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EXPLOSIVE: Jerry Falwell Says GOP Trump Tape “Backlash” Was Failed Coup Plotted By Paul Ryan Cabal “For Weeks”

Jack Flash
EXPLOSIVE: Jerry Falwell Says GOP Trump Tape “Backlash” Was Failed Coup Plotted By Paul Ryan Cabal “For Weeks”

Excerpted From Breitbart: The son of the Moral Majority founder and the president of Liberty University told WABC radio host Rita Crosby shortly after Sunday’s presidential debate that Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R.-Wis.) and other Republican leaders used the recently released lewd tape of Donald J. Trump to execute a putsch against the GOP nominee for president.

“I think this whole tape… video tape thing was planned, I think it was timed, I think it might have even been a conspiracy among establishment Republicans who have known about it for weeks and who tried to time it to do the maximum damage to Donald Trump, and I just… I just think it just backfired on them,” said Jerry Fawell Jr., an attorney, who succeeded his father at the helm of the Lynchburg, Virginia college.

Monday the speaker told members of the Republican House Conference that he would not campaign with Trump, nor would he defend Trump, according to an NBC News report based on a background conversation with a Ryan spokesman. NBC was the owner of the Access Hollywo0d tape that The Washington Post released Friday revealing the GOP nominee using direct and foul language in reference to courtship and the way women interact with celebrities.

Falwell, who endorsed Trump in January, said, “I just think some of the establishment Republicans—I’m not going to name any names, I’ve got some independent information, but I’m not going… I’m not going to reveal it on the air—but I think some of the establishment folks who reluctantly endorsed him had this planned all along as a way to slither out of the endorsement, and I think it backfired on them, and I’m glad to see that.”

When Crosby pressed Falwell, he was more direct: “It wasn’t a coincidence that it came out right before Trump was supposed to appear with Paul Ryan at a rally, and it conveniently gave Paul Ryan a way to disinvite Trump.” Read the whole thing

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  • pinnie

    This wouldn’t surprise me at all. These people are going to keep this up till Nov 9th. im sure

  • Georgine Kratzer

    Paul Ryan will never be President, he just sealed that fate!

  • gretchen

    These people are so hateful and totally stupid - Trump was not talking about all women, your wives, mothers, kids nor granddaughters. He was talking about a subset of women who go crazy over rich, famous, handsome playboys - and there are many of them. Watch this video - it shows what fools people are making of themselves. We gave our grocery money to Paul Nylen and will do the same in 2018. This presidential election is not about Trump, it’s about our country. Trump had to know he would be trashed and we thank him for being a great American patriot who loves his country and just wants to give back!

  • Rebecca Brown

    It was done by Dan Senor. He worked with Romney/Ryan. His wife worked at NBC. The story is on #GopSabotage

  • John Steel

    If Trump wins there is going to be a lot of Repubs that will have to switch parties (like the hypocrites they are) or retire from politics.

  • Memeo

    Ryan is a Marrano (hidden) Jew because his mother and grandmother were Jews and his agenda is totally the Chosenite anti-white, anti-American, globalist Jew world Order agenda. What makes it so hard for people to understand the depths of his treachery is because they wrongly think of him as a gentile.

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