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Terror Time: Orlando’s Muslim Population Grew 10-Fold In A Decade

Jack Flash

Excerpted from Breitbart: The Muslim community has increased more than 10-fold both in Florida’s Orlando metropolitan area, home to the recent Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL)-linked massacre, and St. Lucie County, where terrorist Omar Mateen hails from, reveals the latest U.S. Religion Census, a county-by-county tally of religious bodies in the United States.

Meanwhile, the number of Muslim congregations in metro Orlando grew 5 times and doubled in St. Lucie County, where the Shariah Board of America-linked mosque attended by Mateen is located.

Data from the U.S. Religion Census shows that the growth in the number of Islam adherents in metro Orlando and in St. Lucie County between 2000 and 2010 far outpaced that of the broader population of Muslims and non-Muslims.

While the overall population in the Orlando region and in St. Lucie County less than doubled over that decade, the Muslim population in those two separate areas grew more than 10 times, respectively.

That means that with every person added to the population, at least ten new Muslims came. Keep reading

  • curiouslystrongmint

    it’s time for a world war.

    • Francis

      Yes, we are at war. It’s “them” against “us.” Islam vs the Infidel. ALL Muslims worship Allah who says death to all Americans. Muslims are like a malignant cancer. The cancer is out of control. When you have a malignant cancer, the ONLY way to deal with it is to eliminate it immediately. That should include totally demolishing every single mosque and Muslim center. It’s time to completely wipe out every single building where these Muslim animals practice their devil worship.

      • hattie3456

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