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Wasserman-Schultz Says Trump Is Physically Ugly Because His Heart, Mind And Soul Are Ugly - WATCH

Jack Flash
Wasserman-Schultz Says Trump Is Physically Ugly Because His Heart, Mind And Soul Are Ugly – WATCH

And that’s why St. Debbie is hotter than Kate Upton licking.

Excerpted From The Washington Free Beacon: Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) said Friday she would not attack Donald Trump’s appearance because she was “raised with class” while referencing Alicia Machado, before she proceeded to call him ugly.

“And by the way, a couple more thoughts about Donald Trump’s appearance,” Wasserman Schultz said at a rally in Coral Springs, Florida. “I’m going to keep those thoughts to myself for two reasons.”

“First of all, you could put all the fashion experts and stylists in the world to work for Donald Trump, and he still couldn’t win a beauty contest,” she continued.

“Wait, wait,” Wasserman Schultz said to a laughing crowd. “I want you to understand what I mean. Not in this universe, because you can’t fix ugly when it’s on the inside. Am I right? Am I right?”

She then listed the second reason she would not comment on his appearance, even though she already did. Keep reading

  • Gravelmuncher

    That first photo (shop) is quite disturbing.


    So says MEDUSA!

  • RubyTwoThree

    Now, that is the pot calling the kettle.

  • Deplorable_Separate_Reality

    “Hillary… precious.” - Debbie Washer Shits

    • regina.layne

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  • ATTILA727

    Snaggle toothed, greasy haired twunt calling someone else ugly.

  • Medicinewoman2

    You have to be textbook retarded to take time out of your life to listen to such drivel.

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