Young Americans Documentary

Documentary Status: Stay tuned, more clips will be forthcoming once the arrangements with my Internet friends are sorted out. And I’ve finally begun the process of securing a distribution deal for the whole project. I’ll be giving updates, anecdotes, new video snippets of my stateside shenanigans, and whatever else comes to mind, as all this unfolds. You can also monitor the documentary category of the blog.

“Credit Sequence”

“Living With Snipers”

Living With Snipers

“Welcome To The Triangle Of Death”
“IED Sweeps”
“Appreciating Americans: Decapitation & Debate”
“Ramadi & Fallujah: Day One”
No, Mister. No Bad Guys Ever Shoot Mortars From Here
Everybody Gets Blown Up
These preview videos only represent the first 12 days of my 7 months in Iraq.

03 “Can’t Bust a Nut”

05 “A Firefight State of Mind”