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University Of Alabama Tries To Block Milo Speech By Jacking Up Fee 700%

Darby Crash
University Of Alabama Tries To Block Milo Speech By Jacking Up Fee 700%

Excerpted From Breitbart: How controversial is Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos? Controversial enough that his appearance at the University of Alabama requires security that costs seven times what normally would be anticipated for similar events staged at the university.

On Monday, Yiannopoulos is scheduled to give a speech at an event sponsored by the University of Alabama’s College Republicans as part of his cross-country “The Dangerous Faggot Tour.”

The University of Alabama, however, has – without explicitly expressing opposition to the event – gone out of its way to prevent the event from happening.

Gerald Fraas, treasurer of the University of Alabama College Republicans and who is spearheading the Yiannopoulos event, told Breitbart News their initial estimate was around $800-1,200. After “a small conversation” involving a University of Alabama Police Department official, the price of security for the event was then quoted as “probably” around $4,600-4,800.

However on Wednesday, Fraas received a notice from University of Alabama Police Lt. Jeff Nabors, the special event planning coordinator of the university’s police department, saying there would be a new price tag: $6,955.

Breitbart News has obtained a copy of this email.

Nathaniel White, the chairman of the College Republican Federation of Alabama, the organization overseeing the 20 College Republican chapters in Alabama, told Breitbart News they weren’t seeking a “security handout” and expected a fee, but not such a high amount.

“This event was set up months ago and we were told that there were going to be security fees and that we would be responsible for a few officers,” White said. “We’re fine with that. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not asking for a security handout or anything like that. We’re used to doing this at several other events throughout the state.”

The College Republican group appears to be a victim of a tactic often used by colleges and universities to force cancellations of some events, which is to impose untenable “security” fees on a particular event. The tactic, however, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), is unconstitutional because those security fees “function as a tax on protected speech.”

“I know this happens on a number of college campuses,” White said. “I guess it’s one of those things you never really think is going to happen to you until it does. This definitely happened to us.”

White claims the University of Alabama Police Department raised the fee after series of “microaggression protests” by liberal groups around campus over the past several days. White said his organization was “miffed” about the initial nearly $5,000 fee, but shrugged it off and offered to pay it.

“This is not a situation that should be happening and we feel like this is the university’s way of trying to discourage us from hosting this event at all,” White said.

“The University police have actually been very uncooperative,” he added. “Honestly, they’re being very horrible and unprofessional with communications. They haven’t indicated if it’s something that needs to be prepaid or if it’s something that needs a deposit or payment. They’ve offered no real concrete way of dealing with this.”

Regardless if the event is cancelled or if the group relents and pays the $7,000 fee, Fraas said he considers it a denial of freedom of speech. Keep reading

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