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WIKILEAKS: Hillary Supreme Court Nominee Likely To Be Paul Ryan’s Wife’s Black Family Member

Infidel Ali
WIKILEAKS: Hillary Supreme Court Nominee Likely To Be Paul Ryan’s Wife’s Black Family Member



Ketanji Jackson is pretty much guaranteed to be a Hillary choice for one of the 2 or 3 slots she’s expected to fill. She was also a top Obama choice. Jackson married Patrick G. Jackson in 1996. Jackson is related by marriage to House Speaker Paul Ryan. Jackson’s husband is the twin brother of Ryan’s brother-in-law. To be clear, Paul Ryan’s wife’s sister Dana’s husband’s twin brother is married to Jackson. Ryan’s wife is a staunch Democrat operative and lobbyist who clearly wears the ideological pants in the family.

Excerpted From InfoWars: Hillary Clinton’s campaign circulated the name of one of Paul Ryan’s relatives as a potential Supreme Court pick, suggesting a conflict of interest that could feed in to the Republican Speaker of the House’s dislike for Donald Trump.

An email released in part 19 of the Wikileaks Podesta dump features an article sent by Hillary advisor Sara Solow to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and Hillary’s foreign policy advisor Jake Sullivan on February 29, 2016.

The piece draws attention to Ketanji Brown Jackson, a judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.


Earlier this month, Ryan said that he would no longer defend or campaign for Donald Trump. A poll released this week found that nearly two thirds of Republicans trust Donald Trump more than Ryan to lead the GOP. Read the whole thing

Excerpted From ABC News: The fight over President Obama’s eventual Supreme Court nominee could get personal for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

One of names being floated as a possible pick is someone who Ryan calls family: D.C. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Connected by marriage, Jackson’s husband, Patrick Jackson, is the twin brother of Ryan’s brother-in-law William Jackson.

Ryan even testified on Brown’s behalf when she was nominated to the district court in 2012, offering his “unequivocal” endorsement of her qualifications in recommending her for the bench.

“Our politics may differ, but my praise for Ketanji’s intellect, for her character, for her integrity is unequivocal,” Ryan said at her December 2012 nomination hearing. “She’s an amazing person, and I favorably recommend her consideration.”

“We’re family, by marriage,” Ryan explained in the 2012 hearing. “Her brother and sister-in-law, who are my brother and sister-in-law, William and Dana Jackson, are here with us as well today.”

Ryan’s office would not comment on whether the House Speaker would support Jackson if President Obama chose her as a Supreme Court nominee but pointed to Ryan’s previous comments on replacing the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Keep reading


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    Great, just great.

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    Where the hell was all this info on lying ryan’s wife when we needed it ?

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    This would explain why he tried to sabotage Trump ………..

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    Paul Ryan, my favorite traitor and a key part of the problem of the D.C. Swamp. A uni-party Globalist, this lying scumbag needs to be unseated as Speaker next term and voted out in 2018. Tired of sanctimonious neoconservatives trying to fool us. Drain the swamp. MAGA, vote Trump