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I had the pleasure of meeting Pat last year. We were conducting operations in Iraq with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit in the ?Triangle of Death", just south of Baghdad. I was a Field radio operator on a Light Armored reconnaissance vehicle. This was right after the invasion of Fallujah, U.S. military commanders had begun turning their attention to other resisting regions of Iraq, where an insurgency in Sunni Muslim-dominated areas had proven to be extremely hostile, possibly endangering nationwide elections scheduled for Jan. 30 2005. The area was considered a hot-spot. So every News network and there mother came to visit. My platoon had seen its share of liberal-ass, winy, scared little reporters. They would come and go like scavengers. Most of them wouldn?t even speak to us unless it was to ask some political question- that was of course staged. They wanted dirt on us. They wanted us to tell them how we didn?t want to be there. They wanted us to talk about how many civilians we were killing, they wanted us to say we shouldn?t be in Iraq.

They wanted to make us look like the enemy. They were fucking vultures. We would go on raids, searching insurgent hide-outs, and these ass-clowns would stay in the vehicles- filming themselves getting off. On their so called ?What?s really happening in Iraq,"combat journalism. We would get back on the vehicle and try to explain what had just occurred. These slime balls didn?t give 2 shits what was really going on. Most of us had already established our own views on reporters. And then along came Pat Dollard. At this point we wouldn?t even look a reporter in the eye, let alone talk to one. But this guy was a fucking lunatic?. Fucking insane. He wouldn?t leave either. Other reporters would hide in the vehicles, when shit was going down. Pat would be right behind you? like Robert Downey Jr. in natural born killers. He was all about it. The normal reporters slept in the nice tents with AC, got hot showers, and ate real food. Not Pat, he was right there with the grunts. Not showering for weeks, eating MREs, getting attacked by insurgents, and just being plain fucking miserable. He was right there with us.

He was getting the real story, not some fabricated liberal ass clown bullshit- to fuel the media war. Ask any veteran who has seen Iraq first hand?. They will tell you that what you see on TV is not what really goes on. Pat earned our respect. I got out of the Marine Corps 4 months ago and returned from Iraq last year. I was there for 9 months. Pat was still in Iraq when I got out of the Marines. Pat has been able to witness first hand the truth about Iraq. I truly do hope his documentary comes out, and I could give a fuck if he makes millions on it. If anything, he earned it. To me- and my platoon who were there with Pat- our story is worth so much more. When you're in your little world driving to get Starbucks, buying Rolling Stone tickets, and getting a new shirt at the Gap, think about the 19 year old kid who?s getting blown up that very second- who?s unloading a machine gun while protecting innocent Iraqi civilians, into a crowd of methed-up insurgents- who want to kill him , who goes day in and day out fighting for something that you don?t consider to be right. I was there, and so was Pat dollard with his camera. Maybe some day you will be able to see what it?s really like?. just a thought-

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