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Tragically Brainwashed College Students Want Trustee Fired For Unspeakable Crime Of Meeting With Trump

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Tragically Brainwashed College Students Want Trustee Fired For Unspeakable Crime Of Meeting With Trump

There’s really only one course taught at American universities, and that course is Hating And Genociding White Christians, and it is diabolically overlayed onto, and woven into, every other course on campus.

Excerpted From Campus Reform: A group of American University students protested Wednesday to demand the firing of a Board of Trustees member, simply for meeting with Donald Trump.

Gary Cohn, President of Goldman Sachs, serves as the chair of the Board’s Finance and Investment Committee. He is reportedly under consideration for Energy Secretary under the Trump administration, and met with the president-elect on November 28.

AU’s Community Action and Social Justice Coalition student group promptly responded by organizing a “Dump Trump. Fire Cohn” demonstration the very next afternoon, arguing that anyone willing to have a one-on-one conversation with Trump should not be eligible to vote on matters that are important to progressive students.

“Cohn, as a member of the board[,] has voting power to influence our tuition, our status as a sanctuary campus, and whether our [sic] not we divest from fossil fuels and other oppressive industries,” the group states in the Facebook event description.

“Trump, [t]hroughout his campaign[,] has inspired hate that threatens the immediate safety of many in the AU community,” it continues feverishly, noting that “He has vowed to create a Muslim registry, bragged about sexual assault, mocked the disabled community, threatened to deport millions of undocumented Americans, [and] promised to militarize the police and to gut programs that support millions of working Americans.”

The AU College Republicans chapter condemned the protests in a statement, saying its members “denounce any action that would assail an upstanding member of our community, Trustee Gary Cohn, for simply meeting with the President- Elect of the United States,” and adding that “it is nonensical to pressure a highly talented board member to resign after having dinner with the President-elect of our nation.” Read the whole thing

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