)
I Pledge To Ridicule Celebrities Who Refuse To Recognize We Are At War With People Who Want To Kill Them (15)
A Look At Congressman Jose Serrano (D): The Man Who Wants Endless Obama (4)
Biden Shushes Wife After Secretary Of State Slip (3)
Website Exposes Obama For True Self: A Virus (3)
Bumped - What Do You Call 40 al-Qaeda Killed By “The Plague”? (32)
Biden Got To Choose Which Position To Fuck Up (7)
Share Your Thoughts On Michelle Obama With France (32)
Breaking: Ramos And Compean Sentences Commuted - Bush Finished, Scooter Libby Will Get No Pardon (32)
Murderous Microbrewery (1)
Burmese Men Survive Sinking Ship By Living In Icebox (0)
Michael Yon On Drugs (2)
Bush Haters Say They Won’t Let Barack Get In Way Of Prosecuting The Evil One For Crimes Against Humanity (4)
Obama’s Terrorist Mentor Bill Ayers Refused Entry Into Canada Last Night (15)
Bailed-Out Wall Street Paying A Big Chunk Of Obama’s $170 Million Vanity Party (2)