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CNN’s Costello: Americans Should Be Concerned Because Jeff Sessions Is A Racist Who Will Cause Hate Crimes

Jack Flash
CNN’s Costello: Americans Should Be Concerned Because Jeff Sessions Is A Racist Who Will Cause Hate Crimes

They never learn, do they? With every word she spoke, she increased any sane person’s desire to have Sessions as Attorney General. The world has been turned upside down, and the left just can’t wrap their minds around that fact.

Excerpted From NewsBusters: The latest liberal media freak-out about the Trump transition commenced on Friday morning upon the announcement of Republican Senator Jeff Sessions (Ala.) as President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Attorney General and were led by CNN’s Carol Costello lashing out at the “controversial” Sessions who should “concern” Americans and linked him to hate crimes since the election.

Turning first to the Daily Beast’s Jackie Kucinich, Costello harped on Sessions losing out on becoming a federal judge in the 1980s after a Justice Department official claimed he had referred to the NAACP as “un-American” and only grew distant from the KKK upon hearing they smoked pot.

Kucinich was asked about how it will all “enter into Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing” and unlike Costello, the Daily Beast editor emphasized that he “has denied the allegations in line with that” but predicted that after they’re brought up at his hearing, she “would be really surprised if Jeff Sessions does not ultimately confirmed.”

Somehow, the same CNN personality who laughed hysterically at Bristol Palin being beaten up was not pleased with Kucinich not sharing the same animosity for Sessions and shamefully tried to compare the Alabama senator to the rise in hate crimes:

    I ask you this because many Americans are concerned about minorities at this time. In fact, interestingly enough, the attorney general, the present one, Loretta Lynch, just sent out a press release and this is what it says and she’s talking about attacks on minorities across the country. She says “among other alarming trends, this new report” from the Justice Department “showed a 67 percent increase in hate crimes committed against Muslim Americans. It also showed increases in the number much hate crimes committed against Jewish people.”

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  • They never learn, indeed, continuing with the same hyperbolic theatrics that got Hillary un-elected. Trump is very vulnerable in 2020, unless the echo chamber doesn’t learn its lesson.