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White House Coordinated With Hillary Campaign To ‘Crush’ Email Scandal Coverage

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Excerpted From The Daily Caller: The State Department and White House coordinated to shield Sec. of State John Kerry from being asked last March about Hillary Clinton’s emails in an interview on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” newly released emails show.

“Think we can get this done so [Kerry] is not asked about email,” Jennifer Palmieri, then the White House’s communications director, wrote to then-State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki on March 12, 2015, two days after Clinton held her first press conference to answer questions about her email practices.

The emails were obtained by the Republican National Committee in a lawsuit and viewed by The Daily Caller. The Wall Street Journal and Washington Examiner also reported on the documents.

Involved on one email chain discussing Kerry’s CBS appearance was Benjamin Rhodes, President Obama’s deputy national security advisor for strategic communications.

Rhodes’ brother David is the president of CBS News.

The Examiner notes that Kerry was not asked about Clinton’s emails during his March 15 appearance on “Face the Nation.”

The emails are the first released to date which show how the White House and State Department interacted regarding the email scandal. They also lend support to what has long been speculated: that the Obama administration sought from the very beginning of the scandal to protect Hillary Clinton. Keep reading

Excerpted From The Wall Street Journal: Newly disclosed emails show top Obama administration officials were in close contact with Hillary Clinton’s nascent presidential campaign in early 2015 about the potential fallout from revelations that the former secretary of state used a private email server.

Their discussion included a request from the White House communications director to her counterpart at the State Department to see if it was possible to arrange for Secretary of State John Kerry to avoid questions during media appearances about Mrs. Clinton’s email arrangement.

In another instance, a top State Department official assured an attorney for Mrs. Clinton that, contrary to media reports, a department official hadn’t told Congress that Mrs. Clinton erred in using a private email account.

The previously unreported emails were obtained by the Republican National Committee as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking records of Mrs. Clinton’s time in office. The RNC provided to The Wall Street Journal only some of the emails, leaving it unclear what was in the remaining documents. The RNC said it released only emails relevant to the communication between the White House and State Department.

Meredith McGehee, chief of policy, programs, and strategy at the nonpartisan advocacy group Issue One and an expert on ethics and campaign finance, said the email exchange would probably raise no legal concerns because federal law permits members of the White House staff to engage in some political activity.

Mrs. Clinton’s email arrangement has dogged her campaign for months, with Republicans and other critics saying it shows a carelessness with government secrets and undermines her claim to good judgment. Donald Trump’s campaign posted a statement on his website last month saying the Obama White House knew Mrs. Clinton was using a private email server. Keep reading

  • Brenda Darlene Bailey

    Thank you for this story…. many of us knew from the beginning that Obama knew about the emails. Anyone who received an email, or sent an email… knew it wasn’t protected, and knew it was the ONLY one she was using… and still the democrats and the media say ‘nothing to see here… move along.’ Lois Lerner used a private email ‘Toby Miles’ named after her dog!!! That’s the one she used to call us CRAZIES, and illegally censor over 400 conservative groups during an election…
    The democrats tried to impeach Bush..with nonsensical accusations… what do you think they would have done with just a portion of the laws Obama and his administration have broken?

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