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COUP D’ETAT AGAINST THE PEOPLE & TRUMP: Paul Ryan Cabal Gave Trump Tape To Washington Post, Say Journalists

Darby Crash
COUP D’ETAT AGAINST THE PEOPLE & TRUMP: Paul Ryan Cabal Gave Trump Tape To Washington Post, Say Journalists

First there was this:

Jerry Falwell Says GOP Trump Tape “Backlash” Was Failed Coup Plotted By Paul Ryan Cabal “For Weeks”


Excerpted From The Gateway Pundit: Now this…

There are “rumors” that Paul Ryan’s close advisor #NeverTrumper Dan Senor is behind the leaks.

I spoke with a reporter tonight who believes the reports are true. It was GOP elites who released the audio to the Washington Post.

Dan Senor has been pushing the WaPo audio all day. He is determined to keep the story alive.

And he’s a Republican? Read the whole thing

  • Hand Full Of Blood

    This is Paul Ryan’s signature: contempt for the people. And it doesn’t hurt that his wife is a Democrat who has raised millions for Hillary.

  • almahawkins

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  • Paul Hausser

    How about the fact Billy Bush’s Uncle is old man HW Bush. I mean come on. Pussy punk Jeb involved for sure

    • Martha Washington

      Not the P word again!!

  • pj

    Dan Senor is married to Campbell Brown she was co-anchor of NBC news program weekend ………Both married to liberals, both are pussy-whip………

    • Martha Washington

      Ohnoes! You said the P word!

  • Michelle Castañeda

    They all are big pussies and could not stand and do the right thing because they are in this for themselves. Paul Ryan has be paid off and thats why he don’t want Trump to win. He does not want to get found out.

    • redneck

      Paul Ryan is bought and paid for by Cheap Labor ………………

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