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Jim Webb: Whites Are Wise To The Fact That Democrats Don’t Like Them

Infidel Ali
Jim Webb: Whites Are Wise To The Fact That Democrats Don’t Like Them

Excerpted From Breitbart: Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” former Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) said part of the reason Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lost is because white working people feel like they have become a “whipping post” for the Democratic Party’s “interest group politics,” which has made them think Democrats don’t like them.

Webb said, “The base of the Democratic party used to be working people, regardless of race, ethnic, or ethnic identity, sexual orientation, et cetera. That was a Roosevelt agenda. That was the Truman agenda. Over time, and I think particularly over the last eight years, the Democratic Party has moved into interest group politics and in many cases white working people have become the whipping post, or were. I think what you saw in this election here is white working people in these rural areas seeing that someone actually was articulating the fact that they had become disenfranchised and they gravitated toward Trump in my view.” Keep reading

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